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  1. Commodore

    2008 Top Scorer

    Neil Riddell has 23 ive found out. paul malloy, alan davidson and lowrie simpson i would think would be the challengers to riddell and pearson
  2. Commodore

    2008 Top Scorer

    Neil Riddell has over 20 goals, not sure exactly how many but think its somewhere around 23. Laurence Pearson still has a game to play tomorrow though.
  3. i see well as far as us players are aware we are not having a B team thats what we have been told for months now cause we dont have enough players
  4. thistle are not entering the B league
  5. yeh it didnt deflect at all it bounced twice before it got to the goal. i think ur confusing gerrard with lampard he is the one that scores deflections the whole time and i dont support either of these teams.
  6. Commodore

    Running groups ?

    pretty sure clickimin is 741000 unless they have changed it recently
  7. arteta is another player who has left SPL and is awesome player now larsson when he finally went to the mancs whenever celtic have played english opposition in europe they have held their own no bother. in the year celtic reached uefa cup final then blackburn and liverpool were dispatched on route. last season in champions league celtic only lost 3-2 at old trafford and beat them 1-0 at home so celtic overall 3-3 and celtic win on away goals
  8. Douglas? (I have no idea but seems logical!) I disagree wi da doing up o pubs. Gie wis back da auld Lounge an Thule anytime. Flints is brand new onywaye isna it? nah the upstairs of flints got done years ago but they have done nothing with downstairs apart from the floor since it opened. its so dark downstairs in flints and needs to be redone and just get rid of the boat theme
  9. i think they maybe forgot to book them this season and cause u need the whole of clickimin for most of a saturday you need to book it well in advance
  10. this season whitedale, ness, unst, burra and yell were made to join the A league as B league participation was not allowed. i think whitedale know they shouldnt have been playing B league last year and will happily stay in A league. Ness havent had that many hammerings this year and should stay in A league. Unst, Yell and Burra should be allowed to join the B league if they want but can also stay in A league if they wish. this would be most sensible option
  11. Commodore


    im sure that would work a treat, mobile phone theft would become ridiculous!
  12. my connection has been so slow and basically not working in the last week, im in lerwick aswell and on BT
  13. Celtic v Whitedale Spurs v Delting Thistle/Scalloway v Burra Unst v Titans Thistle/Scalloway/Burra v Spurs/Delting Celtic/Whitedale v Unst/Titans celtic knocked out yell, whitedale knocked out whalsay 2-0 spurs beat ness i think. unst beat cosmos 8-0.
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