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  1. I think the back bar in the Grand has Sky - might be a bit quieter in there.
  2. What sort of things did you do at the classes?
  3. Well, we are finally getting around to taking our dog to the training classes. Is this still running at the moment? Can we just turn up on a Wednesday night with him? He is nearly 2 years old but apart from sitting, paw, etc he still needs a lot of work so would he go to the 7pm slot?
  4. We also had suppers from Happy Haddock last Friday night. Chips, sausage and white pudding were all very very good.
  5. Went to Camera Centre for a Vodafone sim card - £9.99 and they are on sale in Tesco for 99p. £9.00 difference seems a bit extreme!!!
  6. Does anyone know if these classes are still on? Do you need to book? How long is it per night? How much does it cost? Me and my partner are wanting to take our dog so any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Any idea what times and where the buses are running to and from Scalloway on Saturday?
  8. I am going to have to put my dog into kennels for a few nights. I have never done this before and was wondering how it worked? i.e. Do I provide food? Can I put treats in with him? Are they let out regularly? etc.
  9. What are the curries like? The menu doesn't give a description of the food on offer.
  10. Is the buffet a 'help yourself' type or are you given a menu to choose dishes (like the chinese style at Great Wall and Baroc)?
  11. Thanks for that. Think I will try Shetland Cleaning Services then. Also heard that Garriock Bros hire ones too?
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