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  1. Surely wringing its neck is the quickest, surest, and thereby most humane option in such a scenario. Cheapest too. Forgot to mention he did not have his gloves on--safety hazard
  2. Let’s create a scenario. Willie Someone lives on Fetlar. Willie is unemployed, has a small croft & a family to support. This croft helps to support the family, as he is able to have a few sheep, a cow & grows some vegetables .This helps as the unemployment benefits are not enough to provide a decent living. Alas! One day Willie runs over the pet cat while reversing the tractor. The poor animal is in a bad way & in terrible pain. Now Willie has a problem. It will take hours to get the vet & will cost a lot of money that he really does not have. The RSPCA will also take a long time to get to Fetlar & this poor animal is suffering. Willie goes into the house gets his rifle, bang problem solved. In my mind this is the correct thing to do, but would the law see it that way! Now surely no one would want an animal to suffer for hours ,this demonstrates the need for firearms on crofts & farms We all go through driving lessons & tests to get our driving licences, & probably the same should apply to guns. Even with driving tuition there are still some idiots on the roads. The same would be some holding firearm licences.
  3. It is practical to convert wind power into hot water simply by connecting up big “immersion†heaters, These tanks would be something like massive thermos flasks & able to keep the water hot/warm for quite some time allowing for the fluctuation due to the variation in the wind. Water could then be used for district heating schemes. This method is already being used I believe. The other way I could envisage is probably more suited for the conversion of wave & tidal power, but it should be possible to use this energy to compress air which could also be “stored†then could be used to drive generators
  4. Tend to agree with most of the last comments. Understand that the cleaning staff in some departments if not all are now having there hours reduced. Is there any office staff getting there hours reduced ?
  5. sharney houghs ---Afraid the sky engineer is probably correct. Ofcom or Oftel lay down the rules & the "engineers " have to comply. Who would you sue if something went wrong & your insurance company declined to stump up because the installation did not meet the required rules.. It's better known as red tape or bull ****
  6. What a great idea & I'm sure there are a few local media firms ready to take up the challenge ----at a price . Could screen it in MAREEL. Takings donated to the bus station appeal !!
  7. MAMAMOOMOO ---I would think that those who dream up these proposals will be looking after there own jobs first . Probably have a 4x4 & never use a bus This is one facility that should not be closed ,with many jobs on the line I could see more folk having to use the buses . As for the freight service this will be a big problem ,so handy to have a small parcel ect left ,which can be picked up when convenient. This will certainly be a miss ! The Flea has put many a bag of carrots through there so hopefully that is one who will vote to keep it open!!
  8. To close this facility is a step in the wrong direction ,mainly affecting those living outside the town. Shortly it will be impossible to have a "pee" in Lerwick ,& on a bad day those unfortunate who have to wait outside for there bus ,will be very cold & wet . Not something that will encourage tourists to Shetland. Will the lift between the upper & lower car parks also be discontinued as this would make it very difficult for someone with mobility problems. Try getting a car among the buses at 17:00hrs . You really do have to drop off passengers going on the buses in the upper car park & many need the lift! The need for this station was identified many years ago .So what has changed?
  9. Remember Tesco have security cameras .Ma'be this incident has been recorded !
  10. So neigh mare burgers for me !
  11. No! No! the question was -- When will the pay cheques bounce ? I think most folk know where the money is comeing from. The way this council is spending Oh dear dear !
  12. [OXNA ]----Not as simple as you might think . Employment Law, union opPosition ect. Easy to hire someone ,not so easy to fire someone !
  13. Is it not a fact that we would encourage our families to go through colleges & universities ,hopefully to qualify with an ology,only for them to discover that when they do ,there is no job. Is this not where councils have stepped in & created many highly paid jobs for those lucky enough to have gained these ology’s The problem now is the country cannot afford to keep them on & I do not think many of them are looking for pick & shovel work ! Probably what we really need is more apprentices who do mind getting there hands dirty rather than academics who sit at desks probably unnecessarily , never the less still need a job. What a dilemma many highly qualified folk & no enough money to keep them all in work . Where would they go if they have lose there job ?
  14. Yes getaba1110 £80000 a day & there is only a population of some 22000 ! Where is all this money going ?
  15. The driving standards in Shetland are just as good as anywhere else in the UK . The problem is we do not have as many different roundabouts, traffic lights ect that are in other towns for those learning to get experience. I for one very often signal incorrectly or unnecessarily at some roundabouts mainly to let other traffic know what I am NOT going to do.. In other words I am NOT coming to starboard but keeping course to port, or straight ahead ! It is those people who enter the roundabouts & keep signalling right when in fact they are going straight ahead & leaving the roundabout, that are the biggest problem because one has to give way unnecessarily in case they do come to the right & they have right of way. My observation over many years of driving is that one the biggest problem on the roads is those who drive far to close. Keep your distance especially now in the winter & give yourself some room for manoeuvre when for instance you suddenly find that you are on ice. So soothmoothers are better driver’s maybe?. Some of the worst driving I witness is self drive vehicles apparently being driven by strangers who obviously do not know the roads, are in a hurry & overtake in some ridiculous places compromising everyone’s safety. As has already been said there is no way we can all be perfect drivers it is no different to anything else ,some of us have skills that others do not .We are all different & that is also true to driveing
  16. Urabug

