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  1. Is that all! i hear a waiter in tails greets passengers on boarding the Bressay ferry with complimentary caviar and truffles on a silver platter. Exactly. Another example of the SIC chucking money at those close to Toon at the expense of decent services for those on the Outer Isles. B*&%$rds. haha chucking money at those close tae the toon, we pay the same ferry fair for bressay as the whalsay folk do.
  2. really its a tv drama they showcase diffrent parts of the island to make it look good, if the fact that it isnt 100% acurate anoys you dont watch it.
  3. if you lived rural and didnt drive it would be the exact same anywhere in the uk not mareels fault, just went and seen a film tnight as always nice friendly staff and a very nice wee cinema.
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    just a heads up there is a person selling a tv on here under the user name jj97106659 it is a scam avoid this please i contacted him and he asked for my credit card details so he could send it by fedex
  5. i heard that they were thinking the end of july
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