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  1. although I wouldn't say the equipment is 'state of the art' - if you mean the stuff in the Apex, and for £4.50 a pop, it's unbelievably expensive. If you were to use this equipment down south you would have to be a member of a very expensive club or would pay far more than the clickimin charges. I don't think people realise how good clickimin prices are. For example the hydrojet which is priced around three pounds for a session can cost up to thirty pounds for the same machine down south. 4.50 is a very resonable price to use all the equipment available for an unlimited time. In my own
  2. I am interested to know what Shetlanders think of the Clickimin Leisure Complex. What complaints do they have (if any) and what suggestions do they have. Ideas are needed for the Sunbed area of the health suite as that as being changed around due to the lack of use of the sunbeds. any other comments about the complex? I want to see if others share my views. Cheers fur noo all.
  3. hey does anyone know how to go about downloading it? I have never done any downloading really except for my personal challenge that was itunes.
  4. Am I just stupid (probably) and did anyone who watched Lost on Tuesday understand it? Or is everyone like me and end up looking like you had just sat a test on brain surgery? Don't suppose anyone knows whats going on?
  5. I loved The Wheel when it was open until 3 upstairs because you could go and stay there. I hate moving around because usually the first pub you get settled into is the best. Baroc is good on occasions but 2 out of 3 times you will think about going home cos 'this is turd'. The whel downstairs is only fit for entering when you are completely hammered but upstairs for starting (and finishing) the night off is usually a winner.
  6. What happened up at the top of the sound brae has been waiting to happen for some time. I often see 'near misses' when it comes to the Emergency Services responding to call outs. Yes they need to respond quickly but to overtake a vehicle while it was turning into Sandy loch drive is nothing short of reckless and it is extremely lucky no-one was seriously injured.
  7. Possibly, but am never seen anything like it. An am seen Satellites.
  8. Ower in Bressay one night the sky was clear and me and my brother were looking up at the stars when we saw this orange light, slightly bigger than the rest of the stars moving across the sky at an unbelievable speed. Far faster than any man made object. It certainly wasn't a shooting star. We both watched it cross the sky in about ten seconds and had no real explanation afterwards.
  9. Am still interested in the stories about the place between malcomsons and the jewellers on the street. Some of the stories sound a bit wild but nothing came of getting Russel on to tell us. That story about Olaberry that was broadcast on Radio Shetland has also scared the proverbial faeces out of me! Anymore on that one?
  10. I know its been a month since the last posts on this thread but I have been reading it recently and loving some of the stories about Shetland. Anyone ever hear of the 'cooking ghost' in the old Radio Shetland building just up from baroc there? When in that building late at night I could hear noise on the floor above and the smell of someone cooking something like bacon. I thought a squatter might have broken in and hearing footsteps up the stairs I decided to go and get rid of them. As I moved up the smell got stronger and when i got to the top floor it was empty. When I asked other staff
  11. Yeah I mean I must admit if I was sitting next to two people on a plane of their appearance the thought would probably pass through my head (shamefully) but this is mainly down to the government and media tarring British Muslims with the same brush and it is not right. What happened on the Malaga to London flight was terrible. Its bordering on 'a bus for blacks and a bus for whites' in fifties America.
  12. I am the first to admit that I always feel uneasy flying but things seem to be getting out of hand. I just heard that holidaymakers returning home from Malaga (I think) forced two passengers of Muslim ethnicity to leave the plane bound for London. This poor couple who thought they were heading home had to stay in a Spanish airport incase they tried to destroy the plane. Am I the only one who thinks this is starting to border on racism?
  13. Can't think of an order or just a top ten! 1. The Shawshank Redemtion 2. Crocodile Dundee 1&2 I know 3. Scarface 4. 28 Days Later 5. Seven 6. Day of the Dead 7. Phonebooth 8. Saw 9. Grumpy/grumpier old men (classic comedy) 10. The Thing 11. The Shining 12. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 13. The Truman Show 14. The Time Machine (original) 15. Dawn of the Dead (original) 16. Casino 17. Sin City
  14. What is all the fuss about? Has anyone seen it? Sounds like one of those 'straight to DVD' B movies! Surely they cant make much of a film out of that idea.
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