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  1. They should have trebled the price of stamps a long time ago. If you don't like it, take your 90p and deliver the letter yourself.
  2. Same for me, cuts out after about a minute. Shame I'd like to listen to it.
  3. Agreed, I am just passing on what was reported in the news last night.
  4. According to the police bloke on the news last night the attacks are not sexually motivated. This guy just likes violence apparently. They say he was attacking prostitutes because of their vulnerability.
  5. Haven't got one myself but my (new) best mate does. I can't say that the controller has been quite the revelation promised although I haven't played any of the sports, only Zelda which doesn't make as much use of the motion sensors as the sports. I does seem plenty accurate which was my main concern. Zelda is damn good, now where's my fishing rod....
  6. Amicable agreement my ass.
  7. You did, I questioned it at first too. I loved the high shots of all the dolphins racing to get to their prey. I don't know why but it really had me egging them on to get there.
  8. I reckon we should keep them. Its all very well arguing that its a lot of money that could be spent on better things, but there are more important things than health and education. Their can be no national health service without a nation. The current threats that we face from relatively small scale terrorist attacks aren't something which can be defended using nukes, but with the number of psycho heads of state around it's surely just a matter of time before one of them has the capability to do Britain some serious harm.
  9. These tree huggers have gone too far IMO. I love animals, but, if children were going hungry, the animals would be sliced, diced and stewed before you could say "We don't have a full manifesto yet"
  10. I couldn't agree more. Although its much harder to say "**** Off" to your employer than it is for Tavish to say "Yes Please!"
  11. According to "The Real Hustle" the other night no-one in your bank should actually know your PIN, so as soon as anyone asks for it you should be immediately suspicious.
  12. How are they doing this Junior?? I know people who have had to go South with work, but their employer (who is ultimately the government) have been unwilling to pay the full expenses.
  13. How could I forget Tracy Chapmans Fast Car An epic pick-me-up song.
  14. According to the beeb the average house price in edinburgh is about £200k, although I thought it was more like £150k personally. You will still get a flat in Gorgie (by no mean an uninhabitable area, unless you are a hibee) for under £100k. If you don't believe me look on espc. So I stick by my original figure of £600 a month on a mortgage. If that is what it costs to live reasonably comfortably in Edinburgh then that is what the allowance should be. OK so you could probably add another £100 a month for hidden costs of some sort, but even then you are only talking about £8400 a year, £2200 less than the allowance. As Big Mouth says its not exactly best value. And all this at a time when other Shetland based civil servants (e.g. teachers) are forced to fund (partially at least) compulsory work trips to the mainland
  15. Little Fluffy Clouds is one of my favourites, but for an album to make me feel like dancing round the room I think it would have to be "White Room' by the KLF One from the same era that I thought of after posting was Utah Saint - Something Good. It just makes me want to get my white gloves on and put my hands in the air
  16. Not an album either but I usually listen to Renaissance by Stanley Clarke as soon as I get to work in the morning, it rarely fails to cheer me up. Perpetual Dawn by The Orb is another corker. In fact most of the U.F. Off album (its a "best of" I think) is pretty good.
  17. Isle of Skye is meant to be good for avoiding the neds that gather at T in the park.
  18. Could they have got knowledge of it from elsewhere, or is it their own software?
  19. Kilts may have changed over the years due to fashion, business or whatever. But are we really saying that they are not a Scottish tradition? Up-helly-aa didn't always consist of people dressed as Tellytubbies but that doesn't mean it's not a tradition. Whoever was wearing them, highlanders, lowlanders, rich or poor, if they have been worn widely since the 18th or 19th century then I would consider them traditional.
  20. Saw an advert for the game and was very impressed. The 360 (and this game) do seem to have made a step up in the graphics quality. Haven't even played a 360 yet though
  21. I was born and brought up in Shetland and I've always considered myself a Shetlander, a Scot and a Brit (and a European etc.) with neither taking any precendence over the other. I am proud of each. Regardless of the origin of the kilt, it is IMO still a very Scottish thing. Being a Scot, why shouldn't I were a kilt to a wedding? And, as for family tartans, as has been said, traditions change so why shouldn't tartan be included in that? Good split trout, I wanted to ask Rasmie more about this: Going back 20-odd years to my early days in school I can't remember any of my fellow pupils claiming to not be Scottish. Maybe thats because we were taught that we were Scottish. I don't understand why people don't feel Scottish, or why they think there is propanganda to make them.
  22. junior


    Not sure about this. To be following someone to the point that they became irritated and/or distressed might well count as "behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace. AFAIK it is the breach which is the crime, not the irritation which caused it. So the person holding the camera wouldn't be doing anything wrong. I guess what I was trying to point out, was that if you are going to take the human rights argument about privacy (which I don't, I'm more inclined to agree with Trout on this one), then in a world where everyone has phone cameras, and they are allowed to use them to film anyone, adding CCTV cameras doesn't really change much. You don't actually have the privacy you are trying to protect.
  23. killing might be taking it too far but physical violence is definitely called for
  24. junior


    Yes. The police and government have special powers and enormous resources at their disposal that are unavailable to an individual member of the public. Fair point. Which was why I then mentioned that the public can pass the recordings on to whoever they want, including people with enormous resources (e.g. the press, to follow on from my paparazzi example). But I suppose the police can do more, so it is different.
  25. junior


    Which is an interesting point perriebryan. You would have every legal right (to the best of my knowledge) to follow Wheesht around with a video camera filming his every move, as long as he was in public, exactly like the paparazzi do with celebrities. You would then have the right to pass that recording on to anyone you wanted. My point is: if we can't legally ask members of the public not to film us, do we have the right to ask the police/government/whoever to not film us? I would also feel uncomfortable having a CCTV camera watching me, but I don't think we have the right to walk around unfilmed: legally, or ethically.
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