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  1. You miss the point. To get the SNP to sign up for Devolution in the first place, Donald Dewer conceded that if the Nats got a majority in Holyrood they could call a referendum and the result would be binding. I believe it's written into the Devolution agreement.
  2. I agree with you about Pearl Harbour but I would like to focus your attention on Armageddon with Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler. Surely the worst movie ever made, so bad it's beyond funny and out the other side!
  3. We should find out soon enough anyway. The SNP only have to win once, Labour\Tories and the LibDems have to win every time.
  4. Hellsbells says :-'but if there is/was a god why did he hurt my mam?' This illustrates the fundamental problem with God. He could have simply programmed us all to be Christian/Muslim/etc but that would be defeating the point. Instead He gave us free will, the freedom to follow our own path so that to qualify for the divine reward we have to choose the right path. The problem is that for God to then intervene and change something promptly removes the very free will that He gave out in the first place! This means that God cannot intervene, which means that to all intents and purposes He might as well not exist at all.
  5. Your political compass Economic Left/Right: -5.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.92 Near Mandela and Ghandi. That's re-assuring.
  6. Njugle writes: 'Ever heard o' a chicken gun? 6" or 8" pipe, sealed end, calor gas feed, spark plug, battery, convenient wall i'll leave the rest to your imagination Wink only joking,of course, but it does work a treat when they're already dead' Used to check aircraft canopies for vulnerability to bird strikes... until the apprentice forgot to defrost the chicken. (possible urban myth)
  7. It is not up to Blair whether we go for new nuclear power stations, it's up to us. Blair is simply covering all the bases in case, when Global warming really starts to bite, we turn out to need nuclear power in a hurry, The decades long lead time before any new nuclear power stations will be ready mean that the process has to start now or else nuke power will be irrelevant. Ever since the Rio earth summit in '92, NGO's and much later the government have been telling us to insulate, install low energy light bulbs, buy smaller, more efficient cars, fly less, recycle, etc. Instead we continue to build things the old way (All new buildings could be net contributors to the energy grid instead of consumers), we buy king cab 4WD pick-ups and people carriers to move two kids and a dog, We install patio lights and coal burning patio heaters, we use budget airlines to take two or three foreign holidays a year. Electric tin openers for God sake! Juicers, Digiboxes that use as much power on standby as they do when in use. 'Standby' in general. Computers, 10 years ago my computer ran fine with a 200W PSU, now it requires a 480W unit. If we have to go for a new generation of nuclear (nucular?) power stations it will be OUR fault and no-one elses. PS. My particular bugbear is the King Cab pick-up. Can anyone justify these things?
  8. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/32460/fishing_is_dangerous/ I've got a bite!
  9. Holy War Inc by Peter L Bergen Everything you ever wanted to know about Osama bin Laden. Pretty good tho' it is a bit out of date (early 2002). Another gem from Oxfam.
  10. .. hmm, tricky... (in no particular order) Contact (just for the opening sequence) Star Wars Alien Waynes World Carry on up the Kyber Goodfellas Patton (awesome soundtrack) Saving private Ryan Indiana Jones and the last Crusade Die Hard .. and many more Akira, Miller's Crossing (Pretty much anything by the Cohen brothers actually)
  11. When you're a toddler you spend all your time wishing you were one of the big bairns that go to school When you're in Primary School you just want to go to the 'Big School' When you're at High School you wish you were working When you are working, you are too busy to care, Then you hit thirty and spend the rest of your life wishing you were a toddler again!
  12. Surely the issue here is the minimum wage. Golders are offering minimum wage to foremen, so are hardly likely to be paying even that much to their ordinary workers who are, I understand, Eastern European. Isn't this against the law? Who do you complain to? Does anyone in the council have responsibility to check what Golders are paying their staff, or is this something to report to the Inland Revenue?
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