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  1. Another three people in Shetland appear to be suffering from Covid-19, and are possibly linked to the North Mainland outbreak. Figures show three new cases of coronavirus Makes the flu look pretty good.
  2. ^Ashraf Ghani is going along with them. After all, somebody has to wash their pants now and again. Then it will justify the yankies going home.
  3. Echo chamber, modal window or both, distorted by choice? Regardless, firms warn of problems as new EU trade rules kick in, but that's the B.B.C. for you, or so it seems? Don't like this myself, but those and such as those.............
  4. If Christ knows, why will he no tell us?
  5. ^^Sorry Muckle Oxters. Just had to remind myself just what those, and such as those, really do to us
  6. ^^Westminster has always struck me as a parallel universe, living where they want to live and doing what they want to do - and calling it, "Democracy."
  7. Thankfully, what Ted Heath did to the U.K. in 1972 has left us. There was no democracy whatsoever when Ted inflicted the E.E.C. or the Common Market upon us. There was no democracy on the changing of title to the European Union, but that's all Westminster for you. Thankfully, again, I'm lucky enough to not live in the U.K. though. I chose to live at home instead. European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 secondary legislation laid with impacts on local government
  8. ^Functionally illiterate balloon, proudly blethering sh*te. No doubt in rather prompt reply, pomposity will shout loud and clear.
  9. May well be trying too hard to be intellectual, but also talks nonsense.
  10. They like it if we tell the whole world that we're British. Although.......
  11. Its freakin baltic out there, and a neighbour is being a right pain, as usual. Is there anything else going down? Yes, your copyright seems to have expired, or is out of date... We're all very lucky. The heart is still beating and he carries on breathing. However, once he's been dead for 70 years it would certainly help to remind him. Right, back to Brexit, burp, belch and break wind on the way?
  12. ^Not sure of which circumstances are referred to?
  13. I've just run out of spuds, and all the shops are closed now, so I can't get any more. What should I do about it now, because I just can't cope?
  14. Cant? Hypocritical and sanctimonious talk, typically.Language specific to a particular group or profession and regarded with disparagement.Having commented on that, a Shetland Black is always great, regardless of whether it's roasted or mashed.
  15. Thankfully, Boris may now not be able to give our fishing waters away to whoever he wants to. Holyrood refuses consent for Boris Johnson's Brexit trade deal That's the E.U. for you, though.
  16. I would like to hope that when the yule comes to an end that everybody enjoys a really Happy New Year Shetland Fiddle: Willie Hunter Jnr & Ronnie Cooper
  17. ^Thahhhhhk you every much for your reply, Muckle Oter. However, it woul be worth considering that the vast majority of answers that I make are either made in statements made, or claims made. As I am very sure that you will be very aware, I disagree with one or two of the.
  18. Boris Johnson plays with his phone as he's warned of firms' Brexit fears At least it was only his phone that he was playing with
  19. ^Oh look, no interpolation in place in the persons comment. Grammar continuing to go downhill?
  20. Yet more proof that grammar is null and void, especially when it is enclosed as an array of objects.
  21. Well, let's be honest. Westminster has given our fishing away - with no justifiable reason. Brexit deal means drop in key fishing stocks
  22. It has appeared that there are more cases of COVID-19 that have occurred recently in England. I.M.H.O, that's their problem. Covid-19 in England: Number of patients in hospital passes peak of first wave
  23. I always prefer to put a full stop between the capital U and the capital K. Having said that they indicate, unfortunately, seem to indicate the United Kingdom however, tending to indicate that it's no more than a big loud blether. I.M.H.O, of course, but it does indicate that it's English grammar. I do realise it seems, that it's spoken by no more than the foreigners. Apostrophes, full stops, commas, capital letters and the lower case ones all help to keep it together however. Blether, blether, blether, yarn, yarn, yarn, I'm getting very, very tred, blah, blah, blah, haver garbage, haver
  24. Aye, the B.J. was the wrong man, is the wrong man and will always be the wrong man - just like the vast majority of the guff you come across in Westminster. However, I do believe that he has enough balls. One for each hand, but they both need pumped up.
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