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  1. Am I the only one that finds bitterness so very amusing What a donkey jobby :grrr:
  2. You've got a very good point Tomblands, from a marketing point of view this kind of character would be excellent for Sony. Although I don't think Tomb Raider really drove PS1 sales that much, it was a success before that. And Sonic never did Sega much good. And can the fact that so many games that were once specific to the PS* but then also became successful on other platforms really be held against Sony. The Sony developers will inovate again and come up with new classics, Micro$ on the other hand I'm not sure will.
  3. Thats what I thought for series 1 but I wasn't that daft this time. The tension and mystery is what makes to show, it won't end until the show does. I too have heard that they always planned 5/6 series and that the answers to the big mysteries (polar bears, monsters, black smoke, numbers etc) were known by the writers from the start. What do you want to know Jimsie? I saw that ending coming a mile off, why else would they introduce 2 brand new characters right at the end of the series? Next Wed for series 3 eh? superb! I ain't watchin hour by hour this time.
  4. yeah you sound like you've got a decent head on you, you'll get something soon good luck
  5. I'll be waiting for the PS3 myself although might have to have a look into the Wii in the meantime (there is always room for some childishness) . Sony have alway seemed to me to really want to produce good games. Micro$ on the other hand are just into making money. Maybe thats me just being anti-micro$. PS3 cost is mighty high but wasn't the PS1 £300 quid when released. Turn that into todays money and the PS3 look like a bargain. Sony are going to lose money on the first units sold too, which is an indication of how cutting-edge the technology in it is, the components cost a fortune. Ok so thats down to the Blu-ray stuff but the DVD player didn't make the PS2 a success and the music playing abilities of the PS1 never made it a success, that was down to the writing of good games on both counts. Its all in the software, not the hardware.
  6. I think David Murray was right with his "90 minute bigot" statement, for most Rangers and Celtic fans religion is irrelevant outside football. And actually the salute in the above picture was originally a facist salute created by the supporters of Mussolini and then later adopted by Hitler and Co (ask Paulo DiCanio). So thats fine then
  7. Thats what commonly known as a Blue Screen Of Death (really). It happens from time-to-time on my machine and usually fixes itself but can fatal. I think nv4_disp is an Nvidia graphics driver (or related), were you installing a new graphics card? I think memory dumps are to be expected with BSODs, its just the computers way of recording what it was doing at the time, nothing to worry about (I say confidently knowing your PC if fine)
  8. I've heard a million times about new intuitive interfaces that will revolutionize computing so I was very sceptical. But that was very cool: it just looked so easy and so much fun. Which version of Vista was it in again
  9. 8 grand for an Uzi thems tourist prices
  10. I stand corrected. Maybe that and eating them is part of the same urban myth.
  11. It depends on what you are doing and how technical you are. If you ain't any good with 'puters then trying Unix could put you off them for life. Not really sure about Linux coz I only use Redhat occasionally but I don't think it does the "GUI thing" well enough compared to Windows. Me personally, I'm never happier than with my head buried in one man page or another (unix), but at home I only use my PC for games and the internet, so Windows is the only option.
  12. Yeah I've seen a few of them lately and I can't believe I've not gotten into it sooner. Cheggers was brilliant. I think his blonde side-kick is pretty immense too.
  13. Yeah apparently on cold nights they like the warm air that comes out your mouth and nose so thats where they sit.
  14. Thanks MiM. And Penfold/Pooks, very amusing glad my experience wasn't typical.
  15. I never mentioned anything about pubs. I never said anything about excess either, thats why I mention behavioural laws, so that if you had had excess, you could be suitably punished. Given that behaviour is related to mental growth, and behaviour under the influence of alcohol is related to physical growth, doesn't my suggestion actually fit with what you think? No strick age barrier, no strict weekly/daily limit. Just a bit of common sense when it comes to behaviour. And on a note about society, like I say, is it not true that drinking whilst slightly below the age limit is generally considered OK?
  16. I'd be more concerned that with a body that size it is carrying thousands of peerie baby spider
  17. Is it legal to serve alcohol to someone that obviously shouldn't have anymore? I too have been in the Marlex and been served whiskey when I was too pissed to say the words asking for it. And thats not to mention how old I was at the time.... On the underage thing. Would it be such a bad idea to remove the age limits and concentrate more on banning the resulting drunken behaviour? At 15 (or whatever) the fact that it is illegal is just one more reason to do it. Call it rebelling, attention seeking, or whatever. If not I wonder what age people think it should be made legal, the general concensus seems to be that 15/16/17 is fine.
  18. This wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. The majority of the sheriffs comments that make the Times are nothing more than petty insults towards folk. He's never seemed like the brightest chap.
  19. Before getting thoroughly stuck in, I take it no-one was hurt?
  20. correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't advanced driver training involve learning to never overtake near a junction?
  21. Well put again, but I'm not sure its specifically a Shetland problem that we have developed ourselves. You must have seen the footage on the news where just about every English city is full of drunken fighting yobs every weekend. It seems to be quite a British thing. Like most I started drinking around 13-15 and it was always with the sole intention of getting pissed. If we can't get adults out of that mindset then we stand absolutely no chance with the kids, they're always going to copy.
  22. Not sure about hypocritical Ghostrider. I think there are times you should say what you think, and times you shouldn't. Thats not hypocracy, more just respect I'd say. Having said all that I haven't found myself in any way against the (less than respectful) jokes, so maybe I am being hypocritical
  23. Its not a case of going on about him being great, its a case of accentuating the positive and elimanating the negative ( ) And do you know that he "poked" what the string ray Stop being a squelchy booble pop
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