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  1. I just think that it is too early too judge him. Your suspicions of poor man management, if true, are more worrying than the poor results. I hadn't heard about this, its about the worst thing that can happen to a team Wheesht, I think we are just about agreed on MacGregor and Letizi, they are about the same quality. I'm personally happy for the gaffer to decide who plays, even if that means "dropping" the Scottish guy. I don't like seeing a good young Scottish player (Boyd) not getting a game either, but like I say, if PLG wants his team to play a certain way, and that way doesn't involve a poacher, then so be it. If Boyd is good enough he will adapt his game to suit, and I think he has started doing just that.
  2. No-one is denying that Rangers are pish just now but those who are so eagre to slate PLG are just jumping on the media bandwagon. Any new manager needs time, not giving him it means that you have made your mind up without knowing enough information. Wheesht, what has impressed you so much about McGregor? I haven't seen him make a save that I wouldn't expect any Rangers keeper to make. But I have seen him let in a shot which he got his whole hand to (the first one against the tims). Any keeper will tell you that if they get that much on a shot they should be saving it. He didn't seem to have a tremendous season for the pars last year either. I have no problem with the Letizi decision, I just wish the Rangers fans themselves would lay of PLG and let him make those decisions. I have no problem with Boyd being on the bench either. PLG has a way which he wants his team to play, if that way doesn't involve a poacher like Boyd then thats fair enough, the team should still be trying to play his way.
  3. Simple. It is the fact that some substances are illegal that means the users operate in the blackmarket. Operating in this nasty, profit driven, secretive, blackmarket is the lifestyle I am talking about. It promotes a poor quality, irregular supply of substances which, when addictive, or used improperly, can be dangerous. This is bad for us all, users and non-users. Poor quality, improperly used, dangerous substances can lead to poor health (or even death ). In the case of addictive substances it leads to further crime such as robbery.
  4. Whisk anyone? That had me in stiches.
  5. Trust me when I say that I am not the kind of person that takes the human rights/freedom of choice arguement on this one. I gave my arguements for legalisation in my first post and they have been repeated by others since. Safety is the main one. As for a timeframe, I always say that where there is a will there is a way. If the people and the politicians want to make it happen, then they could make it happen in 6 months. I don't think things will change that much in Shetland in that time. For a start any comparison should be between individual substances, not alcohol against everything else. Each substances should be judged on its own pros and cons. The only thing which puts crack in the same catagory as cannabis is the law. To talk about the effects of them both together under the simple banner of "drugs" is IMHO the main reason why the majority of the population are so fecking ignorant on the subject You would also need to define "better" to get an accurate answer, are you asking which gets you the most "high"? Are you asking who would want to lead a normal life? Tell me, is it possible to lead a normal life "on alcohol"? Maybe you would like to rephrase the question. The point I was making is that it is not the substance itself which causes the misery. It is the lifestyle which leads to the addiction and then the misery. The lifestyle is caused by the law. If the substance is regulated properly the misery you talk about doesn't happen.
  6. Since the sixties and before the police have launched war after war on "drugs" (I put this in inverted commas because I actually only mean illegal ones) they have launched campaign after campagin to educate people (about the negative side of "drugs" at least) and yet year on year the problem gets worse. IMHO the only way to solve the problem is to make them all legal. To have one list of legal substances and one list of illegal substances is always going to be hypocritical. How can it possibly be justified that smoking weed-killer is OK, but smoking weed is not () The problem does not lie with the substances themselves e.g. it is perfectly possible to lead a long, happy, healthy life as a herion addict; lots of first world war veterans did just that having become addicted to it as a medicine in the trenches. The problem lies with the lifestyles which people get into once they start using. Its a lifestyle of ups and downs dealing in a black market without a regulated supply from a reliable source. These problems start to become real problems when the substances are highly addictive and the need for a regulated suppply becomes greater. Out of all the bad points surrounding illegal substance use (health effects etc. ) there is not one which is not either created by, or made worse by, the law as it stands and the black market that it creates. For the reasons Fjool says, for as long as there is a demand for illegal substances there will be a supply of illegal substances. If we don't take our head out the sand and try an approach different from the one thats been failing for the last 50 years then I can assure you all that Shetland WILL go exactly same way as Fraserborough and Aberdeen.
  7. We are pretty horrendous just now. You only had to watch the first 20 minutes of Hearts v Hibs at the weeked to see that other teams play with the kind of desire and enthusiasm that Rangers can only dream of. That said I do think that we have better players than we have in previous years and so we will get better. Maybe we are just suited to a more European style of play now and so that is where we are concentrating our efforst As for McGregor v Letizi: they are both pretty good, thats all. Neither has had the kind of performance that would cement them as a number 1 keeper in my eyes.
