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  1. I think that they're coming around to do my road about forty-six years after God's died
  2. And it must be considered just what form of internet protocol address is prefered for correct usage. Public, private, static or dynamic?
  3. ^The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization that aims to maintain international peace and security. It does not necessarily mean that they'll do anything useful, in any way at all, but they will still be able to do something unlike........... They're quite unlikely to know just what the problem caused by COVID-16 is either. That's my thought, anyway
  4. 35 ways to know that you’re Scottish
  5. ^Hmmm...... It's been done on Boris Johnson now, too. He's about as much use as auld Charlie, while a huge amount of worthwhile people like doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers etc have got nothing. They're the peeps that look after us, unlike....... Pomp and circumstance comes to mind.
  6. Hmmm......... There's a very big chance that really important things will around us pretty quickly. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Scottish Independence
  7. On the ninth of Febuary this year, Prince Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall got their first COVID-19 jag, just a wee while before any of us. It would be interesting to see them justify that.
  8. The COVID-19 vaccination card, brought out in England and Wales, contains a record of someone’s vaccination and a reminder of their second appointment date, but it does not contain secure personal information so it cannot prove who was vaccinated. Is it really worth having?
  9. ^An awful lot more than Westminster.
  10. George.

    Hom brew?

    Found out two things that, IMHO, are splendid to put in the brew. Nettles and dandelions are great but there are two things that I think are the best. Rosehip and heather. They need to be harvested at about September or October but almost all of it can be lifted off the side of the road, i.e free, and if it's free it'll definitely be the tastiest. Tomorrow there'll be a new brew going on. 75% dark rye, 25% barley and because there's no usable heather or rosehip around at this time of year it'll be cheap as chips oranges and some smoked wood, hopefully a bit of either oak or mahogany (coz
  11. ^As I understand it, it will be a wee while yet until we're back to where we used to be. As of 2/4/2021 things will get easier, and as of 26/4/2021 beer gardens will be able to open. Don't think that there'll be many coming in on a cruiser for a while yet and to me that's good. Covid in Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon lays out roadmap out of lockdown
  12. It appear that Faroese Telecom are going to have a major part in 5G within Shetland.
  13. ^And what was the biggest part that we had to pay for? The union flag.
  14. There's one in Orkney now. Might get up here eventually. 5G Activity Map
  15. Prince Charles was Admiral of the Fleet of the Royal Navy, Field Marshal of the British army and also Marshal of the Royal Air Force - all at the same time between 1971 and 1976. Each and every single position being the very top position there is. I wonder just how these positions could be justified, in any way at all.
  16. Does anybody know when, or if, we will get 5G? As I understand, and please ignore me if I'm wrong, there is no 5G in Shetland, Orkney, Caithness and no doubt Sutherland as well, if not more areas.
  17. I believe that there were a lot of the same in England that stole from the Scots, probably from the Picts before that. Regardless, though.
  18. It wasn't the Scots that did the walls, it was the Romans. They put up both Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall which was built circa 150 A.D. They did it to protect themselves, I believe.
  19. It would be interesting to know just where around us 5g is available for us to enjoy or use. I certainly get a pretty good 2g signal, but only if I can see the Collafirth mast.
  20. IMHO, Scotland was an awful lot better and greater before James VI gave Scotland away, and made us part of Great Britain.
  21. In paying taxes, the common man handed £85.9 million to the Royal Family in the last year. IMHO, a complete and total waste of money. Sovereign Grant Act 2011
  22. Very much agreed. Why pay them one single penny for no justifiable reason at all?
  23. They cost us a wee bit more than just pocket money.
  24. And we pay the price - for no justifiable reason at all. Or so it seems.
  25. ^As I understand it, he will stop using his royal title of, "Prince", in April. However, he will still be the Duke of Sussex. To be polite however, I do wish that James VI hadn't given us away but that's royalty for you.
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