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  1. IIRC he was fairly unanimously regarded as the best man for the job. Surely any candidate should have to have a footballing background, whether hibee, jambo, fenian or hun. And, when I read that article I come to a slightly different conclusion than yourself, he was apparently mis-quoted originally. Fill me in, wiki only mentions Cadete and a Scottish Cup final.
  2. I agree on both counts. No-one wants to lose one of their best players but how can you refuse that much money (God bless champions league hype ). Apparently Fulham were going to give us £2m for Cousin too! Question is: what are we going to spend it on (apart from Christian Dailly)? A throne at Ibrox for Super Ally maybe
  3. I got called it now and again as a child (again, despite being born in the Gilbert Bain) and it was never in a positive light. So, while the general consensus seems to be that it is OK in context, I'd argue that its OK in any context (sometimes offense should be both given and taken) but if you want to use it without seeming xenophobic, you might want to use it in a good way now and again. .... and always in the proper tongue, none of this Southmoother stuff
  4. Well, I'm no Barry Rumsey Smith, but if this goes ahead I foresee a whole new black market is back-street surgery For serious offenders maybe, but if they are that much of a risk to the public should they be allowed out in the first place?
  5. Yes, he certainly knows how to get people fired up. In this instance for "change", whether voters actually know what he wants to change, I'm not sure. Don't get me wrong I like him a lot, I think he will do America a lot of good, even if the only thing him winning does is get them beyond the race debate. The vast majority of focus in on the democrats, is it just taken for granted that the republicans are on their way out?
  6. junior


    It must've been US midnight they cut it off, I get the same message here. Interestingly the proxy trick could also be used to get to other services which are strictly limited by country e.g. the showing of football games
  7. Just to clarify (and I appreciate I have diverged myself) she was prosecuted for the "information", I assume this doesn't include the poems, only the documents (al-Qaeda Manual, Terrorist’s Handbook, Mujahidin Poisons Handbook, a manual for a Dragunov sniper rifle, a firearms and RPG handbook and a document entitled “How to Win Hand-to-Hand Fighting). You could surely apply your own thought police logic to people downloading child porn
  8. ^^ Indeed. Resirecting some Inglish spelling lessons might be a good idea
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270192422059
  10. Rumour has it she was working for the CIA, and I'm sure I saw a star of David in one picture Sudans top clerics eh? "Them and Us" thinking can apply to, well, them, as well as us.... To be honest I think this "cultural misunderstanding" thing is a bit dubious too. It may be a misunderstanding in that she should never have gone to a place with those laws in the first place, but it also suggests that such a culture is perfectly OK if you understand it, that 40 lashes would be suitable punishment for someone that did know the laws, or that the laws themselves are OK. Lets be clear, this is but a mere drop in the ocean of sharia-oriented barbarity that happens in far too many countries around the world all the time. Once upon a time this country had principals, we shouldn't be taking this b***shucks, especially from officials, it should be made clear to them just how twisted and backward there country is. According to yesterdays Times article she was being refused access to British officials, and, although it wasn't completely clear, it was reported that she had had limited food, if any, after 48 hours in custody. We really should make more of an effort to understand... Verrrry interesting that the Brotherhood are stirring things up Pleepsie
  11. ^^^ Aitken is a good shout, but has he ever actually been (the) manager? We're not exactly spoilt for choice, assuming we get someone half decent, will they be willing to stay with us for 3 years? Levein would be good, maybe Jeffries. If Billy Davies get it I'm moving to Wales!
  12. This is quite interesting too (half an hours worth): http://doughty.gdbtv.com/player.php?h=05d4c71ddc2f70ec3093e94e9777c83f Tryl himself is on it and talks a lot of sense. They get onto the "incite" laws, which I think is at the centre of it. I'd phrase the law "incitement to illegal violence". I'm no lawyer but I think libel laws would cover everything else I'm concerned about.
  13. Slag, clearly she should have been stoned to death Its all part of maintaining the highest of moral standards of course: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20071116/wl_mideast_afp/britaincourtsaudidiplomacy
  14. I know Shakespeare only marginally better than I know Cannibal Corpse, so I couldn't tell you if anti-semitism is promoted in it in the same way as infidel murder is promoted by these lyrics. Surely you are not saying anti-semitism is OK, so I assume there is some difference. The gangster rap comparison was, I think, about the best so far.
