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  1. I'd be very interested in what you find in your study if you are willing to share. My white cat, when we lived in Scalloway, hunted on the hill behind Port Arthur. He remained fat all year round without needing extra food. I taught him to not hunt birds from an early age, by only praising him when he brought home rabbits and mice. He prefers catching rabbits. I have watched him often out of my livingroom window. He crawls into rabbit warrens when he's skinny enough and scoffs all the bunnies. He then lays in wait until the mother returns and he catches her and drags her home to leave on the doorstep for me (he'll yowl until I go outside and look at the rabbit). When he gets too fat to enter burrows he will sit above burrow entrances and pounce on anything that comes out. He keeps his catches alive until he's dragged them to where he wants to eat/store them. I've noticed it helps get the body through fences and gates if they're alive and can kick their own weight forward. He frequently follows me when I'm walking the dog along the road and he will prowl in all burrows by the roadside on the way. He caught a rabbit on a walk once and held it alive until I had finished working on the croft; he brought it to me at the croft gate and killed it by my feet. I carried it home and gave it to him in the garden to eat. He has learned in our new home to go to where a pair of hoody crows sit on fences and they will show him where their scavenged rabbits are and he will catch rabbits, only eat the heads himself and leave the rest for the crows. He lets the crows come and take the remains from under his nose once he's finished the head. Hunting/scavenging partnership. My white cat is mostly an indoor cat now for a couple of reasons so he doesn't get much chance to hunt, only when he escapes through a window or the door when people are visiting. He has hunted a rabbit while on his lead on a walk along the road, past the same burrows he caught one in on a walk previously. My younger black cat was also taught to not hunt birds, he accepts this fine because he is "family" with my free ranging poultry, he was brought up with the chicks running around his feet. He was banished from the rabbit hunts by the older white cat so instead he hangs around the house and shed eating mice when the white cat is out. He'll hunt bunnies over summer, or when the white cat is inside or away at another of his territories. I don't see much of his hunting since it is mostly done in the sheds and hay store. He does sometimes leave his catch on the garden path, for me I am not sure. It's always pregnant mice when he does leave something for me to find.
  2. I know who makes them now. I've got one planned to order but he or I need to find the cans to do it. Not very helpful but maybe.
  3. I tried the tweezer method on the tick I found on the caddy lamb. I ended up breaking the body off and leaving the head so would say that it wasn't the most reliable method. This way works 100% of the time, on animals and people. And can be done anywhere, anytime. http://​www.instructables.com/id/​How-to-remove-a-tick/ As for preventing them biting, no idea.
  4. When I think in my head I'm either 'hearing' what I'm thinking or picturing it. How do deaf people 'hear' their thoughts? Also how do blind people picture their thoughts? Hope it makes sense.
  5. I had a caddy lambin 2009 who had all sorts of problems. After several doses of penacilin and worm drench, all to no avail, I found a tick on her leg. Was tick pyaemia she had. I ordered one of those tick removal tools which was ideal. This year my cat came home from his usual hunting spree, tick on his face. I couldn't find my tick tool so had to remove it with out. If you rub the ticks back in a circle, tick has to move a bit, then it comes loose itself. Needless to say I put a pair of Marigolds on to do that job. haha A friend found a tick on one of her foals noses the other day and used this same trick to remove it. Norrie lice are ticks. I'm sure there are various different kinds in Shetland.
  6. I'm wantin aa da rhubarb I can get whin it's time fir shiftin it again. Me ducks think it's da best fir nestin under, an it'll help hoid dem fae da Corbies.
  7. Decent councillors and maybe a Lidl like Kirkwalls, farmer's markets all good suggestions. More for us young folk. I was annoyed when the council said they were cutting funding in this. It's hard enough for youngsters to find things to do other than drink and do drugs, we need more to keep us active and alert. Different sports clubs, ice rink, bowling alley, even just a warm hall with responsible supervisors open most nights where sports can be played, music played/listened to and possibly even a decent photography club. Put young minds to work!! What's the point of a big cinema, tvs get films too. The council can't afford to throw money at things that can quite easily be done without big fancy buildings. NO MacD's, etc. We need to be aiming for healthier options. Nuff said.
  8. dunno but dad is in darkness at Sullom n mam says da street lights have been flickerin in Scallowaa
  9. My ducks were being blown head over heels at their supper time. And I got blown in da drain a couple o times. Soggy feet!!!
  10. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you too.
  11. Dat wiz ony 8 year ago, hopefully I'll grow oot o it.
  12. I joost couldna wait tae get up. Nae prezzies fir me dis moarnin, a habit fae bairndom.
  13. I hate tae admit it but Steps - 5, 6, 7, 8 is a song I ken da moves o pretty weel. I dunna even lik it, joost fae my peerie cousin bein a big fan o dem.
  14. Are there any dry cleaners in Shetland? If no is it easy enough to dry clean something at home?
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