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  1. The "_001" points pretty conclusively at shenanigans I'd say: the automated kind.
  2. I wasn't going to reply but why not. He was an expert with crocodiles, not sting rays. How many times do you think he has been harmed by a crocodile? I don't know the answer myself, but I would guess it to be pretty close to zero. I would take this into account (not just the size of the crocodiles teeth) when judging the baby incident, I don't think it was as dangerous as is being made out. Stupid, yes, but I don't think the baby was at huge risk. Anyway give the guy a break, he's dead!
  3. You don't have to be religious or believe in heaven to believe in repentance and the fact that anyone has the potential to be good. This alone is reason to not allow suicide of any kind. What bugs me is that he is given anti-depressants. They obiously don't work and paying for them is transferring tax payers money into the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies share holders
  4. He always entertained and was full of enthusiasm for what he did. RIP
  5. that bloke from the jurassic 5 has got a brilliant voice, sounds a bit like my belly when it rumbles
  6. I am quite a geeky boy, the grep bit made me laugh but I'm sure lots of res twent over my head. Good (I suppose) to see the flavour depate still going (see the other linux thread)
  7. If you mean that you look daft for believing in god then yes I agree It might not be an easy stance to take but its the easiest answer going.
  8. That's amusing, never a truer word said There are lots of hard questions out there. God is an easy answer to every last one.
  9. In the beginning...... ....there was f***ing big bang
  10. Dodgy anti-terror laws are an entirely different matter. My point was that if airport security aren't more suspicious of Muslims than non-Muslims, then they aren't doing their job properly. Thats not paranoia, its a logical conclusion to events over the last 5 years. As you've realised this is taking things a bit off topic. These are vastly different types of terrorism, regardless of whether either is right or wrong. The type I was referring to was the type that affects my air travel. For what its worth, I think you have the right way of looking at the bigger picture.
  11. Maybe the age at which young people can voice their political opinion should be raised
  12. Racial profiling happens, its not a case of being racist. When was the last terrorist threat which didn't come from young male muslim? IMO that means that airport security (not the passengers!) should be more wary of them. Again, IMO, this is not racism, its just the reality of the situation. It sounds like in this case the airport security should have been alerted themselves and been in a position to put the fears of the passengers at rest long before they became suspicious (i.e. get that wooly jumper searched and anything dangerous found).
  13. When I said "our power demands" I was meaning the human race globally, not just Shetland. And that would include everything from heating our homes to powering our cars and our industries. I can't remember where I heard it and I have no figures to back it up, but I've heard more than once that only solar has the potential to meet these demands. I agree completely that Shetland should focus its efforts in wet and windy ways and I will happily take your word that advancements are being made in solar generation which I simply haven't heard about. Certainly the immediate way forward for renewables is a mix of as many types as possible in order to help them all develop. You raise an important and interesting issue about storage. I think efficiency in storage is just as important as efficiency in generation. Is this something which is being developed in Shetland? I'd be interested to hear more.
  14. My gripe is with the ever more popular outdoor patio heaters. Could global warming be more direct? It would be more efficient to light a fag with burning oil field! Back to the general debate: I heard that the only source of renewable energy which has the potential to satisfy our power demands is solar. Yet its the type which I see being developed the least. Seems odd, why are wind, tidal, wave, bio etc. all coming to (or at) the stage where they can be used for real yet no-one has any plans for a solar panel "farm" to feed the national grid?
  15. Parts of Northern Ireland are run by vigilantes. It recently (last few years) led to a guy getting crucified. Not good If victims/witnesses aren't coming forward then there is either something wrong with the law or the way the police are enforcing it. In general I think the police do a hard job well, I reckon the law/legal system is to blame. Here's hoping it works in this case and the w@nkers get locked up. Bail suggests it isn't working so far
  16. @ justMe Jail would keep them off the street too. And I was under the impression that assaults had already been commited Sorry, getting a bit off topic.
  17. [quote Sounds like it is time for an ASBO to keep these guys out of the town centre, out of bars and tucked up at home in the evenings and not allowed to buy alcohol anywhere in Shetland. An ASBO for a series of assualts? I used to get grounded like this for flinging stones, these guys should be in jail. If people know who they are they should definitely be in jail
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