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  1. ^I love cats. That's because I was married. Now I use fly paper.
  2. George.


    ^I'd bet that it was Streamline that delivered it to you. Give them a ring and see what they say.
  3. They are seriously considering a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland. It will be about 12 miles long and no doubt available 24 hours every single day. Skerries will be jealous. Bridge plan for Scotland and Ireland gets global spotlight on CNN
  4. ^It worked then. It got a wee fly to sit and wait for the job to be done
  5. Fly-Bye - Insect Killer 20W UV Light
  6. ^See if you swoosh it aroond a bit, can you then grab the screen?
  7. ^^Reusable purple bags for glass are free. You get them from Gremista Waste Management Facility. https://www.shetland.gov.uk/recycling-rubbish/buy-bags-bins
  8. ^Nah, Tory Mike wouldn't give us any.
  9. ^My apps, Colin. Perhaps I should have put it out differently. And, of course, Michael took the drugs, but what do him and his workmates do for us lot?
  10. "Michael Gove" rhymes with, "Cocaine."
  11. ^I'm quite sure that you're correct. But Westminster collects all alcohol excise duty on the British Isles and, as I understand, that's a wee bit more than the relevant V.A.T, but I may be wrong. And of course, I wouldn't like anybody to think that I was having a go at Westminster. After all, it's not my style
  12. ^Look on the bright side. In the U.K. no alcohol excise duty is chargeable on beer that doesn't exceed 1.2% A.B.V. There's always something to look forward to
  13. ^Regarding the U.K, you pay V.A.T. on tobacco and alcohol. Perhaps the deaths caused by the two of them don't matter as much, after all you've paid the tax so Westminster is happy for you to pay the price.
  14. I pay for most of it in ten bob notes.
  15. The only Zen you can ever see on the top of a hill is the Zen that you carried up yourself
  16. I'm the proof that you're not the only one with a bad thingummyjig
  17. Where they state that the Co-op is exiting both Lerwick and Brae. How exciting.
  18. ^Are you possibly thinking of Coronavirus (COVID-19): daily data for Scotland?
  19. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster? Very Aberdonian. Minister for the Cabinet Office? Very Aberdonian. Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath since 2005. Aberdonian to the root. JMOOC.
  20. No. A British political party? No. House of Lords? No. Westminster? No. Anything south of the border.....
  21. Michael Gove says Westminster won't take Scottish Government to court over indyref2 There's hope for us yet
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