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  1. It's a shame we could not raise the Norwegian flag a few weeks ago,a flag more worthy of recognition than the multicolored rag that has been above the town hall in recent days. The Town Hall is not the place to show off this type of flags.
  2. BLM is not all about color ,I think it is also about religion, and I see a parallel between the Catholics and the Protestants in Northern Ireland . What color was the terrorists in Ireland ! Probably all white. We have our ways and they have theirs and sometimes they don't like what we do and sometimes we do not agree with what they do. If we treat everyone the same fine, but jealousy will be their when someone feels they have been unfairly treated and that is impossible to judge in many instances like employment . Someone will always feel they have got the "short straw " human nature. We live in a global society now and it looks like many will have to move around the world to stay in employment, so we have to get on with each other. The days of having a good well paid job for life in one area are getting less likely .
  3. NullVoid you are correct many well paid,pensioned jobs have now disappeared PostOffice,Telephones,Lighthouses, Met office,Railways ,ect ect and this now makes it more difficult for young ones to get their foot on the ladder of opportunity. This has come about by technology and the public demand for national company's e.g government departments to safe money, the result is much of our nationalized industries have been privatized with the loss of many good paid responsible jobs. With the economic state of the world after this virus there will be many chasing the few jobs available ,company's will now be able to pay lesser wages,and pick and choose whoever they want. Tough times ahead but that does not give certain groups of individuals the right to riot and wreck our towns and cities,we can all feel a little let down at times but no excuse to take the law into our own hands.
  4. We have a certain class of people who want to gain supremacy throughout the world,no harm in that,it's called ambition, but let them gain their place like the rest of us by working hard and proving their ability in society by honesty and trustworthiness and peacefully. We gain our place and respect in this world by our actions. All this BLM nonsense is doing is stirring up a hornets nest,and many will be stung as a result.
  5. Anyone born and bred in Britain will be British no matter their creed or color,but anyone who defaces public property to satisfy there own person grievances is certainly not showing much respect for a country that has ,or is" trying to provide" for everyone. If Britain cannot fulfill their ambitions then they should move on somewhere else. Plenty of hardship was shown to the crofters in Scotland by wealthy lairds,but that was then,we moved on since then,and we are now using that history to our advantage by attracting tourists and telling them the interesting story's of our past. Ma'be I wanted to visit Bristol and spend some money there as a tourist and view some statues,some now destroyed by hooligans.
  6. Telling us what we can and cannot do in our own "free" country, dictating what we can watch on TV ect,destroying our heritage is this the way to address systemic racism. No those who decide to stay in the UK should be prepared to adopt to our way of life or get out. Sorry that many do not have my sense of harmless humor but banning some of our old comedy shows just because they "upset" a minority is not acceptable All that this racist chant is doing is making things even worse for those it is supposed to help. I'm not racist but when this nonsense starts to affect the way I live,then my attitude towards those that implement those changes certainly do.
  7. We have to remember that if you are a policeman in America you are armed, and every likelihood the suspects that you are dealing with are more than likely the same. One thing confronting an unarmed person ,to confronting someone armed. I support stop and search in this country if it can reduce knife crime ect , although I could easily get caught on occasion myself after working in the shed,and forgetting to empty my pockets ! Crime is crime no matter who the perpetrators are and all should be brought to justice. All this BLM demonstrations are a nonsense and just creating more divisions among us all.
  8. All lives matter,no one is better than anyone else but lets be honest we all know people with who we would not wish to associate and that has nothing to do with their color. There is good and bad among us all,no matter where we come from but we have to earn our place in society,and be able to express our views freely to gain respect and trust. Parading and protesting,damaging public property and disobeying government guidelines that are in place to protect us all,does nothing to diminish racism,but in my opinion makes it worse. Sincerely hope Enoch Powell is never proved right with his rivers of blood speech but the attitude in the UK is certainly not good at the present time and many folk will eventually retaliate,they will not be pressured..
  9. I'm a Shelti,sometimes a North Sea China Man, and I have been called many other unrepeatable things besides,did I take them seriously or offensively no. Humor and a bit of banter is fantastic,something i have always enjoyed ,but it seems to me that those days are over because folk are afraid to say anything ,have a fun,in case it offends Freedom of speech,the right to express ourselves, to dress up as someone else say in a concert party, UP Helly Aa appears now unacceptable, so where are we heading . Our British ways and heritage are seriously being taken away from us ,and it is sad that the very things that possibly attracted many to settle in this country are now unacceptable. As has already been mentioned much if not all of our UK heritage is "built" on someones else's, probably our ancestors , toil and hardship but all our Castles and Monuments ect are reminders of this and should not be destroyed to meet the whims of a few no matter what their creed or colour Racism is not acceptable,but neither is the destruction of our heritage,and public property by a bunch of uncontrollable imbeciles
  10. George Floyd is being glorified but the real truth is he has a "chequered" career,off course this does not warrant the brutality that he received in the hands of the police. Lets face it we are all being brainwashed to one way of thinking but every coin has two sides. I do not condone brutality but he is not the kind of fellow that I would shed many tears for,immaterial of his color. https://greatgameindia.com/george-floyd-criminal/
  11. Could Enoch Powell's vision in 1968 be coming true. i sincerely hope not but recent events do nothing to diminish anything he said, no matter what ones view.
