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  1. George.


    I heard that very soon they're bringing ten bob bits back.
  2. ^Copyright can be transferred, free or for payment, to another person or company.
  3. Don't allow them to strip you bare by cranking up the price by an unreasonable amount. Don't Pay UK
  4. ^Westminster tends to keep pushing until they get whatever answer they want. Control merchants to the root.
  5. ^Westminster tends to keep pushing until they get the answer they want.
  6. I think that the Scottish Parliament has a little more to say about it, and a little louder, than the polis.
  7. Sorry, I wrote it wrong. It should have read as, "A referendum was held in Shetland, and the rest of Scotland, on 23 June 2016 which showed a majority of us wanted out of the E.U. The English and the rest of them had a wee blether and did what they wanted." Some things never change.
  8. ^A referendum was held in Britain on 23 June 2016 which showed a majority of us wanted out of the E.U. That's when we started leaving. Took a while, but that's when we started. What did Putin have to do with that?
  9. ^ It's worse than you thought. Elizabeth I was English - and the Queen of England, no more and no less.
  10. ^I believe that many people are now concerned about the legal aspect of ISA investments. After all, it gives them something to blether about.
  11. Look on the bright side of life. The man that used to be H.R.H Prince Andrew is now Mr Windsor when in public, no more and no less. Prince Andrew loses military titles and use of HRH
  12. I used to have a coop in the back yard. I kept hens in it.
  13. 10:00 to 16:00, according to the website.
  14. ^Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier has been chairman of Shetland Space Centre’s advisory board since 1 October 2020. According to his register of members’ interests the role takes up approximately 10 hours per month, equating to £250 an hour, and in addition he “may receive share options”. Sez it all, dunnit
  15. ^I never suggested blocking Shetlink. You can block everything bar the ones that you want to carry on receiving, or you can block one or two particular senders. It's your choice.
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