    Road Works

    Well shows the power of the internet, ask a question & within a few hours you have all the answers My main concern is the width of the pavement outside Don leslies, at the expense to the width of the road but when the job is complete it will surely be ok. Coming past the post office presents its own traffic calming problems, without adding more! I can remember the street when it was full of shops, & hundreds of people fighting there way among the cars vans lorry’s ect. Cannot recall hearing of anyone ever ending up under the wheels of any of these vehicles. The street was a hive of activity then, & attracted folk even if it was just to window shop, or meet for a yarn. Will this pedestrianisation of the street, attract more people to it? With access to Tesco’s, Coop & other places outside the town so much easier it is highly unlikely. Internet shopping of course plays a big part now, the limited access to the Post office will be a nuisance should we have to collect items, but other than that doubt if all these changes will be any big disadvantage. It has to be said that this work will smarten up the area & make it look better & if it leaves our visitors with a better image of Lerwick , encouraging them to return then that is good.
  17. Urabug

    Road Works

    owre-weel Well said, my sentiments entirely. It will be interesting to see 2 muckle buses trying to squeeze onto the bus stop at the toilets . But lets not judge un-finished work .
  18. Urabug

    Road Works

    nakamura90 The S.I.C. has been known in the past to do things just for the sake of doing them. And no point phoneing now any complaints way ,way to late !!
  19. (** mod edit - please refrain from posting thread titles in All Caps ! **) Its fine to see the road works at the cross as at least it’s keeping a few men in work, but is it really necessary ? I have looking through the planning applications & can find no details on what they are doing, but I assume there has to be a planning process before they can close& alter roads. By what I can see, it would appear that the pavement outside Don Leslies is being considerably widened, with the result that the road will be a lot narrower. To my mind this is stupid, a bit like they did in Gilbertson Road & of little benefit to anyone. Get a few inches of snow & you have no idea where the edge of the pavement is. This can only make driving more hazardous. Will this attract more folk to the street, I doubt it!
  20. MAREEL Head of Operations £32,940 per annum Including Island Allowance Post No. SA029 Who is going to pay for all this ???
  21. Urabug


    Very simple put the ferries out to private tender, and if a certain operator got the contract, there would be a lot less crew to pay,also less disruption for refits, probably less runs as well . We would probably need to learn another language to understand the crew
  22. Always disable "remote access" this stops anyone gaining control of your computer, It can of course be set up useing a long pass letters & numbers ect. for security, if you need to use it . To the best of my knowledge no one can access to your computer unless this facility is enabled ,but never the less a program can be instaled in the form of a " virus" which can send "echo" your keyboard .Big brother is watching you, This could be serious !
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