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  1. i know some people go guising (as in dress up for it) at new year but we've tended just to go "first footing" where you dont dress up, but you would make sure that my elder brother, being tall and dark haired would go through the door of whoevers house first, for good luck. whereas at halloween its more guising with the dressing up part
  2. WELL SAID MAGS! :tmbup; ? From some of the things you've said either here or in other threads, I was under the impression you'd had it done.. As I said before... whether I havent or had it done or not is not the point... though, we are not talking about individuals... it certainly effects what you say though, you may have said since then that you have said things wrongly and shouldnt of posted them but it doesnt change what you have said. You have clearly been trying to swing the conversation, hence why i said earlier it sound like you were trying to prove something to yourself, that is just my opinion, i am not slandering you in anyway, just saying how it is coming across. you have also said to me that you think my opinions are because i am unaware of the 'real world' despite the fact you don't know me or where i live (clearly because you thought i didnt live in a city, which i do.) Again, sounds like you are trying to swing the conversation. but like i have said, this is just my observation.
  3. ive had mine for a long time, since second year at high school, i'm used to it so i continue to use it
  4. You seem very preoccupied by what you think men want - men want this, men want that. Don't women have brains nowadays??! 8O Yes of course... Maybe I just read too many magazines lol... maybe its not the amount you read, but the way you read them
  5. but she has had alot of self esteem problems for example she suffered from eating disorders in the past
  6. Have to ask Alan...who is Mr Scruff? have a peek at his myspace http://www.myspace.com/mrscruffofficial or his homepage...but i dont think he's updated it in a while http://www.mrscruff.com/
  7. it was not a personal attack on you, it just sounds that you are pushing it abit. i do read magazines. and as far as i am aware Edinburgh is a city.
  8. Are you going round the twist? That programme was brilliant! Oh I can't get over the memories! And I don't want to.... they are showing them again....however i cant remember what time it was, as i am a scummy student who watches tv at all sorts of times through the day
  9. all of the above are obviously fake though thats not true, it sounds like you are trying to justify something to yourself. i dont give to sh**s about what the media think, i'm perfectly happy with my body and it does exactly what i need it to do, i defionately dont want to put anything alien into it unless for health reasons, not prostetic. and on average, men like boobs, they dont care what they are like as long as they are attached to someone they like, or someone who is living, depending on how fussy they feel.....infact if boobs were "swinging around under a vest top" i doubt they are thinking hmm...yeah....too saggy for my liking though
  10. very impressed with the drumming. Jacks dancing is very memorable. and A/d's faces made my night!
  11. Tyr- eric the red. i even found a review for you to read as i couldn't be bothered to write one myself. fromhttp://heavymetal.about.com/od/cdreviews/gr/tyrericthered.htm
  12. personally i wouldn't get them. mainly because i'm happy with the ones ive grown, but also id imagine the feel would be much different. some people go too far with it, if i were a man id be afraid of bursting them! so....much the turn off if you become scared of them...id assume
  13. i am also a fan of the music known as metal.....although there are so many sub genres of metal that sometimes classification is tricky :S
  14. cowboy bebop. ( i may have mentioned it before, i forget.)
  15. my mam used to ( i remember i once found the arrows in our loft) but ive never really been given the oportunity to start it, which is a shame...could of been fun
  16. that's what i use...granted its just for me legs. also, for those who shop at boots the chemists and haven't been there in a while the plastic boxes over the razor blades are not new packaging, they take them off at the counter.
  17. I agree people in the past probably did die before they developed cancer but the point I was making was that they would have been outdoors alot and would have developed a tan there fore would have been protected from sunburn by their tan. then how do you explain "black" people burning too? sure they do not burn as much but they do still burn
  18. the environment is certainly not in the same condition as it was years ago...*cough*ozone hole *cough* perhaps the fact new technologies make it easier to diagnose and treat this type of cancer adds to the awareness of it. and not that it did not exsist before they found out of to find it...
  19. unless you want people to get skin cancer thats hardly the advice you should be giving out. even the slightest redness means you have been burned, and each time you are burned you are increaing your chances of getting skin cancer. Those who are fair skinned or have freckles, light hair/red hair are allready in the 'high danger' as it is.
  20. you can still tan without getting burned. Keep your sunscreen above 15 no matter what, try to reapply your sunscreen at least every 3 hours. The best way to build up a tan is to have bursts in the sun rather than a whole day of baking, 2 hours a day for a week or so, without burning and you should start to tan.
  21. having had chinese down in Glasgow and can say the chinese retaurants in Shetland are something to be proud of!
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