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  1. ^Very true, price is the great big guide point. Heinz baked beans, about a quid a tin, maybe a few pennies less. Into Tesco and they sell the same sized tins, different brands, for ---------- 22p a go. You won't get that from the Co-op. A Co-op in Sandwick and Scalloway? Nah, go for somewhere that sells at a better price, and delivers so you don't need to get the bus when you need to then run half the way home coz you don't want the frozen food to melt before you get to within a hundred yards of the freezer.
  2. ^No doubt Westminster will agree with you - as they strip us bare.
  3. There's hope yet Two new polls predict pro-independence majority at Holyrood election
  4. I've never seen anybody drive a ZX Spectrum yet
  5. The Scottish Government are a lot more concerned about the benefits to be gained regarding E.V's. Renewable and low carbon energy
  6. In the next few years there may well be one major changes regarding just what autonomous vehicles are used for around here. Robo-taxi fleets
  7. Royal family? Luckily, there's now one less.
  8. Would bet that the smelly water you come across in Lerwick is caused by a bit of pollution. We're lucky in Northmavine where the water is good, clean and fresh. Keep the pollution away.
  9. I can see Shetland starting a twenty-four hour bus service next week.
  10. Switching to an EV is the environmentally positive change you can make today
  11. ^I've got the electricity under the carpet too. I'll switch it on next next week if the sun is shining.
  12. ^No problem, fina. Anybody needing a plant seed is welcome, yourself included. There's also some wine yeast and beer yeast as well, but please don't mention the stuff that's working away in the blackcurrant squash at the mo' You'll get me at 07799 038218 or shetlandgeorge@gmail.com
  13. And now it's not just yeast. Now it's got a (very, very, very) old tin of fruit in syrup that's been poured into the jug and given a wee shoogle. No doubt it'll carry on working for a while before I try a wee swallow. Or a big swallow. Or a right guzzle.
  14. ^The jury's back in now, but please, please, please don't tell them that I let youknow
  15. ^I believe you're right, whereas Westminster shouts and bawls all the way. Not only about the Shetland Space Centre.
  16. Hmmm....... sez it all.......
  17. I've just checked the prices stated by EDF on https://www.edfenergy.com/electric-cars/costs where they charge 26p per kWh for, as stated, a Tesla vehicle. So why the difference?
  18. At the moment, I've got some Saccharomyces Cerevisiae working away in the jar.
  19. ^I understand that at present it costs about 30p per kWh so after a full charge it will cost £20 or £30 from totally empty to completly full, and understand that will probably take you fifty or sixty miles along the road. Is that good or bad coz I don't know? How much does it cost to charge an electric car?
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