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  1. Well I didn't think it was a Hearts implosion when this thread started but I do now. Dropping the best players in the team is nothing more than Lithuanian muscle flexing: showing the players who is boss. Well, carry on like that and the fans will have something to say about who is boss. They won't keep turning up forever... I lost count of the number of times this season I've muttered to myself "He's lost the plot" wrt Mr Romanov. I would imagine there will be several more before the season is over. Like my Jambo pals say, you've just got to sit back and enjoy the ride. Didn't hear that interview Moorit, sounds like a corker, time to get googling
  2. It'll take more than 2-0 against Dunfermline to do that. We've been hot and cold all season, this was just another hot (OK warm) spell. I reckon the fans public backing of both PLG and David Murray is a more substantial step in the right direction.
  3. I'll happily be proven wrong. And might even confidently apologise.
  4. If its in the Scotsman and the Herald I generally believe it. Maybe I'm wrong to. Has it been denied I don't. Whats relevant is that tax payers contribution to it As far as I can see no-one has. He made the decision to claim X pounds of tax payers money a month for reasons I can't justify. That is a decision made in his professional life, nothing personal. As Tavish says "making a case for a review [of the allowance scheme] is fair". Its not the worst either. Not at all. I don't envy him, but, as has been said, he knew what he was getting into when he stood for the position. F**k you to fanny baws
  5. Or for that £500 he could rent a cheap flat for the whole month. Or for £600 he could pay the mortgage on a cheap flat.
  6. It's all part of the plan to concentrate on Europe PLG = Please Leave Govan
  7. Sadly that's probably true... ....assuming that Hibs can keep their youngsters, and that Hearts aren't owned by a Lithuanian administration company
  8. Given that Macs are over-priced, and have a trendy-wendy image, maybe Edinburgers would want it. I'm a tad less than gutted though, I like to travel as far as possible to get ripped off for shucks hardware
  9. IMO any MP that abuses public funds is taking the piss out of the voters. Whether or not that is what Tavish is doing here I'm not sure, but it certainly looks like it.
  10. It was the bit with the bear emerging from its hide that I liked. Having spent however long inside, it looked so happy to get out, have a strech, and a roll down the snow
  11. Not bad, prefer this king of thing though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VA5jwf2P90
  12. No dance option I'll listen to anything as long as its got a bit of energy. But its usually electronic, I like the stuff that tends to be called "trance". Like the Goa stuff that was popular a few years ago, or the orb, that sort of thing.
  13. Don't go! I personally like both a bit of serious debate, and a bit of jovial banter. Oddly, I often find myself having a lot of respect for someone after an "arguement" with them. I can also take things personally sometimes, which I don't think you should ever do, people are only ever voicing opinions. Although I have to say that I think a PM of the nature you describe is a bit out of order. I'm also not very good at puting what I am thinking down in words, so probably accidentally offend people from time-to-time through poor communication. I can also take offense reading things, then read them again and realise that I have misinterpretted or over-reacted. And like Twerto says "You have to look at the bigger picture.. ", it is much easier to remember and focus on the negative stuff.
  14. junior

    I recommend

    If you want a truelly "anit-drugs" message, I would highly recommend "Hurt" by the Nine Inch Nails. It really is gruesomely, and immensely powerful. It makes that last one feel like the neighbours theme. I would recommend a live version, or the Jonny Cash version, I find the original a bit hard to listen to.
  15. junior

