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    George. got a reaction from FreeUnst in Shetland Space Centre   
    ^Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier has been chairman of Shetland Space Centre’s advisory board since 1 October 2020. According to his register of members’ interests the role takes up approximately 10 hours per month, equating to £250 an hour, and in addition he “may receive share options”.
    Sez it all, dunnit
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    George. reacted to FreeUnst in Shetland Space Centre   
    A news item from today's Shetland News raises some questions on sleaze:
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    George. reacted to Antibesblue in Shetland descendant   
    Thank you so much George, such a wonderfully haunting tune beautifully preformed.
    After following the link you provided me with.
    I did a search on the name of the tune and found this.
    I'm sure you have seen it, but I hadn't its truly heart wrenching.
    I only now drying my eyes on patting down the many hairs on the back of my neck.
    I've sent a link of the clip to my 86 years old mother and my sister.
    I'm sure you have seen it;.
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    George. reacted to BigMouth in Local labour shortage   
    We don't really need an incentive to work.  Before long automation will have pushed a good few of us out of the workforce.  UBI might be an easier way of paying benefits as well as keeping us off the streets.
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    George. reacted to BigMouth in Local labour shortage   
    You'll never get UBI under a Tory government in Westmonster.  They hate anyone getting anything for free unless it is them and theirs.
    The hospitality industry has always been one for exploiting people, and my experience of it here was no different.  I was living in Hoofields and applied for a job at one of the hotels here.  The owner seemed keen, and even suggested that I should move out of Hoofields into one of the staff rooms in the hotel.  He certainly wasn't offering that to benefit me.  He obviously wanted me living over the shop so that I could be on call 24 hours a day.  If I had a share in the business it might have had some attraction, but as a minimum wage flunky I was definitely not interested, and let him know that the job was very much a stop gap until a proper job came along.  Hard work, poor pay, long hours, tied accommodation, little thanks, who would be queueing up to work in such an industry?
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    George. got a reaction from LGR PATONEXCHANGE in Brexit (merged threads)   
    ^But he didn't tell us what he was going to do, did he. Very masked IMHO.
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    George. reacted to Rasmie in Brexit (merged threads)   
    I seem to remember a referendum on joining the Common Market. I think Shetland was one of the few places that voted against! Even my Up tally ho squad had a skit about it. Edwards Economic Cock-up. But referendums aren’t democratic. IMHO 
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    George. reacted to ReeseTheDundonian in 3rd time lucky, what are you listening to now?   
    Ah, I see. Japanese names tend to have this problem quite a lot. 
    I've heard there is some music in Shetland's native Nordic language, Norn. The language is quite interesting but I can't find sufficient enough learning resources to actually fully learn it. There's a Norn song on YouTube about a boat but that's it sadly, hopefully more is out there. Shetland has always been a very interesting place to me, I want to visit Lerwick and Unst someday. 
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    George. reacted to ReeseTheDundonian in Traditional Shetland food recipes   
    It sounds salty and chewy, nice. It reminds me a bit of other Scandinavian dishes, in Norway and Iceland they dry out/smoke fish and other meats too. Apparently you can make soup from it too, looks delicious! I'll give it a try, thanks for the recommendation George. 
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    George. reacted to Colin in Traditional Shetland food recipes   
    Deliberately omitted the capital in 'westminster'.
    My little dig at them.
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    George. reacted to Colin in Brexit (merged threads)   
    So, David Davis was lying then ?  Who would have guessed that a politician would have been a little 'economical' with the truth ?
    I wonder what we ever did for stuff before Wilson/Heath signed us up to the Common Market ?
    Anyone who ever thought that getting out of the whole mess(?) without some pain 'should have taken a little more water with it..'
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    George. reacted to Spinner72 in Shetland Space Centre   
    Yuns da reference number for the official planning application, you can fin it here : https://pa.shetland.gov.uk/online-applications/
    Decided to delete my follow up rant about how many folk these days bang on about "the man" doing everything behind closed doors when they've never been more open or easy to look through 
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    George. reacted to Spinner72 in Shetland Space Centre   
    I find it hard to see how something published for all to see in the planning application, as you have made clear in your post, is in any way hidden from the public.
