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  1. Cheers for getting back to me. I got a quote for fitting and it's a lot of money! I think I'll have a look at quick step and compare the cost. Thanks again
  2. I'm moving into a new build in a few months and am thinking about Karndean flooring. Most reviews seem to be good, but there are odd ones saying that it's hard to maintain. Does anyone have experience of this product? Any thoughts or comments?
  3. Does anyone have experiences, good or bad, of heat recovery systems that they wish to share. We need to decide if we should include one in our new build. I've heard mixed reports and I'm just wondering if they are worth the high cost of installation.
  4. I'm at the stage of choosing the heating system for our new house. I'm interested in air source but unsure about having the unit standing outside. How do the units for air source heat pumps stand up to shetland weather? Does anyone have the unit installed in a shed or garage?
  5. Does anyone know the best places for over-wintering caravans? I've heard that The Marts have storage but I'm not sure who to contact.
  6. I'd like to add that transport is available for folk that attend youth clubs but the gig is for all ages.
  7. Thanks for the replies and info.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to find information about replacing a corrugated asbestos roof on a old house. Any info on contractors, regulations, costs etc. would be greatly appreciated. Ta
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