    I recommend

    Good recommendation. That Chimpanstuey reminds a bit of the Mahavishnu Orchestra with the funky guitar and fast drum rolls, and Cairo Dead and whatever is worth a listen too.
  16. I find the whole thing quite scary. Its the fact that you don't actually have to have done anything wrong, but the police have the right to take your DNA. And then they can pass it on the other countries 8O http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/06/08/ndnad_sharing/ I would only agree to my own sample being kept if I could be guarenteed that it would only ever be used for law enforcement in our country, and that it could never be used for identity fraud. Neither of those thing could ever be guarenteed.
  17. Happy slapper gets slapped back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kihkSNtd2KU Could be considered bad taste
  18. You're missing my point Junior. It's entirely Murray's fault. He was told this by Gattuso in August, according to your story. Why did he choose to conceal it until October? A world cup winner wants to join your club and you decide to keep it to yourself? I don't think so. Because he knew he would need a good news story sooner or later so, once again, he's manipulated the majority of the Scottish media. He knows that he can reduce the bad news stories by feeding the red-tops with rubbish like this. He's actually looking to offload Rangers in the not too distant future. Everything he does and says is geared towards maximising his profit from the sale of Rangers. Rangers fans are being fed a diet of misinformation, aided and abetted by the odious Scottish tabloids. I'm missing something anyway. I agree that Murray kept it secret, but that is the norm with pre-transfer discussions of any kind. IMO that is the correct way to work. I don't see why you have a problem with it. What I want to know is how do you know that he was the one that leaked it at this time?. As far as profits go, if Murray wanted to make money he would have stayed well clear of football. Murrays personal net loss over his years at Rangers must be massive, he has spent that money because he loves the club. If I was selling something I would want to get the best price for it, I have no problem with Murray doing that with Rangers, it doesn't mean that his best interests are not still with the club. And one more thing: Woohoo 3-2
  19. I found the Rino quotes here: http://bluesq.teamtalk.com/football/story/0,16368,1861_1596355,00.html I'll admit that the Scotsman is a better source but it sounds a bit like he was just trying to calm the Milan fans. Telling people what they want to hear is sprootle from one perpective and diplomacy from another. He could easily have said both. I don't really see how its all Murrays fault that this comes out now tbh. We have established that the papers are full of shucks so I'd rather blame them personally. I'll admit that one thing that makes it sound like a bit of a fake is the "I'll go when I've still got something to offer". It's just a bit too much like what a Rangers fan would want to hear.
  20. Would that be the same media bandwagon who, before the season kicked off, happily said PLG was the greatest thing to join Scottish football in years. Exactly the same bandwagon just going in the opposite direction. As you suggest, the papers talk p!sh, my advice is to watch the games and make your own mind up. Here is a bit of what Rino said:
  21. Getting 3 million (I think thats right) for Kenny Miller was possibly the best bit of business Rangers have done in years. Oops, just remembered Boomsong, make that the 2nd best bit of business. He's a better player now no doubt, but Celtic would do well to get 3 million for him.
  22. Market forces still apply however; if something is more difficult to acquire, its rarity and therefore price goes up. If the price of a user's preferred 'tipple' gets too much then they may be inclined to try something else, just the once. Market forces still apply but thats not an arguement that the substances being used/dealt get "harder" (for want of a more accurate word) as was the point in mags original quote. When it comes to illegal drugs the "harder" substances are already vastly more expensive to buy than "soft" ones.
  23. Absolutely right, and that is one of the most worrying things (Fjool hinted at it) it is easy to become desensitised to law breaking once you have done it more than once, who here has only speeded in the car once? I would say that for me personally substance use is more of a moral decision on what is right and wrong than about the risks involved in being caught (but maybe I just say that because the risks are insignificant ) The law doesn't dictate to me what is right and wrong, it can't possibly because its an ass in so many ways. If just one law is blatantly wrong, then immediately the rest of the laws have less repect.
  24. From my experience this is just not how it works. If someone wants a substance (to sell or use) then that is the substance they get. The exception is if addiction has kicked in, at which point users generally just want to get f*cked-up on anything thats going. Dealers (at "street" level or not much higher) are not in it for the money, they are in it because they are users themselves. Its not a case of risk versus return. The original statement might have come from something that happend post 60's (ish) with cannabis. Previously importers had imported herbal marijuana, but the processed cannabis resin was a more compact substance which made it harder to detect and so that became the norm. There is one other definite myth from the original Shetland News artical that I think needs put to rest. One of the drugs team states "that it had become apparent that younger people in the isles are being targeted by dealers.". Dealers making a concerted effort to sell something just doesn't happen. There is a huge demand for illegal drugs, people like the effect that they have on them. The demand is greater than the supply, be that through addiction or not.
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