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    George. reacted to Muckle Oxters in Local labour shortage   
    Da minimum wage, set by da government, is £8.91 an hour. 'Real Living Wage', which a lot o local business go by, is a voluntary minimum o £9.50. Dir's info here https://scottishlivingwage.org/ It doesna tak intae account da higher costs o livin on islands, but it's 6.6% better dan da minimum wage.
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    George. reacted to Colin in Local labour shortage   
    Sorry, but I am pretty well familiar with the local employment market.  Maybe you should try taking a closer look. 
    I know quite a number of people who struggle on minimum wage BECAUSE the cost of living is higher up here.  I also know a few employers who pay the minimum wage BECAUSE that is the minimum that they have to pay.  The result is that the minimum wage employees have to claim some of the various Government top ups/allowances that are available.
    I would be happy if anybody could explain to me just why the taxpayer, in general, should have to subsidise/top up the wages paid by some employers. 
    As for 'slavery', if you cannot make ends meet in a low paid job, then it IS economic slavery.  OK, folk have an opt out in so much as they can choose not to work at all, and depend on the state to keep them alive.  Given some of the 'zero hours', 'minimum wage' jobs around here, who can blame them?  Why bust a gut working some anti-social hours job only to be looked down on by your customers who are, somehow, 'better' than them.
    Nobody really wants to live on 'hand outs' and EVERYBODY is entitled to a fair days pay for a fair days work.
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    George. reacted to Muckle Oxters in Proposed Co-op Stores in Scalloway & Sandwick ?   
    I winder how many folk dat are complaining aboot da Co-ops will stick tae dir ethical guns and no use dem if dey open?
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    George. reacted to Colin in Is feeding the Seagulls illegal ?   
    Looks like you got sh*t on one way or another.. 
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    George. reacted to BigMouth in 3D Printing Needed   
    Wrong forum
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    George. reacted to Wheelsup in SIC by-election Nov 2019   
    How many Gaelic speaking highlanders did you interview for this research?
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    George. reacted to Davie P in SIC by-election Nov 2019   
    I'd be interested to hear more about your research
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    George. reacted to BigMouth in Prince Charles - The Carbon Footprint of a Charcoal Yeti   
    Royalty seem to love to lecture us on green issues, but they are the absolute worst for creating greenhouse gases.  Anyone could have opened the fish markets, so why didn't someone local do it?  Instead some fool from London flies all the way up here for the day.
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    George. reacted to BigMouth in Prince Charles - The Carbon Footprint of a Charcoal Yeti   
    Only a fool would lecture us on our carbon footprint and then spend his time jetting around unnecessarily.  Although I assume that he thinks us the fools as perhaps we either will not notice or forgive him for his hypocrisy.
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    George. reacted to Colin in Flies   
    After trying a number of differet sprays, all ineffective to the point where I might as well hit the flies with the tin.. I found some stuff that might be of use..  It's called RAID and it takes the little buggers out of the air with no problem.
    One quick spray around, and less than 10 minutes later, no files....  Mind you, I have no idea (yet) what it does to the wife and cat.  Hope the cat survives.. 
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    George. reacted to Roachmill in UPS   
    My money's on George and Streamline. The Camer Centre page has them down as UPS agents too https://www.cameracentre.net/deliveries-in-shetland
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    George. reacted to Roachmill in Flies   
    Well it's been blamed on the windfarm, the SIC and Orkney's had its name dragged through the mud.
    After reading something somewhere on the internet, I'm sorry to say it's none of the above; it's Brexit. The EU simply won't let our British flies in without the correct paperwork so they're having a staycation.
    In an attempt to shoehorn in Covid... the flies have also chosen Shetland due to our low case numbers.
    Word also has it Boris Johnson has awarded some multi-million pound clean-up contracts to mates fae his school days and the SIC have agreed to pick up the bill.
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