  15. That new picture is scary, it looks like some dodgy photoshopping. I remember seeing him on Celebrity Fat Fighters (or something like that) and after walking a couple of hundred yards he looked like he'd run a marathon. As long as he's well, he's a great character to have in the sport.
  16. ^^^ If these things promote sexual violence and anti-semitism then what is the problem? Couldn't the world "struggle on" without them? Wouldn't it be a better place without them? I'd like to encourage everyone, the next time they see Evil Inky in non-cyber space, to hit him over the head with a stick! It'll be really funny, and do him the world of good. Or, I could "encourage" a hitman to "take-you-out-proper-like" with a wod of cash. What is the difference? Direct instruction as opposed to glamorisation? That doesn't cut it for me.
  17. Regarding the "cool" thing. I agree with you DamnSaxon, but when I was a teenager the rebellion thing never got beyond a bit of dope smoking, skyving school, graffiti, that sort of thing. Beheading fantasies are something slightly more worrying I'm sure you'll agree.
  18. Again, I can't claim to understand the music, but, assuming they do encourage shooting people, do you think that they should be allowed?
  19. I can't claim to understand that kind of music, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think lyrics like that are intended in any way to encourage listeners to carry out violent acts, or to make their content appear acceptable or appealing. That's how I would make the distinction between them and these poems. As far as freedom of information and the wording of this particular law goes. It would seem that a person isn't considered guilty if he can "prove that he had a reasonable excuse for his action or possession." Which is slightly better, but why it would be up to me to prove my intention, I don't know. http://www.opsi.gov.uk/Acts/acts2000/ukpga_20000011_en_6#pt6-pb1-l1g58
  20. As Fool suggests, the wording of the law doesn't do us any favours here. I seem to remember looking at bits of the Al-Qaeda training manual a while back, and IIRC it was located on a US government website. However, according to the Time article "Ms Malik had joined an extremist organisation called Jihad Way, which was set up explicitly to disseminate terrorist propaganda and support for al-Qaeda." This was someone up to a lot more than some curious googling. And if the daily mails version of the content of the poems is correct, then I would have to think that she really is/was a serious threat. Wasn't there a "glamorising" or "glorification" (of terrorism) law introduced recently? I think that would have been more appropriate here. It would be interesting to compare these poems with some of the latest you-tube videos from Finland (nudge, nudge). She clearly fantasized about killing non-Muslims in horrific ways. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=492460&in_page_id=1770&ito=newsnow So, to the question about freedom. The freedom to sanction religiously oriented murder is one I would gladly sacrifice for the ability to walk down the street safely. One extra point I find most worrying about all of this. She is correct when she says that being called a terrorist has become "cool".
  21. ^^^ Me ! I posted a link to a certificate of de-baptism around here somewhere. Not sure about adoption myself, I think a good male/female balance is needed. Marraige, as in the legal agreement allowed now, I have no problems with. Musical theatre? Definitely not
  22. This suggests that there aren't many votes to be gained by adopting anti-immigration policies. In other words, most of the population either agrees with the current state of affairs, or couldn't care less. If it was clear to a political party that they'd win a General Election by a landslide by adopting anti-immigration policies, they'd do it in a shot. They are vote-whores I agree, but I do think immigration is a genuine concern for people (the size of the The Sun readership has already been mentioned). Take Iraq as an example of public opinion versus government policy. Clearly people do feel very strongly about it, but it is by no means guaranteed to lose Labour the next general election. Part of the reason policies restricting immigration aren't adopted more often is that the response is to label them "anti-immigration". Acknowledging that unlimited immigration is not a good thing, is no more "anti-immigration" than the status-quo is "anti-border-control". Polarization (damn you polarizationists ) does not do the debate any good. Similarly, appearing to be nationalist or right-wing, not to mention appearing to share policies with the BNP, triggers the same sort of knee-jerk exaggeration from the vocal (not-so-)liberals.
  23. ^^^ If he was as decisive as that I would applaud (if not vote for) him Unfortunately he only spoke in vague terms about immigration from outside the EU. The point is that none of the main parties are even willing the address the European issue, one which is becoming more an more important to people. I fear it is going to take a BNP MP or two before they actually do.
  24. ^^^ And we all know about how much variety we have in the main parties. Even the tories, apparently controversial, cap suggestion, didn't even pretend to address the current European free-for-all. "Lets look at what we can change" was one statement from Cameron, acknowledging that immigration from European countries are now outwith our control, and seeming to not care either.
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