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  1. That is true, I got into an argument with someone who claimed that Shetland had nothing to do with the oil because it is one of the smallest Western Isles. Then he went onto say how Inverness is the oil capital of Scotland... I would say I'm a Westsider... of Shetland. Yeah I would say Shetland first. Definitely. Scotland is like another country really when you visit it, there is so many cultural differences - not a bad thing at aa. Someone asked me at the Scotland vs. Norway game who I was going to support. I said Scotland, Scotland didn't give us away as some stupid dowry... but then again they did get rid of our Yudal law. Get Stuart Hill on this thread. Joke.
  2. Yeah Zombies can survive underwater. What you want is a really big fence, or two beside eachother and before that (on the oustide) a deep trench that's reinforced with concrete. Then whenever the Trench starts filling up with zombies, you burn them. It's going to be ok.
  3. I heard it was Sarah Palin who was over in Shetland embracing the wildlife.
  4. sheepshagger you wouldn't have happened to been involved with LS would you? just the countries you listed! At Uni here everyone calls the Welsh and an area in Scotland sheep shaggers, not much known about Shetland really. I live with two English lasses and when I showed them the post by 'Queen's English' wife they said they would never do that. If they went to Shetland they said they'd expect to hear Shetand dialect in public places seeing as it is Shetland.
  5. I really should be writing an essay on Geopolitics right now, but I found these instead: http://photos-c.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v75/211/5/94806162/n94806162_31859022_2267.jpg http://photos-d.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v74/46/94/553990301/n553990301_275459_7274.jpg http://photos-a.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sctm/v71/171/8/1911684/n1911684_37109440_9528.jpg
  6. I'm with you on that one Skyumpi, I always wish Shetland was a little bit more mountainous, if that's a word. And some aswome cave. I just wish Shetland was a little bit more like Middle Earth.
  7. Example of circularity that.
  8. There are alot of books I should be reading but I'm on shetlink instead, again..
  9. Go to the set of Neighbours Kevin! I'd love to go there, Dirk went and met Fraser!
  10. It's ok Malcolm you can always go to Somerfield.
  11. That the here in this case is the site. People logging on to a Shetland based forum should expect some Shetland dialect to crop up from time to time. And it's a free country, people can type how they want to. See me starting my sentence with and? kl eh.
  12. Almost everytime I click on a new page this box appears and says... "do you want to allow softwear such as X something and access controls to run?" (well along those lines) How do I stop that?!
  13. It's horrible, it's eyes are like soul sucking black holes, the idea of which is reinforced by it's echoing miaow and purr.
  14. Blackle doesn't get as many results as bebo does. It's easier on the eyes though.
  15. Or you could just fill it with antrhax
  16. I heard apparently that a group a few years back went and exsorcised the standing stone in Skeld, if it's the same one I'm thinking of, you can cleary see it from the road.
  17. I'm too worried about the arrows that strike everytime you buy one. Potentially fatal.
  18. My poojy belly what?
  19. Yeah that's what I'm doing right now. When you read it again you can see how throughout the whole series Rowling knew how she was going to end it. Like by things characters say, which, when first read you never notice but when you are re reading them you see the importance of it.
  20. "Physical presence"?
  21. Oooooh, I know I'm just being a geek, but wow. I really loved the end, it made it all worth all the reading and waiting. The end was much better then I thought it could have been. Harry still is annoying though. Any thoughts?
  22. Marjolein


    It will be a sad day when Flying Saucers cost more than 2p.
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