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  1. In that interview Smith sticks up for his players, thats what almost any manager would do, the "colourful" way he does it could be seen as rude, I prefer it myself. The reasons for Chick asking the question is pure speculation, my opinion is that he does it to make Smith (who has puts his nuts on the line by signing the players) look like a twat. If thats not rude I don't know what is.
  2. Yes, Japan has a lot of attractions, they are just so damn different culturally it would be a great learning experience. Despite wanting badly to visit a rainforest, I reckon I would have to go for the volcanic mountains of New Zealand. It was close between there or Hawaii, NZ wins just for the variety of scenery.
  3. I wish managers would speak their minds more often, instead of the normal sterile drivel they come with after every match.
  4. Nothing is finalised yet about them being in charge. BUT, with certain ibrox insiders (Gordon Smith I think) saying its a done deal, and the bookies having stopped taking bets, it really does look like a done deal. I reckon when it gets made official there will also be news of them leaving the Scotland setup
  5. edit: post removed, I was being nosey and rude.
  6. I agree that that is probably what the fans want, a proper weegie to tell us that everything will be Barry Brilliant () But I think the most important thing is getting the right manager, not the right nationality. I'm probably in the minority there though. Smith and/or Coisty would be good but I'd rather keep them with the national side.
  7. Don't like the look of the list much. I might be happy with Terry Butcher, maybe even Venables, top choice would have to be Burley though. Billy f**king Davies! Keep talking like that and I'll be in tears before too long.
  8. I guess we will probably never know for sure. He did say that he told Murray what he was doing about the captaincy before he did it. Apparently JimmyC is a blue nose.... Time to get that shining armour on big Dave. Its apparently Durrant who is stepping in in the mean-time. When's the next Dons game 8O
  9. Well fook me, I couldn't have been more wrong. I can't believe that Murray would let him leave, but I think he has. It has surely been PLGs decision Its a very, very sad day for Rangers Fergie will need to be player-manager-director because he's presumably doing the hiring and firing now too
  10. So you think he'll sack the man that he spent so much time and effort getting, the man most of Europe wanted as there boss (and he's bound to be on a decent wage too don't forget). Fergie will be back in the team as soon as his toys are back in his pram.
  11. Non, non, non monsieur (?) I think he'll stay, if he does, and if he recognises who is in charge, THEN once again the SPL will be topped by true champions ( )
  12. Why was Ferguson not playing? Because Le Guen stripped him of his captaincy, apparently he then took a hissy fit and stormed off. This is the real turning point if you ask me, soon the Gers will be mighty again For years now Barry has been behaving like a spoilt brat (look at the Blackburn fiasco) and its about time he realised who the boss is, and that he has to do what the boss says (otherwise there is no point in PLG being there). Assuming that Murray can calm him down I think all will be back to normal next weekend. Trumptonriots, I can't say that Nacho has ever struck me as either talented (although I suppose being able to sclaff 20+ goals a season takes some skill) or a diver, but I'll reserve judgment until I've seen the highlights. He is a Spaniard though, they do everything extravigantly (olé ).
  13. That'll be the same "flu" that Pressley got shortly before getting the heave-ho. What's he warming? His signing fingers?
  14. "supporting pals, Isa, Winston, Navid, all brilliant." They sometime make the show for me. Some of the abuse Winston gives Isa is hilarious. Or the look on Isa's face when she knows some juicy gossip, superb. Although, its been so long since I've seen Rab C that I would need to reserve judgement on which I prefer until I've had a recap.
  15. Legend without a doubt. Although my favourite MP has now got to be Lembit Opik 8O
  16. "Hartley, where's the door? Hartley, Hartley, where's the door?" snigger Sorry. It seems that the fans have finally, officially turned on Romanov. Check out the letter to him on there website (www.homst.com). So the questions I now ask are: how long will he last? and, what sort of state will he leave the club in?
  17. I'm interested in this frontal lobe thing too. I ponder whether or not we just haven't found any alternative stimulus. Does the meditation need to be religious? I suppose we could have a bit of the brain which has evolved to be in some way religious, or similar at least. Blind faith (no offence intended to any god-botherer) could aid survival. While other parts of the brain try to decipher the world, this could be the cut-off switch that says we don't always have to.
  18. Diplomacy is about 2 parties getting along together. It can come in the form of a legal contract, engagement protocol (e.g. wearing a shirt and tie) or simply in the form of not pissing someone off when you talk to them. If someone gets annoyed when prodded, and you don't want to annoy them, you better stop prodding. That's what I think has happened here. You say "I think that the issue is a large one and shouldn't be swayed by smaller and more transatory issues like employment economy or national interest. ". While I'm not sure I fully understand you, I'll respond anyway ( ). You are comparing a case of bribery against employment, and against our national interest in the middle-east. Firstly, when it comes to diplomacy in the middle-east, we are effectively talking about world peace - thats a bit of a biggy When compared with employment it might not be so clear, but what I would say is that this is a very old case. Would you rather risk hundreds (?) of jobs just so that one or two of BAEs less moral ex-employees go to jail?. I don't think anyone would have wanted to pay a bribe, and I think if "we" hadn't someone else would've. In fact I think I am starting to err on the side of this being a good decision. Suprising, I'm usually the first to take the moral high ground. PS: That is a belter of a quote from the "CONVENTION ON COMBATING BRIBERY....". It pretty accurately describes what has happened, you could have bolded more.
  19. Not sure what conclusions I am meant to draw from a video of a bloke kicking a pig. And that wasn't the only bit that was blatant propaganda e.g. seeing a baby pig shaking uncontrollably would be harrowing whether it was in the wild or on a farm, it has nothing to do with whether or not I should eat meat. Things like the cow being skinned was pretty brutal, but then I would expect it be. I suppose all meat-eaters should be able to watch it though. RE: whether or not it is natural for humans to eat meat. I have head fairly convincing arguements for both sides of the debate. Apparently our sharp teeth suggest we should eat meat, but our short intestine suggest we shouldn't. Maybe we're evolving into meat eaters.
  20. I think your concerns have already been proven. I forget the exact details but their was something on telly about it not long ago. They measured the amount of calories in 2 chicken portions: 1 free range and the other the more common "battery" specimen. The difference in the amount of calories in the portion that came from fat were huge (very roughly guessing I think it was about 10% for the free range and 70% for the battery). Two potential conclusions can be drawn from this: that battery chickens have more fat, and secondly that what isn't fat in a battery chicken contains less calories.
  21. I would have to answer no and yes to the last 2. The first 2 really just look at the bigger picture, and like I say I'm not decided on that. Nothing new about the selective media coverage, anyone aware that their has been an islamic military coup in Thailand? 2 things come to mind. Firstly, general diplomacy in the region. If we start digging up dirt on Saudi officials, when it comes to asking for a spare runway to park our bombers on the next time we decide to attack one of their neighbours, they might not be as willing. Secondly, if we give them the guns then at least we know what guns they have. Iraq is a different matter.
  22. Like DeMascus hints in the title it is hardly a surprise. Its now just slightly more of an open secret than it was before. I'm undecided on this one. Whats more important? international diplomacy, or internal corruption?
  23. Fook me so the have, good effort. A relevant quote from the BBC given the previous discussions: "As legal proceedings are now active, Suffolk Police will not be issuing further comments or appeals at this stage."
  24. What do I dodge my taxes for? Normally hate this kind of things but I found this one funny for some reason.
  25. I'd pay the money but I think you know that. Under a pound to get a letter delivered anywhere in the country is a bargain, never mind the current 30p (ish, I can't remember the exact price)
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