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  1. There's a 1948 Alvis TA 14 on the go at the mo' just now - for 3 grand starting price and nowhere near us.
  2. There's a man over in Norway that grew some yeast of a bit of flour in 1980. He's kept it growing all the way and sells it as brewers yeast.
  3. ^Perfect timing!!! I've been meaing to get an ale plant on the go for, oh, a year or two but..... This wee reminder got it started a while ago. Used an old Tesco orange squash bottle with a wee bit of ginger in it, and filled it up with warm water and a bit of sugar. Then a bit of yeast that's used for the homebrew and it'll start in about two or three hours. Could have got the yeast out of some flour or a bit of fruit but was too bloomin' idle. Some things never change, but I can't wait 'til it's ready in about two or three weeks, maybe a bit longer. Won't forget to keep it on
  4. Why can't they be sold to us? Why not? 45% of it's owned by the Charitable Trust.
  5. Watchdog criticises government over awarding of £17bn Covid contracts That's Westminster, or so it seems.
  6. I meant, in particular Davy, the people from around here. Having said that, James III was a Scot but we'll not go on about th......
  7. Define "Us?" "Us", is the first person plural pronoun, and is used as the object of a verb or a preposition. But it's the only definition of it that I can offer, or so I believe.
  8. It would also be fair to suggest that there will be a fair amount of the English that will also be against us, quite possibly more than expected.
  9. ^It would certainly be interesting to see something to justify this statement.
  10. It may well be worth considering the use of a free website or blog. Then everybody could see what the elderly family member had managed to take, in an online format where they don't need to go dozens of miles to Lerwick or anywhere else. Wordpress Blogger
  11. ^Personally, I think that grid transmission charges are higher the further you get from London for no more than one single reason. They pander to the ones that, IMHO, get too close to the British government. Yet another good reason to vote S.N.P.
  12. ^^However, the Shetland Space Centre states online that it is "The UK's premier satellite launch location." As if we really needed yet another reason to vote S.N.P. ^And if I had another two or three nuts, I'd never stop talking about it - full volume. I'd also talk loudly about my nu......
  13. Mr Pop does a good job, and entertains the whole way through
  14. I would suggest however that it's rather more democratic than Westminster, where the rest of them live. And it must be asked, where is the U.K. and does it have anything to do with us?
  15. Joanne Kate Swinson CBE is a British, former Liberal Democrat politician. C.B.E? Very British. Well, for them down the south end. C.B.E? Commander of the British Empire, but that's wee Jojo for you - although she's still former, but British to the root. Where the foreigners live.
  16. I think that I'm very happy to hear of your, possibly partial, agreement with the thoughts and attitude of the S.N.P. @Windwalker. To the reason that I included the Guardian link was because it was yet another statement or claim by yet somebody else. As I see it, yet another side to the battle is beneficial.
  17. IMHO, that is certainly a pretty positive statement. Sturgeon: SNP will hold Scottish independence vote if it wins in May
  18. By sending Royal Navy nuclear subs south from Faslane, all the way down south?
  19. It woul certainly be interesting to see justification for the statement telling us that I hate everything English.
  20. I believe that the Wastemonster certainly did inflict the E.E.C. or the Common Market, whatever, and no doubt they will amongst others, have told us how very democratic they were. Truth, however, is always the best way to go, IMHO of course, but Westminster will quite possibly, probably, tell us that we'rre wrong. That's Westminster for you, though.
  21. There is no way that I could deny hating Westminster, Windwalker, I do and to the root. James VI got it very, very wrong
  22. I wonder just how democratical it was for Westminster to inflict the E.E.C. upon us C.1961? Ted Heath and what he did to us in 1972? Boris, regardless of whether we want anything to do with the Trans-Pacific Partnership - but that's what some of us call democracy. Wonder just how much of our fishing water will be given away by Westminster, while a large amount tell us that it's democratical, Westminster to the root. Vote S.N.P.
  23. It suggests just how democratic Westminster really is. To start with, they inflicted the E.U. upon us, in a completely and utterly undemocratical manner. Now it appears that they are going to inflict membership of the Trans-Pacific Partnership upon us, regardless of whether we want it or not. It certainly shows just how democratical Westminster REALLY is. Trans-Pacific Partnership
  24. As I understand it, the mast on Collafirth is run by EE and it's the only mast around - but I get a vodafone signal. May well be worth considering.
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