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  1. Hey we are thinking of going to Bali in the summer, has anyone been??? Looks beautiful!!!
  2. Ive been away for nearly 2 years and yes some days I do miss Shetland but I think that it is my family and friends that I miss the most. Saying that though, when I visit I sometimes get an overwhelming sense of happiness and become very patriotic about it, I tend to look at the scenery and appreciate it more, its like falling in love with the island again, wow that was a bit heavy, sorry!! But I do love living on the mainland and after about a week I start missing my flat and all the things that I have down here, but thats just me.
  3. Mia

    20 mph limit

    These limits are in place up and down the country, Cunningsburgh is no differant to any other small town in Britian. If they pose such a huge problem to your travel leave an extra 5-10 minutes early so you are not late and there is no need to put yout foot down.
  4. Is Frank Watt the old janitor at the Bells Brae?? If he is then he used to come and see my mum when she was ill, I was very young at the time so I cant remember it but my dad told me that whatever he did eased her pain and olny ever asked for a donation. Dad also said that he had something on the palm of his hands like they had been burnt. I see nothing wrong with giving people hope and maybe easing pain, dont get me wrong I agree with these people that charge huge amounts of money and con people.
  5. Milky Way rolls, they were great, dont know if you can still get them, not seen them for ages. Very nice!! Rocky caramel bsicuits!!
  6. Dont know if this has already been mentioned as I am too lazy to read the 13 pages of text, but why dosen't the boat come to Leith like it used to way back when!! But without the livestock!!! Even if it was a once a week sailing I know its a wee bit further but well worth it if you ask me!! Just think if you were going to edinburgh anyway what a conveience to dock in Leith it would be great!!!!!!!!
  7. Mmmm yell strawberries are great!! And they are massive!!! I miss them!!!!
  8. Maggots in broccoli!! Its really bad, especially when you have eaten a few bits then realise there is big white grubby looking things in it!!! YUK YUK!!!!
  9. This is not very exotic but im telling you it was very wierd!! When traveling around the north island of new zealand we came across a resuraunt which I can only describe as fussion food?! It was mainly a pizzeria, but with a twist!! They served pizzas with just random food types chucked on it, food types that should never be together on the same plate!! I mean why would you squirt plum sauce all over a pizza that has got cheese and other unrecognisable foods on it?? Very strange!!!!
  10. My thoughts on this is that no coucillor no matter what should be using the publics money to ferry them around, if Cllr Grians had used the local bus services she would of got on for free as she is an OAP!! And as for her excuse in not using the bus service because it is not good enough, well why doese she not fix it, is that not what she is getting paid for????? What does she think a mother/father who cannot drive living in the west side do when they need to go shopping?
  11. A baked tattie with freshly roast chicken and salad is tasty. Tuna, cheese and hot sweetcorn is also pretty good after a few pints!! My old fav from the tattie shop before the new owners, was chicken supreme!!! Mmmmm, I was soo upset when home for a hol and no chicken supreme Chilli con carne and cheese. Mince (really this is just mince and tatties but it looks differant) Tuna Cheese and hot beans.
  12. I also found out today an interesting fact about the blood stocks, there has to be enough blood stored every day for every birth every day (hope that makes sense) just incase it is needed, thats a whole lotta blood!!!! So the people that can give blood, go tomorrow!!
  13. Went to give blood today and I asked the nurse if it could be possible to have blood taken in Shetland. She told me that the reason it is not done in the isles is because the blood must be stored in cool bags and imediately and sent to the lab in Galsgow, sorry to say it but shetland is just too far away as the blood must be put to the lab asap. It looks like for those who want to give blood will have to go to a donor point on the mainland.
  14. It cant be that bad!!?? Can it? Come on show me a pic, please!!
  15. I think this could really work if the word was spread!! Just take a moment to think to yourself how many people do you know has had an operation/given birth/had a life threatening disease such as cancer/leukemia etc, everyone of these scenarios need or may need blood!!
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