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  1. ^^Downing Street would be more useful if they briefed the moon, just like Boris. And I wonder if, in any way whatsoever, they could ever justify Downing Street's claims that it was supposedly a rescue mission to save the U.K. The very English U.K?
  2. Boris the misspelt yanker wasn't born in Timbuktu. Of course, he may well tell us that he was, but that's Boris all the way. Another foreigner in the Wastemonster, or so I believe of course.
  3. Of course, wee Nicky was born north of the border. You've got to be grateful for that. Boris, born a yank, still a misspelt yank, Westminster to the root and telling us all that he's English.
  4. Or will wee Boris expect to just take it and give it away?
  5. Perhaps you could tell us just when we chose it? As opposed to when it was inflicted upon us.
  6. "Your" or "You're", regardless of just what Scotland is. After all, the U.K. is where a lot of foreigners seem to live. 1472, James III, aw jings.......
  7. I agree with a lot of what you've said @Muckle Oxters but not all. Some politicians have no right to complain about the slagging they've got because if they're guilty then they're guilty and have to take the flak, some historical grudges are justified (remember what James VI did to us?), and as I understand it you get a bit of racism from both sides of the argument. But it would be a little more informative if a little less of the micky was taken, myself being one of the guilty bar stewards.
  8. I've always thought that it was claimed to keep some people happy. Just like the Lib Dems, the Tories and Labour. Of course, IMHO, those three just pander to the guff. But an awful lot of Westminster are descended from George II, Boris Johnson comes to mind. Do the world a favour, vote S.N.P. And it must be realised that in 1999 survey, two thirds of the Lib Dems supported retaining the Monarchy. Liberal Democrats
  9. I'm very glad to hear that you're no Royalist, neither am I and never will be. But there is a price to pay. We are expected to pander to the old wee queen and the Greek waiter that she married. Vote S.N.P. and tell royalty, loud and clear, just what they're worth to us.
  10. Understood @Davie P Just checked my mobile and it will pick up an SMS when on Wifi. Not sure about why this is or what the difference is, so it's now time to look around a bit
  11. ^Would suggest that there are ways around mobile signal problems at home. When I moved to Hillswick 10 years ago, the phone would work if I was standing right in the middle of the living room, or lying in the middle of my bed. In effect, no use whatsoever. For the last three or four years though, the mobile phones that I've used operate by connection to the wifi router when I'm in the house. That means the mobile phone works throughout the house now - and that makes a great big difference. May well be worth considering something like that.
  12. Westminster took the oil. They didn't ask, they did no more than take it and walk away. They've done no more and no less. That's what you get down there, OSIS.
  13. ^Nobody is perfect and Boris, Jo and wee Mr Starmer prove that day by day. Not that they're any good though, IMHO.
  14. It'll be terrible if the council employees don't get the last Wednesday in January as a public holiday this year. Who cares, though. Lerwick's the only place that matters, or claim to, or think or dream.............
  15. ^Some of us hope, and some of us have to demand.
  16. Stay safe, protect the N.H.S and go no closer than 2 miles north of Berwick-upon-Tweed.
  17. I wonder why they gave the Viking away for what appears to be no justifiable reason. Of course, they're certainly doing a splendid job as normal folk do. Normal beyond belief.
  18. Ted Cruz is one of Trumps men. That tells us something.
  19. ^When fossil fuels are burned, they release nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere, which contribute to the formation of smog and acid rain.
  20. And there may well be a bit more encouragement to use a lot less fossel fuel generated electricity, and change to a lot, lot more wind power instead. The UK should ban sales of fossil-fuel heating systems within 13 years in order to meet the 2050 net-zero emissions target enshrined in law last year
  21. For me, there is one positive that stands out for wind power. In the construction and set up of the wind turbine. There are rare earth metals used to create the rechargable batteries that are used to keep power in place. The batteries will occasionally be replaced so not perfect. However, power stations brn fossil fuels, and in doing so the smoke comes out and blows around the world and it goes on and on and..... Which is the most pollutant?
  22. I would also suggest that the vast majority of those that object to wind power know little about the pollution generated by an ordinary power station which burns fossil fuel.
  23. Died in jail, doing a 19 year sentence for murder but, yes, he played some splendid music.
  24. ^Aye, no doubt. It'll still be vastly overpriced though
  25. Woke? It's a verb, past tense of wake
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