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  1. ^Ah, I was never aware of this so thank you. Now I need to look a bit deeper.
  2. ^But he didn't tell us what he was going to do, did he. Very masked IMHO.
  3. As I remember, Davie, the Common Market was inflicted upon us by Ted Heath, and then he asked for our opinion. Can you call that in any way democratic? It goes on and on, though. Remember what Westminster did with the North Sea marine border in 1999?
  4. ^Yes, Remain would have meant more of the same while Leave would be fair to consider as a democratical decision. Never forget just how democratically the Common Market, the E.E.C, the E.C, the E.U. ad infinitum were inflicted upon us regardless of the fact that we are regularly told, as we have been for decades, that we live in a democracy. A democracy where we can do no more than what we are told, hence the E.U.
  5. ^^ You're quite right, Colin. Westminster does not deserve a capital letter. Reestit mutton.
  6. ^Hmmmm, feel proud of who you last voted for, then.
  7. In October 2002 at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russia, a Foton-M No.1 exploded very soon after launch. It killed one person and injured eight others. Fragments blown off started a land fire and there was damaged done to the launchpad. I don't know how close to launch these people were, but they were certainly too close. I hope that the SaxaVord Space Port keeps people a good distance from the launchpad.
  8. Oh,oh, found it. Planning Permission for the Shetland Space Centre ...I think.
  9. ^^(application number 2021/005/PPF) Says it all, but where did it come from
  10. ^ The minimum wage IS the living wage. I think that we all knew it would go that way.
  11. I'd bet that both the Co-op and Tesco pay the shelf-stackers no more than the national minimum wage. I very much doubt that they'll be the only ones.
  12. ^I've never been sure if they intended to piss off or piss on everybody. Or both
  13. ^If they had sold the bus station instead of giving it away, the S.I.C's financial situation wouldn't be quite so bad, and then the supposed crisis would be a bit easier to solve. The S.I.C. is the S.I.C. is the S.I.C. though. They look after their friends, or so I believe.
  14. ^Danish billionaire Anders Povlsen, the one that didn't want the Space Centre in Sutherland is a major investor with the Shetland Space Centre. The Shetland Space Centre isn't in his back garden, though.
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