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  1. Perhaps you would have to be stupid to stand
  2. This is the important bit for me and proves that the war has nothing to do with it. It has been one of their fundamental beliefs for some time that God wants them on that land. I think that Christians have the same view (that Israel belongs to the Jews) and that is why their is a such support for them from the hardcore evangelicals in the US. I assume this belief comes from the old testament, its got something to do with the end of time not happening unless Israel belongs to the Jews. Or something like that, I'm not sure, someone will know more about it than me.
  3. The Afghan opium trade is probably older than Afghanistan itself. Were it not for the fears in the West of "junkies" and "drug-lords" that trade would have been very lucrative, and, who knows, perhaps Afghanistan wouldn't be the same place it is today. Not that I was taking you literally DamnSaxon, I just thought it a point worth making
  4. Good to see those intent on f*cking around and taking the piss have the good will to give the final amount to charity.
  5. I liked the true use of accents too. All too often Shetland folk put on their telephone voices when they get wee snippets on TV.
  6. Precisely the point I made a few posts ago. To continually accuse white Britain of being racist (as a substantial part of Asian Britain seems to) is itself racist.
  7. Is turning this situation into a racist one actually more racist than the incident itself?
  8. On a similar note of natural events contributing, the thawing of the permafrost in Siberia could eventually release up to 70 billion tonnes of methane into the atmosphere. Read more here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/climatechange/story/0,12374,1546824,00.html
  9. I was talking about after successful updates, but that's a handy one all the same.
  10. I've had automatic updates force machines to reboot, which winds me up something rotten. I try not to use it, especially on important machines.
  11. Its definitely not as bad as it is made out to be but I'm not sure that political correctness is the cause, I think there are just a few too many over-sensitive/paranoid Asians out there. The thing about Big Brother (not that I watch it of course) is that people seem to need to adopt a kind of gang mentality to survive. People need friends in there, and its easy to see why the young British females would want their own "gang". And its easy for them to pick on Shilpa because she is an "outsider". Whether or not it is racist we would only ever know by getting inside their heads. As for C4 condoning racism, well even if that is what it is, there is all manner of generally unacceptable behaviour on BB, that doesn't mean C4 condones it.
  12. I was recently forced to upgrade to XP when my 2000 disk decided to stop working at the same time as my hard disk. So I can't see myself getting up-to-date anytime soon. If my abacus ran games I would probably still be back in the stone age.
  13. So was mine, I have no idea.
  14. I've been thinking and I can't come up with any link between WATP and either superiority or sectarianism. Care to enlighten me?
  15. Yellow fizzy fish, nothing makes your face screw up quite so much.
  16. I think another problem without outsourcing is that the person answering the phone doesn't actually work for the company whos customer is doing the phoning. The result of that is firstly that the quality of their work is subject to less scrutiny, and secondly, that they have absolutely no loyalty to the company or their customers. We have work done for us in India, and the quality of work that comes from our own employees there is vastly better than that which is outsourced to a company there. On a more positive note, the influx of Polish people into Edinburgh has seen the quality of customer service in a lot of places go through the roof. Where previously a miserable young school leaver would think themselves the unluckiest person alive to be working in a shop for £5/hour, and have the mood to match, the Poles are more than grateful for the opportunity and provide endless politeness and helpfulness.
  17. That was always one of my favourites
  18. Spot on Stan, its a sad state of affairs. But I take it as a compliment, nobody hates Aberdeen coz nobody cares...
  19. Do you really think that he would have achieved what he has with the national squad if it was a low priority to him? And I ask again, can you really say that if your wages were going to go up by that kind of amount, that you wouldn't do the same thing? Add to that Walter being near retirement age and its an easy decision.
  20. Didn't the Romanov revolution try to spin that line in the weeks after Burley left Hearts? ... He does constantly have a sort of tipsy sounding slur in his voice, so it really wouldn't surprise me if it was true. "Abandoning" is a bit of a strong word. Just ask yourself what you would do if someone was willing to treble (or more) your wages, they say everyone has a price. Walters career looked like it was over after getting sacked from Everton, I'd say he was due another decent contract before pension age. And anyway, you seem to be holding against him the success that he himself has created, that's not fair.
  21. Sorry Wheest, are you saying Burley does or doesn't have a drink problem? The old Scottish [drinking] culture thing was much raved about back in the good old days of Rangers dominance. "A team that drinks together wins together" or something similar was the phrase always used. I don't care whether we go the Scottish way or the Swahili way, it should be the new managers decision, whats important is that the whole club goes the same way.
  22. I originally said that he was my preference for the Rangers job, then someone told me he had an alcohol problem. Anyone heard that? My choice, despite being a blue-nose, would be for Smith and Coisty to stay, they are doing a good job so why change it. Back in the real world (where money talks) I would be happy with most of the suggestions here, but Burley would have to stay away from the drink, and Joe Jordan would have to stay away from that dodgy Italian accent he once had.
  23. I thought this was a family forum? Posting that image in a football thread could lead some young innocent mind to conclude that Aberdeen and football are in some way linked. Such a misconception can only lead to a life of misery and disappointment ....back on topic, it looks like David Taylor has grown some balls and some brains. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/r/rangers/6233237.stm
  24. Aaaargh !!! My eyes !! My eyes !!
  25. There is certainly scope for a bit more realism. What does Chick expect Smith to say in that interview? "Yes, my players were crap. And, thats my fault, I spent millions on them and now I'm going to have to spend tens of millions more to progress in Europe." Its that or the sterile drivel I was talking about before, something like: "You can't blame individual players, its a team game. We win as a team and we lose as a team. The team will need to perform better next time." I've always said that deep-down inside everyone is a Rangers fan, they just might not know it. Its good to see your moment of reckoning is here. Let us unite brother, and, under our new leader, we shall fight the for the cause together
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