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  1. ^Are you possibly thinking of Coronavirus (COVID-19): daily data for Scotland?
  2. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster? Very Aberdonian. Minister for the Cabinet Office? Very Aberdonian. Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath since 2005. Aberdonian to the root. JMOOC.
  3. No. A British political party? No. House of Lords? No. Westminster? No. Anything south of the border.....
  4. Michael Gove says Westminster won't take Scottish Government to court over indyref2 There's hope for us yet
  5. ^And when they get off the ferry, they can get on the bus.
  6. ^^^If it's 51% for independence, then a majority is shown. Then the British can go home on the ferry.
  7. I believe that it's about a tenth of what Westminster costs us therefore, in my opinion, we certainly do not need Westminster.
  8. It may well have been Wales. Or Northern Ireland.
  9. And never forget that in 2015 Carmichael stated that he was leaving politics and would not be back. Something about having other things to do......
  10. Not one single one of them is perfect but some are less perfect than others. Tony Blair, North Sea marine border, a bit of sea with oil in it that is now Englands, and there are dozens more. But some are less perfect than others. Some are our friends and some are our enemies. Vote S.N.P.
  11. Alistair Carmichael stated, in 2015, that he would be out of politics at the next election. He's still here. Splendid guy, splendid ^ps I have nothing against the English, but the U.K. is different - as is its government.
  12. ^Hmmm. You do get the arrogant know-it-alls spread all across the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and IMHO, Westminster is prime to the case. That's just my opinion, of course. Vote S.N.P, vote Alba, vote anything bar the vast majority that hang around Westminster.
  13. It's probably quite true to say that Scotland only costs 10% to run as England. Do you know why I believe that is? The number of people living in Scotland is pretty close to being 10% of the number in England. But Westminster benefits from our oil, and never has the courtesy to even say thanks.
  14. ^^Yesterday, l thought that I was 100% spot on. Then I realised that I was talking nonsense.
  15. Good business deal? Boris? It all goes on, but Scottish Independence is no more than hope - or so they choose to tell us. But I bet that Boris scratched his, as he took the money - just like Ali.
  16. Strange that the Lib Dem's carry on with their vote after Carmichael did what Carmichael did. Alistair Carmichael urged to quit as MP for leaking anti-Sturgeon memo Strange that people pander to Boris when Boris did what Boris did. Boris Johnson: 15 of the Conservative leader's most calamitous mistakes and gaffes Both of them in Westminster, but Westminster is what Westminster is. Vote S.N.P. Vote Alba. Vote anything bar those in Westminster, IMHO of course.
  17. It seems that Scotland is much, much more likely to go Indy and much sooner than expected. SNP sound alarm over Tories 'shredding' evidence of Boris Johnson scandals
  18. Can I ask who puts this international news forward?
  19. Oil will never run out fishing, in my opinion of course.
  20. Oh, I think that you're right. Boris is no more than a necessity. That's possibly why he got an almost immediate check-up in hospital, because he's no more than a............ Boris Johnson called gay men 'tank-topped bumboys' and black people 'piccaninnies' with 'watermelon smiles' Stand proud of Boris.
  21. Yet more reason to justify independence. SCOTLAND is a wealthy country which can afford to become independent, according to the head of an economic think tank. But don't tell Westminster, please. After all, they seem to want to do no more than to continue to strip us blind. That's their style.
  22. No, it's not far off it but I'm not a multimillionare so I'll buy it at the best price that I can - after Tesco have delivered it to me. Great, especially when the last bus comes in to me at 18.20, six days a week coz there's none on a Sunday. But not far off it, or so I've been old
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