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  1. Hello all, I know this is a long shot, but -- Does anyone have any recommendations for a building/roofer who could replace a broken lum can ("chimney pot") for us? We'd need to have it patched up by the winter, so the sooner they are available the better. We're based in Yell, which I know can complicate matters. Any names (with contact details) would be hugely appreciated! Thanks very much in advance.
  2. I'm led to believe that short specialist festivals (e.g. horror, sci-fi, etc) are absolutely a possibility, as are screenings of "classic" older films (of any ilk, from art house to blockbuster). Shetland Arts are also very receptive to feedback from their audience - if you'd like to see PROMETHEUS in Mareel, drop them a line. Cannot wait.
  3. I wasn't a fan of Death Proof either, but Inglourious Basterds is brilliant, probably my second favourite Tarantino film. Looks like it might even get a few Oscar nods. The last line in the film could be spoken by the director himself... My favourite films of 2009: 3) District 9 2) (500) Days of Summer 1) Zombieland
  4. Agreed on Avatar, I was left enjoying the experience of witnessing it much more than the actual film. If there's any way you can get to Glasgow to see it in IMAX 3D, it's worth the effort. As for it not translating to DVD/Blu-ray - 3DTV is coming... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8447432.stm (*) Of course the sets will be ludicrously expensive at first, but at least it should see a price-drop for HDTVs and Blu-ray players. (*) I should point out that I don't think even a top-of-the-range 3D Blu-ray on a 52" TV equipped with 5.1 surround sound can ever compare to the cinema experience.
  5. I was under the impression that you weren't "allowed" to take food aboard to eat...? I haven't tested that theory though, I try my best to eat before boarding to avoid the stale, tasteless, extorionate grub they serve up.
  6. Given that you need a survival suit or - at the very least - a sleeping bag to survive the temperature overnight, that's not that helpful. I also like to have my laptop on me to quell the intense boredom. Why should I have to drag everything with me when I go to the shop/bathroom/bar? I'd love to know where security put these "high risk" bags. In a secure, steel-lined ordnance disposal unit...? Or do they just heave them in a cupboard somewhere? Total nonsense.
  7. Nope, the demonic device I refer to is some kind of wall-mounted aerosol dispenser, looks a bit like this... http://www.wholesalejanitorialsupply.com/images/240/OTMS1246.JPG Beware it's emissions - they actually manage to make "boat stink" worse. A truly incredible achievement.
  8. Another health hazard Brought To You Courtesy Of Northlink comes in the form of a noxious gas which sprays at 15-20 minute intervals in the "reclining" seat lounge. Accompanied by a PHENOMENALLY annoying *rrrrr-TSS!*" sound effect, it's purpose is - I imagine - to "freshen the air". Unfortunately it's nothing short of toxic. Freezing temperatures, chemical sprays, extortionate prices - Your holiday starts with Northlink Ferries.
  9. http://www.debunking911.com/thermite.htm Read. Wise up. That is all.
  10. Your take on the "turning-off-the-heating-in-public-sleeping-areas" policy Willz?
  11. Hi Becky, Is it possible to come along for a casual game without signing up as a fully-fledged member? Can you "cold call" and hire a table for an hour, or do you need to be signed in by a member? Cheers!
  12. I found this out on a night I just had a t-shirt and jeans, never again! Why do they turn off the heating? Why even offer non-cabin accommodation (either in the "well-appointed lounge" or in reclining seats which don't recline) if you plan on making the temperature sub-zero between 1am-5am?
  13. I'm afraid this is no longer the case - I was told when travelling up last week that any left luggage must be put immediately onto the luggage trolleys; if you want to take anything on board you have to keep it on you. This is obviously far from ideal for people in Aberdeen for the day and travelling without cabins, dealing with backpacks and sleeping bags (the latter of which are essential as Northlink deems it necessary to turn down the heating in the middle of the night and make all possible "sleeping" areas freezing cold).
  14. This is absolutely cracking me up... Fortunately I've managed to avoid hearing these lyrics in full (the intensely irritating delivery of the opening line alone is enough to prompt a swift off-switch or channel-change). I cannot suffer Nickelback.
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