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  1. Hi, anyone know who delivers for Yodel in Shetland. I have a parcel tracked to Inverness, then Aberdeen, then Inverness??
  2. Hi, can anyone tell me where I can buy large plastic santa sacks? Just found a message in the Christmas decoration box left by Santa last year asking for new ones this year!!
  3. Hi i think the next step is approaching CAB and asking for advice. I'm in touch with him. The Story so far is ...he left the island for the Christmas hols and during that time his father became seriously ill. So he couldn't make it to start the job for us on 12th January. The next i heard when contacting him was that his father had passed away. He offered to pay back the deposit, but we decided we would wait for him to return, so i told him to let us know when he was coming back to Shetland. Since i heard nothing i've contacted him again a few days ago and told him we have found someone else for the job (we have them working at the moment). I've asked for our money back, but he said he's in London at the moment and will send it when back in Bristol. I was just wanting to see if anyone out there was having a similar experience. He said he needed the deposit due to work building up and it would confirm the job for us. More than slightly suspicious now that i've heard from a couple of you! I'll contact CAB and let you know what they advise.
  4. Can anyone give me a reference for Mr Stephen Hamilton. I've paid him a deposit for a job and unfortunately due to personal reasons he has been unable to return to Shetland. Please can anyone reassure me that he has completed work satisfactorily. Is he owing money to anyone else?
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