  8. I might be misunderstanding you, but this sounds pretty much like the government to me.
  9. Yes a huge difference. One's the givver and one's the receiver 8O
  10. # my favourite was Boris Johnson getting out of a cocaine allegation by saying he snorted it then sneezed American media/government, is there a difference?
  11. I fear Styles is right to think that the deaths of thousands of Iraqis will matter less to the man in the UK street that the price of oil. In fact it is likely that only the death of our own troops really makes most of us take any notice of the conflict. That is sad. The death of a friend or relative must hurt as much to an Iraqi as it hurts us. Doesn't it effect your consience? Like ghostrider hinted at about joint culpability, I think as a country we are jointly responsible for the actions of our government. As such we should be feeling extremely guilty right now. And how does killing peoples families create more insurgents? Well I can only speak personally, but if someone killed someone in my family, and the ONLY thing I could possible do in revenge to get some sort of justice, was to get a gun and fire back, then that is exactly what I would do. Iraqis are helpless with one exception: they have access to guns.
  12. 655,000 out of a population of 26,000,000 is about 1 in every 39 people dead. Thats pretty good going, at this rate there will be no-one left to take part in the democracy we are trying to be establish No sign of an end either: no exit strategy, and the trigger happy yanks still shooting the shucks out of anything that moves.
  13. I wonder if it could be a good thing. Like the FT says in Njugles post, the world might see this as a failure of the tough approach to diplomacy that the US have taken. In which case the US might have to start thinking about taking part in some real diplomacy.
  14. Don't be daft I reckon he's got sick of an overly strick regime in Moscow and grabbed the first chance he got to go OTT on booze and cocaine with both hands Wednesday should be more of a game for Boyd anyway: we should get more chances, which means more chance of him being involved.
  15. absolutely brilliant. thoroughly desrved, even when they looked to be getting the better of us we passed it around and kept composed a decent show on Wednesday and I'll be getting my hopes up for qualification 8O
  16. Wherever the money is at any one time, I'll bet that its earning the bank interest when it should be earning you interest. And Evian2, £10 for every penny is criminal, close your account and let them know why. Anyone ever use credit unions? I started looking into them a while ago because from what I can see they are the only alternative to banks. Banks are utterly evil boobalubes plain and simple
  17. If you ask me those sound very much like the words of someone who doesn't work in an office and is trying to reason to themselves why that is a good thing. I.e. I think they themselves are suffering from exactly the same problems they think are present in only office workers. Me, I work for a Swedish based software company in the support department. Apart from the odd visit to customer sites or conferences I am confined to an office. Its a very informal outfit though, people are regularly seen running about the place in sock feet, playing with toy planes or remote control cars and we even used to have a snooker table. We take our arsing around as seriously as we take our work
  18. Nope I'm with Hacksaw, if the seeds are on the inside its a fruit
  19. Thats enough of an apology for me. I'm sure I talk p!sh from time to time
  20. yeah its also good being able to download a few and watch them all at once, the cliffhanger from one episode is never even touched on for at least a week so that way you actually make progress through the story. and if you don't like spoilers you shouldn't be in this thread
  21. I think he's a good, honest bloke and I'd happily buy him a pint. He did make one almighty mistake (Iraq obviously) which costs thousands of lives. It should have cost him his job but I don't think it makes him a warmonger.
  22. Fair point, I wasn't looking for someone famous, just somone that you can actually see while they talk. That way their own enthusiasm helps to get across whatever they are saying, I found it a bit emotionless. Like I say though, I still really liked it.
  23. yeah I was quite happy to sit through the repeat as well as the first showin (it was tonight about 7ish) especially liked bits with the water loving reptile things the only thing that bugs me about it is the faceless narration, I'd prefer to see someone actually getting in amongst the wildlife
  24. I don't know what we are supposed to have done but I remember being in the 1995 games in Gibralter where the Isle of White table-tennis team had a guy called Carl Prean playing for them. A few years before that Carl was Englands number 1, and I think he was still pro at the time. We ended up coming 9th out of 11 which was a good result overall and were proud of our achievement. Guess who won the mens singles? And he deserved to coz he was the best. This donkey shagger seems to be accusing us of cheating because we were better than them. I would suggest to him that Guernsey should be proud of coming 2nd rather than seeing themselves as losers by not winning the final. You are not losers. Well not at football anyway
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