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  1. True, I'll not be renewing my Gold Card at the new prices. I think their review of the service has included assumptions that many of the people who had cards for the intitial 3-month period would have watched all the films they did as paying customers without the gold/silver card offer? They stated on FB that a fee is paid to the distributor for every seat taken at screenings, regardless of whether it was essentially a 'free seat'. Worringly, this makes it sound like they'd rather the seats were empty than taken up by Gold/Silver Card holders? I made a very rough calculation on my own personal expenditure at Mareel this past 3 months and between my Gold Card subscription and the money I spent each time I visited it worked out around £60-£70/month! I would imagine I'll now spend about £10/month there instead. Sadly, I think this is a shot in the foot for Mareel but I guess time will tell.
  2. Being a Gold card holder I've been to Mareel on several occasions now, including a concert and a social visit to the bar. The service, staff and facilities have been fantastic each time. I can't say I've any complaints other than the rather tacky 'wall of hands', which I hear is being painted over anyway. I understand the complexities in scheduling movies and making deals with distributors so have no issues with the fact that, for instance, Skyfall will be the only movie on screen 1 for the next fortnight. Plenty of people have been asking for movies on release and that's what they've got for one of the biggest releases of the year. It actually surprises me the amount of people who post on the facebook page with the assumption that movies should be scheduled by public choice? I can't imagine this happens anywhere else in the UK but some seem to think that as Mareel was built with public money it should be run by the public. I imagine that if it were then it would be closing it's doors within the first year. Paranormal Activity 4 seems to be a good example of this at the moment. I'm a rabid horror movie fan but have no real want to see the weakest entry in an already diminished franchise so am glad that they won't be showing it. Instead, we get an exclusive Halloween showing of one of the greatest horror movies of modern times, in a format as yet unseen. Quality over quantity for sure. As for the cafe/bar area (I haven't ordered food there yet so can't comment but to be honest Mareel wouldn't be my first choice for lunchtime snacks anyway), I wouldn't be surprised if a large percentage of the forecast takings come from music events such as Slam or the Blues Festival, where the bar(s) were heaving.
  3. So far out of his depth even the Aith lifeboat Crew can't save him this time...
  4. Thanks all, looks like the sensible thing to do is book a night at the Bod then.
  5. Does anyone know who owns Windhouse now? I have a couple of mates coming up to stay next month and wanted to take them there for a look around... maybe even camp the night! Don't want to just go traipsing about on private property if it's likely to upset or offend though. I know a couple from South were supposed to be renovating it 8-9 years ago but last time I saw it (last year) it didn't look like that was going ahead.
  6. “I don’t think I could have expected better. I have now got a proper legal hearing where all the legal arguments will be presented, and that’s what I have been trying to get for the last three years,†Hill said. “I have been preparing for this for nine years. I have all of the evidence I need. I have to prepare it now in a suitable way for the court, but I have all the documentation I need". So he turns up in a stupid wig and homemade gown. For what reason, other than a childish attempt to ridicule the court or garner more media interest I couldn't imagine. I found Mr. Hill an amusing distraction up until recently, albeit one which made me cringe slightly as a fellow Englishman. Now however, I am starting to seriously question his mental health. Such a shame that what could ultimately be an interesting case should be reduced to a comical farce by this man. Any support I had for his notions or tenacity in the beginning has now evaporated completely.
  7. The ignition barrel has broken (a spring apparently?) and in order to remove it for repair I need to be able to turn the key to the accesories position. Unfortunately the key doesn't quite turn that far so the catch to slide the barrel out won't release. Was hoping that a locksmith would either be able to get that extra little turn on it or, were I to drill the catch and get the barrel out, would be able to take the barell apart and repair it themselves. Would you know if he still does any work in that line?
  8. Silly question perhaps but is there a certified locksmith in Shetland? Couldn't find any reference in the phone book. Particularly I need one who can do something with a car ignition barrel (nothing dodgy... promise!) Alternatively, can anyone recommend a garage that would be able to dismantle and repair an ignition barrel? I know it can be done but I also know I can't do it. Thought a locksmith might be a better bet than a mechanic though. (***Mod Edit - Moved to Consumer Advice & Resources***)
  9. Well I missed out on tickets for the later gig but have consoled myself by getting tickets to the matinee for my boys and accompanying them as a responsible adult Not quite the same but at least i get to see the lads perform live for an hour plus some bonus dad-points too.
  10. This was my first attempt at buying tickets online and I'm at a loss as to what I did wrong. The second it changed from "on sale at..." to "buy tickets" I clicked and went through the order process but I still didn't get any Is it usually just blind luck as to whether you're quick enough or not when tickets are as limited as this?
  11. My mum bought up a little Oak tree that had appeared in one of her pots down south. Turns out my kids had stuck acorns in her pots before we moved and this little fella was going all out It's in a pot at the moment and doing very well so I might be tempted to find a sheltered space for it in the garden next year. I know it's only the one but I don't recall seeing any other Oak's around?
  12. Arghhhh!!! Tried to buy tickets at seetickets.com bang on 9:00am but they were sold out before i'd even filled in my CC details. Half an hour trying to phone the Islesburgh has just resulted in a sold out message too. Knew I should have got down there and queued If anyone has a ticket (or preferably 2) that they plan on selling, or knows someone that does, please let me know.
  13. is there anywhere else that you can get the photo because the site seems to be down at the moment
  14. Without me having to go through all 6 pages right now can someone condense the contributions and explain why there is a need for a bridge or tunnel in the first place? I am totally unaware of the history with this debate but having taken an easy and very pleasant trip across to Bressay a few weeks back I can't understand why the ferry is considered to need replacing? Is it because of the potential disruption due to bad weather?
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