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  1. either Jimmy Neill or Terry Strachan would be my first calls
  2. which area are you in ? there quite a few good at harling
  3. says the guy who comes up from south to buy scrap metal, vintage cars and old ipods... Do you own a transit truck and carry a passenger? oo , more scavengers ?
  4. totally unecessary gassin on the phone in the car, the length of any journey in Shetland is short enough it can wait
  5. if i was clever enough to do those big red Ts , i'd put up "T"avish "I"n "T"own up helly aa style implying hes a moomin
  6. The real choice appears to be the big three and "scottish nose pickers" who are all very inclined to be "all stick and no carrot" , so why have the whole place plastered in guffaw that looks worse as graffiti as it erodes over many months. Surely across the whole of europe theres more than ample media pumping out disinformation campaigns (polititical bullpoop)
  7. In N.Ireland there seems to be plastic style electioneering boards put up with cable ties which i assume come down after the election. I do hope they are not plastering that horrible old style hellery all over things that take ages to disintegrate at home ?
  8. the GB likely widna turn you away , if you didna gi birth in the surrounding streets tryin to fin a parking space , could forsee a sticky situation dare
  9. Along the lines of what struck me first , all 3 main partys have thier fingers in the banking bale out crimes to the public , and the resulting punishing cuts. Shame on them all for daring to consider a vote off myself i tink
  10. i thought it was a well established fact it was GB fuels that were the money hoovers ?
  11. Reading there somebodys a bit miffed about Labour party signs , apart from the obligatory rose tinted views , what do folk make a yun ? maybe all partys ought to be hanging thier heads n shuffling sand wi thier feet and putting up less garish nonsense ?
  12. did you lippin any idder ?
  13. Over the order in Eire petrol is £1.20ish per litre n thats a country in probably worse straits as UK . Our fuel supplier and his overlords have no excuse other being greedy fat tirents
  14. i put down laminate from Williamsons 3 year ago n the heaviest used bits have not coped well , ok for light use if you can be bothered with how awkward the "click join" works
  15. even with every possible bit of information given to them on a plate they could still well n truly muck it up
  16. (*** Mod - removed for T&Cs ***)
  17. itsa bit of a head scratcher but usually theres enough basic circuit drawings in the manual or on the box , its do-able
  18. Personally i didnt participate in the causes of the credit crunch, banking crisis or any of the causes of the "recession" or the desire for the country to deficate on the ordinary people. This kinda slester is non of our doing and none of the public toilets should be shut. Unless we bottle it n post it to our now docile MP(issooses)
  19. I'd say that most of Shetland is angry and upset about this just now so you're not alone there.....It took a sick mind(s) to carry this out. Utterly shocking I sincerely hope that those responsible are caught soon, they don't deserve and place in any community. Lets wait n see if its a smack head . The state Shetland society is in is very uninspiring, what with brazen satanism , percentage of peadofiles and more n more deviants rolling in, n everybody so blaze about it the question is where to bale out to
  20. Do you think it might be Col. Gaddafi looking for a Croft yes get him shipped in , every other bloody scavenging deviant gets in An odd comment How ? odd things goin on is the question , place is filling wi odd bods
  21. yea , theres one in the tignwall straight n another at mangaster , think it was for putting plaques on about european funding or something
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