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  1. Is the house readyrl to for ha or does it need scratch coat? Wet or dry? PM me
  2. Hi im kindo new to shetland and living up in mossbank, im looking for some advice on where to take my kids for nice day trips, picnics ect. beaches or little burns to try net little fish and so on. any advice would be very greatfull thanks
  3. thank you, just had a look and there it is. thanks again
  4. ive just moved house and have the worst uneven garden ever, i was thinking on rotovating it and planting new grass seed but with the time of year and having kids it aint the best time to do so. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if theres anywhere i could buy rolls of turf? any advice on this would be very grateful as im new to this thank you
  5. Malthus AS, Morrison Construction and ESS, as main sub-contractors to Petrofac for the completion of the accommodation camp, civil engineering works and facilities management respectively. They have all said they will be taking applications through Job Centre Plus, so that may be a good starting point. But bear in mind that some of the contracts don't start for more than a year, whilst some are under way now. It is a four year project. ok thanks for that
  6. can any one tell me who has the contract for the contruction of the temporary living quarters for Sullom Voe gas plant? or who i could speak to about getting work up there when it starts
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