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  1. ^Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier has been chairman of Shetland Space Centre’s advisory board since 1 October 2020. According to his register of members’ interests the role takes up approximately 10 hours per month, equating to £250 an hour, and in addition he “may receive share options”. Sez it all, dunnit
  2. ^I never suggested blocking Shetlink. You can block everything bar the ones that you want to carry on receiving, or you can block one or two particular senders. It's your choice.
  3. ^Block the email rubbish. Block a mail sender
  4. Are we losing our abilities to process the information in a meaningful way, or have we become lazier than ever before and now are willing to swallow whatever we're fed?
  5. ^If it is truly a needy person, I would have thought that Lerwick would have been more appropriate than Fetlar for them to live.
  6. Would suggest that your son contacts Hjaltland Housing Association.
  7. ^Ah, I was never aware of this so thank you. Now I need to look a bit deeper.
  8. ^But he didn't tell us what he was going to do, did he. Very masked IMHO.
  9. As I remember, Davie, the Common Market was inflicted upon us by Ted Heath, and then he asked for our opinion. Can you call that in any way democratic? It goes on and on, though. Remember what Westminster did with the North Sea marine border in 1999?
  10. ^Yes, Remain would have meant more of the same while Leave would be fair to consider as a democratical decision. Never forget just how democratically the Common Market, the E.E.C, the E.C, the E.U. ad infinitum were inflicted upon us regardless of the fact that we are regularly told, as we have been for decades, that we live in a democracy. A democracy where we can do no more than what we are told, hence the E.U.
  11. ^^ You're quite right, Colin. Westminster does not deserve a capital letter. Reestit mutton.
  12. ^Hmmmm, feel proud of who you last voted for, then.
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