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  1. There are still a few tickets left for SMUHA – Friday 14th March in the Cunningsburgh Hall... Phone Linda on 01950 477331 or email linda@cunningsburghhall.com to book yours now.. Priced £15 for Adults and £10 for under 16's..
  2. Hi folks, Just a quick update to let you know that the Schedule and Entry forms for the 2013 Cunningsburgh Show are now online available for download. Link: http://cunningsburghshow.com/2013-schedule-entry-forms/ There are also some tradestand spaces available Thanks.
  3. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2271140686.png Finally over 1mb for this weekend - average been approx 0.80mb/s - useless..
  4. http://www.shetlandmotorsportclub.com/scaloween1.jpg Scalloween DJ Night @ Scalloway Hall Saturday 27th October 2012 Tickets on sale now (limited numbers) at High Level Music Priced @ £10, Or £5 for Shetland Motorsport Club Members Or see our facebook event here http://www.facebook.com/events/342573282505886/
  5. Come and celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Cunningsburgh Public Hall - on Saturday 27th October 2012, from 8pm. There will be live music by 'the Brian Morrison Band' and a buffet supper. Tickets are priced at £5, and are on sale at the Cunningsburgh Shop now.
  6. Just a quick information post about the Cunningsburgh Show Dance.. It is on Saturday 11th August 2012 in the Cunningsburgh Hall. Music is being provided by 'The Gordon Tulloch Experience', from 9pm till 1am with doors opening at 8.30pm. Tickets are limited, and are Priced at £5 for under 16's and £10 for over 16's. They are available from High Level Music from this afternoon, and the Cunningsburgh Shop from tomorrow morning. This event is open to all ages, but anyone under 16 must be accomapnied by a responsible adult. Come and enjoy an evening of great music - great for all the
  7. Shetland Motorsport Club Event @ The Scalloway Hall With SMC DJ's Playing Club / Electro / Dance / Classic Club, Dance & Trance Tunes.. This is one event you dont want to miss.. Tickets strictly limited, and are on sale from High Level Music now Priced @ £10 each. If there are tickets left they will be sold on the door... ID WILL BE REQUIRED FOR THE BAR. See our facebook event page here http://www.facebook.com/events/334142783336285/
  8. Just to let you all know, the 2012 Cunningsburgh Show Schedule and Entry Forms are now available online for download and you can find our website using the links below. 2012 Schedule (In pdf and doc format) http://www.cunningsburghshow.com/?page_id=8 2012 Entry Form's (In pdf and doc format) (Includes Pony Entry Forms) http://www.cunningsburghshow.com/?page_id=10 and Finally Tradestand Forms http://www.cunningsburghshow.com/?page_id=69
  9. Just to add to my last post - the forums are now becoming busier, and is free for anyone to sign up - make sure you check it out - http://www.shetlandmotorsportclub.com/forum We have a for sale, wanted section and many others. You do NOT need to be a member to use our forum.
  10. Memberships for the Shetland Motorsport Club are now available online, and we have our own forum, where there are many different topics - which is free to join - so get signed up now... Visit the forum at http://www.shetlandmotorsportclub.com/forum we also have a for sale & wanted sections.. Membership forms can be downloaded using the links below, completed and emailed back to the address in the document. Prices are £25 Adults and £10 Under 16's. Payments can be made using the links on the SMC membership page here http://www.shetlandmotorsportclub.com/membership.html In Doc Fo
  11. Right folks, just to keep you up to date - thats the membership forms online. If you can take the time to print off and complete the form and hand it in at the AGM if possible. If you are unable to hand in at the AGM then please wait until we get an updated version with a postal address on it - or give it to someone who is attending with the fee Its vital that we get as many memebers as possible to get things moving, so please take the time to complete one... The fees are £25 for adults and £10 for under 16's. Proper membership cards will be issued once available. We hope to see as many
  12. There was over 60 people who turned up, and after a lengthy discussion, we have called an AGM which is taking place on Sunday 22nd April 2012 in The Cunningsburgh Hall at 8pm. Here we will elect a committee and start working on the clubs plans. If you are on facebook, we have started a page where views and opinions are welcome.. http://www.facebook.com/groups/273019376117041/
  13. No it wasnt set to public - but is now
  14. For anyone on Facebook, who wants to attend the meeting, the link can be found here http://www.facebook.com/events/320664594664618/
  15. Then perhaps if you have to use Unst again the club could take some responsibility for idiots treating the local roads in Unst like a racetrack. It has been really good knowing we do not have to put up with that every year, along with the pile of wrecks left at the airfield. Even better idea - have it in Cunnigsburgh instead. I think the local roads in Unst come under the Police's rules, and cannot be controlled by a club. If some 'idiots' as you refer to are driving on main roads like they are race tracks, they deserve to have the book thrown at them. No-one can condone this activity, h
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