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    UK,Norwegian and EU politics, flat tax system and a green economy.
  1. Why focus on the taxes, if you look at Svalbard, dependent on Norway NO taxes. But yes taxes are high in mainland Norway, but the average Norwegian work the fewest amount of hours to fill up a car with petrol, and the fewest to feed a family. In western europe. But it is unrealistic to hope Shetland becoming a part of Norway, the Norwegians will want it but they want scottish friendship and business oppertunitys more. Like the new conecting cabel from Norway to scotland that Alex salmond negotiated.
  2. I guess thath is the problem with boats is allways to small for high seasons, and to big for low seasons. Have the ferry company looked in to maybe having s smaller ship in low season or travel on a more profitebal rute? Same when it comes to high seasone if the boat is to small the company don't get economy of scale, thath is one of the reasons why premier inn can offer low hotel rooms or why on dfds seaways between oslo and copenhagen you can get a roundtrip with a cabin for as low as 50£ if you book early, or color line the high speed ferry between kristiansand and denmark you can get from 20£ for day return. So maybe the ship can be lessed away in low seasone in return for a ship thath fitts everyones needs.
  3. We can't really compare the cosst of a bed on the boat compare to a hotel, the capital cost of building the boat in the first place is far greater then a hotel. And the running cost related to operate the boat, dissel etc. Are weary high. Now i don't know how much the prices are but i think one of the problems why is so high is becouse they are not abel to subsedise the price by having duety free shopping.
  4. The pepole of shetland are in a win win situation if scotland gets there indipendenc. There is 3 posibiel scenarios we can see after a post indipendent scotland. 1. Shetland stay with scotland, and they profit from the fear of shetland leaving scotland. 2. Shetland stays with england after a negotiation where shetland keeps 10% of oil revenue from the waters outside shetland. And the other 90% goes to london. 3. Shetland goes for indipendec with a foreign policy/defence and monitary union with either scotland/england/norway Personaly i think the 1 is most likely in a indipendnet scotland, shetland will be the skinny supermodell to the beer bellyed salmond. You dont want to loss thath.
  5. Is it somthing the council makes any money from is it like a investment?
  6. What are theys council homes i hear peopel talk about? Is it the same as emergency houcing thath we got in norway?
  7. Well, if that's not a catalyst to piss someone off I don't know what is ! I don't take it personaly, I can however blame my english on the american and welsh educational system since thath is where i have been studying.
  8. You have a good point my english is noway perfect, and unfortunately i do not have spellcheck on my phone to correct my english. And it does reflect the currrent educational sytem in norway, thath is in need of change and are just ranked a few spoots above the uk educational sytem.
  9. WELL SAID: This I think, is the most sensible post within the last 7 Pages.... i saddley would say to have to aggre allot of norwegians wouldent mind shetland returning, but would never happend becouse, dont think shetland would really want to and norway wouldent want to piss the uk of. since we can in parts thank them for our indipendence from sweden. but shetland/scotland becoming a more closser friend to the nordic countrys and made even a member of the nordic council, could be posibel.
  10. As a norwegian i do find the whole argument about scottish indipendence weary intresting. it allso shcks me of some of the lagnuage used towards the scotts and the english about who payes for what and who subseides who. i allso see that many people say scotland can be like norway.... hm yeah maybe but when norway got there indipendence in 1905 they was the poorest country in wester europe. allot have changed since then but not intil the 1970 when oil was discovered. and scotland allready got oil so they got one extra foot up on the ladder then what norway was. But i do find the oil argument non void becouse the oil will not be there forever maybe only another 50 years. and then you got the bil bailout question who payes for the bailout? should it be all scotland debt since the HQ was in scotland? or should it be devide by where they was operating halifax and netwest are both english banks and the investment arm of rbs was in the city of london. but who ever payes allso keeps the goverment stocks of rbs and lloyds group, so in the long run the expense might not be as high. a indipebndent scotland would need to be more streamlined then what the big and bulky uk goverment is, a indipendent scotland would most likely not be involved hevaly in international military operations and will have fewer embasseys then the uk. and hoppfully a less complex taxcode.
  11. I think both England and Scotland would see benefits with a indipendent Scotland. The econnomy of the two countrys are to diffrent focus thath is hard to manadg as one country. The quastion about the oil and rbs and hbos bailouts dont mather. Like to point out when Norway won there referendum on indipendence in 1905, they became indipendent as one of the poorest countrys in western europe, While sweeden was relatively rich back then. And allso scotland do absord allot of fixed cost related to a big power houce thath the uk are, with a indipendent scotland the fixed cost for scotland will be lower becouse scotland will not be a big international player.
  12. I think a big mac is about 50 kr might be wrong long time since i bought one and a menue deal on most fast food places are about 80-90 kr. For the same deal in the uk on minimum wage it have to be about 3,50£ if you think prosentadge of hourly wage. And thath does not include the extra pay you get for working after 18:00 and on the weekands
  13. The average wirking week is 37,5 hr anything over 40 is usaly 1,5 in pay. There is no legal minimum wage, it all depends on what proffesion and what collective bargening agrement thath is in place. Can mention thath mcdonalds in norway pays 139,60 kr a hr thath is about 15£ Of thath you pay about 33% - your deductebals like intresst payments to your houce travel expenses reelated to getting to work, kindergardens etc. Most jobbs dont advertise the pay in the jobb adverts they are usaly negotibal. Working life in norway is weary familly focusd both maternety and pathernety leave with pay. Allot of jobbs are advertised on www.finn.no in norwegian but some of the jobs are in english. Big demand for pepole in construction, and engineers.
  14. We would welcome you back to Norway with open arms, and i bet if shetland did become a part of norway agein you would see norwegian unemployment and norwegian wages and dailey flights to bergan and stavanger for those oil jobbs where they are crying out for more pepole, shetland pepole can get a jobb on the day making 45k gbp a year
  15. We have seen in da paper today exactly who will benefit from this i cant believe everybody in shetland isn't demanding cheaper energy from the windfarm. More money in peoples pockets means more money to spend locally after all. exacly there should be a Shetland tariff for houcehold and business thath would get more pepole to support the plans and maybe atract new business to move to shetland. With this windfarm and new fiberoptic cabel Shetland would be a great place for a computer server storage and it companys,
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