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  1. Watched our political leaders on BBC1 last night ,and Nicola Sturgeon said "Politicians have the right to change their minds " so there we have it,just as many of us have already said it is perfectly ok to make promises and then change their minds. Basically it is ok for a politician to tell lies, well so the SNP would appear to say.
  2. I would like a lot more clarity on how an independant Scotland would manage /fund the following :- 1---Currency will it be totally different to the rest of Britain, or the Euro and will it be index linked,in some way so the value of a tin of Heinz beans or whatever will more or less be the same through Britain. 2--- If there is a difference in value in currency between the rest of Britain will a border control be required to stop folk taking advantage (smuggling) . 3--Assuming the value of Scotlands monetary sytem changes ,how will this affect our pensions. savings , investments ect , ect, who will compensate for any losses. 4---Defence who will protect us and train our military, to operate our planes, ships and army ,ect . 5---Education will it change, no longer a “national” curriculum for instance.Would a student from Scotland still be able to train in England and still get whatever bursary they might be eligible for. 6---NHS how about medics ,will they be able to work and train anywhere through Britain ,and the same goes for patients with certain problems requiring care outside Scotland. 7---The legal system will no doubt be kept busy also implementing the many changes There are many more issues that spring to mind like fishing,agriculture ,land ownership,police,coastguards, oil industry, ect,ect.
  3. Yes even the efforts of the SNP is probably not enough ,I fear the main culprits to global warming are those big flying machines and grounding them will have a big impact on the economy. On one hand we want to see expansion to roads,rail and airports but I cannot see how that will reduce our "carbon footprint"
  4. At last it seems they are going to do something, but surely as I have said before it would be less disruptive and make a lot of sense to upgrade the old existing hill road from Cullivoe to Basta Voe. I'm sure this would work out cheaper as they would be able to get on with the job with no disruption from traffic . https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2019/11/21/cullivoe-road-in-line-for-much-needed-upgrade/
  5. Climate change has now become a major issue,but no party will tell us the truth on how they will tackle it, as Wheelsup has already said it would be political suicide. If our daily/weekly /annual routine is going to change it will have to be mandatory measures that will affect us all with economic consequences . Doubt if enough folk will change there habits voluntarily to have any effect on the world, it will have to be forced on us. All this hype about planting thousands of trees and us all going to electric cars(which most of cannot afford) is a nonsense.that barely addresses the real issue , over consumption of world resources. What our politicians are telling us about a growing economy and greater prosperity won't happen if we have to cut back to save the planet. This will in the next few years become an even greater international battle trying to persuade countries to cut back when off course they want to expand their economy . There could not be a worse time for Scotland to consider independent,this is a time to stick and work together for the greater good of us all.
  6. Rationing with regard to global warming is something that has been discussed for years but would appear to be getting more attention now and who am I to say,but ma'be rightly so if things cannot continue the way they are,without destroying the world. https://phys.org/news/2006-07-rationing-key-war-climate.html This was being discussed again possibly radio 5 a few weeks ago.but is nothing new. As regards the Lib/Dems well they will not get my vote.
  7. When governments are forced to impose "rationing" or similar methods to help combat climate change ,many folk will be forced out of work and austerity as we know it today will be a lot ,lot more severe. Restricted travel will affect the tourist industry and all who are involved in it, and that is only one of the many business's that will almost certainly have to impose drastic changes. This cannot be blamed on any particular political party as it will have to be addressed by them all. So all those promises we are hearing from them will become a nonsense as i cannot see how they will have the capital when the economy weakens as climate change measures are implemented. Of course any changes will almost certainly "hit the pockets" of the less well off first,like increase in travel costs.
  8. Its winter again and the usual story icy roads and vehicles sliddering all over the place ,some just managing to stay on the road while others unfortunately end up in "da stank". I have been driving for many years and used to put on studded tyres,during the winter months and this in my opinion was a great help and made driving a lot safer,but like many things they are now banned in the UK ,or as far as i understand. There was some problems of course with driving on studs mainly with studs flying out and ones grip was reduced on dry roads but if used correctly and not going to fast they were a godsend. Should we ever get weather like we used to get many years ago I fear many modern vehicles will have to stay at home as I doubt if there is room under the wheel arches to fit set of chains ,which on occasion i also used..
  9. This results of this GE is going to be interesting and I would think will be greatly influenced by the way we individually perceive and vote for the various parties and their representatives. Brexit will almost certainly affect the way some of us cast our votes, with many of us feeling let down by our “favourite “ political parties and certainly in my case affecting the way I will vote. Many Lib/Dems ,SNP, and Labour representives have treated the National referendum 2016 as something of a joke disregarding the democratic results, to tailor for their individuals whims. The SNP wants independence, and to rejoin the EU probably resulting in a change of currency ,plus all the other legal problems that would surely come with a divorce from the UK. For many of us I’m sure all this will focus who we vote for and could provide some interesting results. The 13th December will be lucky for some and no doubt very unlucky for others.
