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  1. Thanks for the replies. Jewsons was the go to place for slate. Picked up some 600 x 900mm 12mm tiles at £25 a pop. Fireplace and hearth look fantastic if I do say so myself. Rod was a great help.
  2. I am in the planning stage for a hearth. Intending to use slate but open to suggestions. Does anyone know where best to aquire slate or other and have it cut to size? Hearth will need to be 940mm Wide and 850mm Length.
  3. His talk/interview in Oxford University shows what kind of character he is. That is a precursor to the video in my previous post. Where he is actually allowed to discuss what the state was doing with all the illegal arrests and blackmail. He and his whole family were threatened by Scotland Yard multiple times then he was threatened with further jail time if he spoke about it during his license conditions. I know I'm going on about it but it wasn't until a month or so ago I thought he was a neo nazi thug. I like to think I'm a good judge of character and immune to media bias but in this case I was wrong.
  4. This video highlights the extremes to which the UK government, Police and High Court have colluded to shut Tommy up over the last 10 years. You couldn't make it up. https://youtu.be/ao2VlpxGFe4
  5. https://youtu.be/O7P7ih1GuuQ Whatever happened or happens. This Times Journalist Andrew Norfolk opened my eyes to the disgusting situation the system had/has allowed to transpire. Fear of pursuing Pakistani/Muslim grooming gangs because it might be construed as racist!? Arresting a half naked 13yr old girl for being drunk in a room of Asian men... And charging her!for being drunk and disorderly....for fear of being racist. Tommys cousin was a victim to one of these gangs and I fully understand his motivation in making sure the push continues in the prosecutions and the public is informed.
  6. Any thoughts on the D-Notice calling for a media blackout? All UK news sources being forced to take down stories, edit stories and not report on either the arrest of Tommy or the Court Procedings where the Muslim/Pakistani grooming gangs case was being finalised.
  7. Anyone in Shetland do day trading? I've been messing around in shares for a couple of years now and would like to learn a little/more with regards to Trends.
  8. Yes mine is terrible. Was pulling 2 Mb and upload @ 8Mb. Can barely stream anything. Before I was getting at least 20Mb download. Have phoned BT but they are useless.
  9. Peter, I despair when I read comments like yours. Give them a chance to become involved, show them they have a chance to change things. Look how messed up things are with the older generation continuing to vote with old ideals. It'll never be 'Like it used to be back when..'. At 16 you can get married, have children....but not have a choice in who rules you?? Get with the times.
  10. Scotland will hold all the cards come independence. The strength/security of scotlands input is what's holding the pound up.
  11. Ive got an Ocean Caper, its maybe a little small for rougher weather but I'll see how it goes. Yeah I got signed up to the site the other day. Some great info. Thanks for the reply. I shall maintain the hunt for a Yaking buddy.
  12. I posted something on the Sport thread but not everyone goes there. Anyone got a kayak and interested in going fishing around Shetland? Just building up my kit of safety gear now, should be set to go in a week.
  13. I've recently taken up Kayak(open top) fishing and wondered if anyone else up here did it?
  14. rgibson

    banjo lessons

    Any ideas how I could get in touch with Steve Davidson? or if anyone could ask him on my behalf about lessons?
  15. I only work when the wind blows and sometimes not even then. What am I ?
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