  12. What about my poor Sat Nav,I will never find my way around now, another update
  13. Anyone with any gumption could see that the building of Moorfield Hotel and then the provision of the Sellaness accommodation complex in a small place like Shetland would eventually lead to the over provision of hotel type facilities. We all knew that the work at "Sullom Voe" was of a temporary nature and once construction of the gas plant was completed their would be a lot less demand for accommodation. Today's economic circumstances created mainly,but not totally by this Covid19 has just advanced the inevitable. Competition is good,it gives us all a better choice and helps keep prices more realistic,but over provision means there is not enough work to keep everyone in the hospitality business viable. The blame here possibly lies with previous council members who agreed to let those particular businesses to go ahead in the first place, numpties come to mind..
  14. Going on the pretense and assuming that we learn from each others mistakes, I would have thought that there would now be enough expertise in the "nuclear field " to build a modern very safe power station. I would rather see a new well build power station embracing "2020" technology providing our electricity rather than all the hills ect,covered in wind turbines. Could be possibly claimed that more damage is caused to the environment installing wind turbines than has been caused by nuclear disasters,depends on how one evaluates it..
  15. Thalidomide was supposed to be a wonder drug in the 1960's and many of us know the terrible consequences that caused,babies born severely disabled. I want an inoculation against this terrible disease but only when it has been proved safe and that could take a while. If the hierarchy in our society are willing to accept an injection before it is properly tested good luck to them.
  16. I still cannot understand how we can allow all those willing workers into the UK just now when we are under strict instructions to stay at home,with exemptions only for some exercise and shopping,keeping at least 2 meters apart Are we to conclude that those Romanians are virus free and also expendable.. Would we be free to go to Romania just now, still I look forward to my summer salads and wish them all good pickings.
  17. Many people are being forced to work from home during this horrible plague,but how many are getting the same £10,000 allowance that our MPs have awarded themselves. Would have thought that sitting at home might have been cheaper as it would not incur any travel costs,or subsistence. Hope they can all justify this by producing all the relative documentation at a later date.
  18. Is the severity of this virus proportional the amount of contamination one picks up,say you get one "droplet" then you get a light dose get ten and you die.
  19. You are in a room and someone "lets off" the odour is obnoxious,now you can smell this and take evasive action but if this was Covid 19 it would be odourless but just as potent, with lethal consequences. Someone is smoking a fag some distance away can you smell it ! Guess the 2 meter rule is hardly enough.
  20. So Ghostrider ma'be Trump was correct, just let it run it's course,brutal inhumane to most of us but if we have reached a stage in our lives that we cannot survive this due to underlying health problems, then let the stronger survive to keep the system running. This would certainly from an economic view save the country a very large amount of money should the need for beds in care centers be reduced but I'm not that callous that I would want to see the many frail and elderly wiped out, but sadly that is what may well happen , a grim grim thought.. Now wonder what else is on TV to watch to cheer me up , Oh I know Pandemic then again possibly not.,should have bought some more paint and wallpaper
  21. What happens when everything gets back to normal and we get a relapse,say several incidents occurring throughout the UK and elsewhere will we all be ordered back into isolation? I find it difficult to believe that this virus will be easily eradicated and fear it will still be around for a while after everything supposedly gets back to normal, and it will appear from time to time. Trust they find a vaccine soon.
  22. It would appear to me that their was no "concrete" evidence to substantiate any of those women's claims of sexual harassment so this indictments should never have been brought to court in the first place. As I see it this gives Alex Salmond a very good case against those who charged him and put him on trial , without the evidence to back it up. Still think that Alex probably did have "wandering" hands but without evidence no point in pursuing the matter. This was probably more to do with First Minister trying to appease the females in our communities who claim they get little response when they complain about harassment to the police, but without the necessary evidence what can they do.
  23. Watch some of those women now forfeit their anonymity to make a bob or two !
  24. Bercow got £60000 for his party piece on Sky tv . https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10557519/john-bercow-paid-up-to-60000-sky-news-appearance/ Should MPs be paid this ridiculous sums of money! This is a scandal when our NHS and other public departments are struggling to pay staff a modest wage.
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