  10. If the shops on the high street up and down the country are anything to go by with many well known stores closing,and many properties lying empty or being converted into flats, I would think that the Toll Clock Center might well struggle to make ends meet, but wish everyone involved every success.. It will not be cheap to refurbish the buildings, but ma'be there is some "funding " available .
  11. Very true Ghostrider ,I am in one of the wards but totally oblivious to what I'm voting for ,would like to know a bit more with regards to there feelings to Brexit and Sturgeons/Swinsons shananigans, but they are very secretive about that.. I might just give it a miss then i cannot blame myself for any misdemeanor they might get involved in later like spending all wir money recklessly.
  12. They all seem to be rather secretive about the main political issues affecting us all ,Brexit and Scotland Independence. Not sure I will bother to vote if they cannot tell us where there real allegiance is, how can I decide . The again I might have missed it.
  13. Sleeping policemen,speed cameras ,and an array of chicanes would slow everyone down but like "cincero" better everyone just takes more care. Plenty of places worse to drive in than this,
  14. Been thinking about yon location and it would probably be a very good place, also offering an alternative route through the Black Gaet for ambulances coming from the south,during busy times of the day which i have done many times myself to avoid delays. Yes, a decent public service to and from the town,and many of the buses already pass that way, Could be a good choice certainly one to be considered
  15. Building the New Hospital near to the bus station and other amenity's ,would save many people who do not have there own vehicles taxis fares back and forth to attend appointments and visit friends. Shame if it was built somewhere inaccessible that costs a fortune to those who unfortunately have to visit regularly and cannot afford there own transport . Ness of Sound would have some advantages but access roads would have to be widened, and it's location might not be desirable for many without there own means of travel. The road to the Knab are not ideal for emergency traffic ,ambulances very often in a situation where every second counts need as few obstacles as possible. Having considered all the options i bet they will build probably at Rova Head, good site there that was intended for the New Power Station
  16. Well the "powers that be" agreed to build the Museum and Mareel where they are so it must be ok
  17. AFAIK the Tollclock shopping Center is still on the market and looks a little bit "tired" requiring some TLC. I'm not to sure what many of the buildings that make up the shopping require to bring them up to modern standards but would imagine that some or all might have to be be demolished,and rebuilt.. Now access to this location is good from all directions for emergency traffic and additional parking available of Garthspool Road,which could also be multi storey parking. This location is central to the town and a multi storey ,several floors high , would give very good views of the harbour. No need to worry about noise as a modern building would surely have proper glazing and made of materials that absorb any annoyance. This location is also spot on for those who depend on buses being not to far from the station and many buses already going via North Road. Many of the existing shops could be accommodated in temporary buildings until they were able to move back into permanent positions in the ground floors or where ever the architects have agreed I cannot think of another site in the town that would and could provide a better location but the costs will probably rule it out.
  18. New Hospital where will they build it I suggest they buy Bolts raise to the ground and start building . There is ample space for parking and possibly some of the existing shopping precinct could ma'be retained .
  19. If my memory serve me correctly one reason the Greek government was short of money was that the" majority" of the folk tended to pay many of there bills in cash or in "kind" thus evading tax. If they had a contractor doing them a job it was paid in cash so unless the contractor was honest enough to declare it no tax was paid ,and this was common all over Greece. This was apparently was the custom in Greece and probably many other places as well,but in a cashless society as we have nowadays ,paying by bank transfer ect, its not so easy to evade tax. Must say i have paid many in cash,whether they declared it to the inland revenue I care not. If we do not all contribute to the government where else will they get there money.!
  20. How many vessels like the FV Margiris, would it take to completely change the UKs fishing industry this would close all our shore processing plants not to mention all the other firms that depend on our fishing fleet. This must not be allowed to happen or it will cost many jobs.
  21. Well lets hope this is not allowed to continue or our fishing industry will be wiped out. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/trawler-14-times-size-uk-183044236.html
  22. This is the price Scotland pays for Nicola and the SNP snubbing Donald on his visit to the UK, more than likely. Our political leaders may not like or agree with each other but should respect one another for the greater good of there countries. "Cutting off the nose to spite the face" may well cost jobs.
  23. In 1947 we had a big snow. http://www.newenglandhistoricalsociety.com/maine-fires-1947-year-state-burned/ Oops ! got that wrong the fires were later on in the year long after our snow.
  24. Total coincidence, but I would think the recent early fall of snow in Montana is a result of the hundreds of forest fires in the Amazon which must have filled the atmosphere with a large amount of "dust" which will be traveling around the world in the upper atmosphere to who knows where and in my opinion will be the cause of more heavy snow to come. The hurricane that devastated the Bahamas was probably also created by those same fires in the Amazon, all that hot air rising would certainly have had some effect on the weather pattern. One could say that those who created the fires in the Amazon probably destroyed the Bahamas as well as the forest. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/09/29/us/september-snow-rockies-sunday-wxc/index.html
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