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  1. Ma'be Trump is not so bad after all. Difficult to understand why with all the millions of people over there they cannot find better contestants,but then again we have similar problems over here. Now whats the betting odds for Trump.
  2. Does this still stand :- Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.
  3. Apparently their is photo's on facebook of folk from different households, enjoying a drink in a Lerwick venue last night, by individuals employed in certain jobs that should know better. At a time like this it's not to difficult to avoid unnecessary gatherings,to safeguard ourselves and protect others,but some idiot's won't.
  4. Well done to the "flea " he has done a damned sight more than most of us would have . He has to be congratulated not ridiculed. Well done Mr Duncan we should all follow your example.
  5. Urabug


    We hear many complaints about tax havens and how many of our well know company's like Amazon,Google ect,ect use them to avoid paying tax. The same tax that the country requires to fund its essential services. As far as I can see it is the benefits of providing this " tax haven" facilities that help keep the likes of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man financially buoyant. Would we really want Shetland to become another place for the multi nationals to dodge paying tax. Just a comment I'm not going to get drawn into politics of this.
  6. Urabug


    If I really though that independence would work then I would agree, but I DON'T. I'm a true Shetlander all my Grand parents and parents born and breed in Shetland but I believe it is best to remain part of the bigger picture and stay and be a part of Great Britain the United Kingdom I have worked in various parts of the world Scotland and England and got on with them all, so see no need for a change that might just bring in unnecessary complications political and otherwise. All this talk is creating more and more divisions when we should be working closer together for the greater good of us all.
  7. Urabug


    Shetland is little different to anywhere else,some will be contented with there lot others will moan,moan and moan, nothing is ever right for some. We will never all be equal in this world,consequentially those of us that do not agree with our elected leaders will always think we could do it better. If Westminister had been located about York,more central in the UK and everything was controlled from there with less of those devolved parliaments that are just another unnecessary financial drain to us all. We are critical of our elected councilors on many of the decisions that they undertake so I for one could never see an organization operating with more power from the Town Hall that would be any more acceptable to us all. As far as i am concerned we already have" to many cooks in the kitchen " We need good strong political leaders ,something that this country lacks.
  8. Could be for smart meter control but ?????
  9. Is it not the case that the SNP want Scotland to be self sufficient using completely "green energy" ASAP. While we have a party in power that cannot see beyond so called renewable energy we cannot expect anything else but more wind turbines God help us on a cold winters night when Scotland is flat calm,or it is blowing to hard to use the turbines and we have no back up. https://www.snp.org/snp-will-propose-a-new-green-energy-deal-for-scotland/
  10. I have no problem paying my TV licence,considering the number of channels available nowadays plus the fact we can also use broadband for Netflix,You tube and many many other things as well i think we get good value for the price of the licence. All the transmitters and antennas,plus the masts have to be serviced,I imagine some of the funds for that must come from the licence fee. Once all the terrestrial TV stations are shut down and we all have to depend on broadband IMHO we will be paying an awful lot more. for an awful lot less.. Thankfully my TV has an off/on switch and we have other means like CDs ect for entertainment, but I do believe that I get value for the price of my TV licence..
  11. I repeat ,someone should be named and held responsible , and that is probably not a politician but someone in the medical procurement department. Remember PPE was hard to get and everyone was screaming out for it a few months back,lets get the full story before we crucify anyone,just ma'be the manufacturer did not follow the guidelines in which case then we should not pay them.but take them to court.for selling items that do not meet the required standards.
  12. Tend to agree with you shetlander like most folk annoyed at the price increase but when did I last advertise in the Times,cannot remember, but have done a few times on this very web site. Things are changing and if you compare the Shetland Times today with a copy say 50years ago it is a very different paper and certainly not the lucrative business it used to be. I forgot about my internet times so thanks shetlander,now I feel a little less disappointed.
  13. Surely whoever sanctioned this deal would have checked that it met the required standards. Not really the government,sure the PM did not go out of his way to inspect the masks but authorized someone else to do it, problem more of a departmental ***~ up. PM cannot be held responsible for everyone's incompetence Someone should be named and held responsible. If a driver,drives recklessly you do not blame the company boss,or do you.
  14. Little of this project makes much sense to me when we have a good supply of gas at Sullom Voe which could have fueled a modern power station that would have satisfied our power requirements for many years to come, but the "powers that be" obviously think otherwise . Back into my shell I know nothing.,but it might be wise to invest in a good generator in a few years time.
  15. Bit late now to close the stable door the horse has already escaped and ploughing up the hills. Just like other developments throughout Shetland guess we will just have to accept it and live with it.
  16. If you repair any electrical appliance in your home and it should go on fire or cause water damage ect unless you can prove you are qualified to do those repairs ones insurance might be "null and void". We are all being "forced" to hire qualified tradesmen or risk footing the cost of repairs ourselves if anything goes wrong. Many if not all Insurance company's will not entertain claims for work "gone wrong" being undertaken by unqualified cowboys.
  17. Fine to know if any of the bigger local contractors were even given the chance. Sure if they had all pulled resources, that together they could have done the job as good as anyone else and probably cheaper.
  18. Some machines have processors in them that require to be reset and unless one has access to the necessary software even the simple jobs are impossible,a bit like the modern car even, changing brake discs can require a reset and a visit to the appropriate dealer. The days of DIY for many things have gone.
  19. Yes,some interesting views but when these buildings are being built we have building surveyors and architects who are supposedly complying and supervising the workforce to ensure that the rigorous rules and regulations laid down by the EU and associate governments are adhered to. Some rather spectacular recent fires in modern buildings leaves me in some doubt whether any of the fire regulations are carried out properly ,but we have to remember who inspects the completed building and issues the fire certificate,to allow the business to operate is that not the fire service themselves. As has already been said as long as folk have time to evacuate safely, but surely containment to a particular area would indicate some form of fire control but I was not aware of that at Moorfield. Many buildings are insured on a replace "like for like" consequentially the building might have to be rebuilt .
  20. What a shame this building,despite the fact that it's future looked uncertain has been devastated by fire. What has worried me more is the speed that this fire ravished through the building,surely a modern building would have had better fire walls and barriers to contain the fire in specific areas for longer. Makes one wonder about the point of fire regulations and all the red tape that is applied to new buildings if it cannot hold back a fire a little longer than it did at Moorfield. Next time I'm in a hotel I will certainly take a more serious look at the fire exits.
  21. The increase in the LGBT membership might be something to do with the decrease in the birth rate.
  22. Perhaps with the co-operation say with Iceland and Faroe ,Scatsta could be used as a "hub" for the transportation of fresh fish and shellfish . Guess the costs to provide such a service would be to much and it would not be viable,but just a thought..
  23. It appears to be a case of dreadful police brutality but how do you think this is relevant to white police or BLM? You must be stupid if you cannot make a comparison.
  24. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-53202707 Well you cannot blame the white policeman for this.
  25. What do you mean by "this type of flags"? What point are you trying to make by referring to the rainbow flag as a "multicolored rag"? You know"ower weel" what mean. Enough said
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