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  1. I've only watched up to 20 mins at the moment - but slowly wading through it. He's making a massive deal out of existing knowledge that states that the Christian church and Islam are based on paganism. Most religions have links back to pre-existing ones, that's how converts are made, by persuading them that the 'new' religion is a souped-up version of their old religion. Better things await that can ever be offered by your three-breasted female with a donkey head - or whatever. Unfortunately, like most people keen to push their own version of religion at the expense of others, he's going overboard looking for links ("seek and ye shall find" springs to mind) and assassinating (assassin - good Arab word..... ) the opposition at every opportunity. Anyway, back to your original point that the Prophets' first with was a Catholic nun. Unless there's more info later in the video I'll take that statement as it stands now: Utter pish. Mohammeds first wife - Khadija - was a wealthy widow of the Quairashi who ran her own successful trading business. Mohammed was placed with her by his uncle to learn about the world of business and she gave him the position of agent on one of her camel trains heading North to Mecca, his role was to supervise the sale of Syrian goods in Mecca itself. He was very good at it and they worked together closely, she then offered him marriage. Mohammed was about 25 and Khadija is reported to be a fair bit older - possibly 40. Hardly a Catholic nun. Also, there are (as far as I can see) no references to Khadija being part of a Christian or Jewish tribe at all. In fact her father, Khuwailid, was the great-great grandson of Qusai - of keeper at the then pagan temple of Mecca. Pagan idol worshippers as opposed to Catholic or Jewish, that is quite specific. So, if anything, Khadija would be pagan.
  2. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/paris-terror-attacks-ahmed-almuhameds-passport-may-have-been-planted-by-terrorists-a6735476.html
  3. And every where else in the UK: A new roundabout is installed. Everyone deals with it without any need for long-winded online analysis or tears. The End.
  4. Thanks for the response and link, MJ. It tallies with what I thought - there's no clear direction regarding passengers who are not qualified to supervise. Assumption is a dangerous thing, but I'm assuming that the lack of written prohibition regarding non license holding passengers on exempted isles makes it Ok to carry them....... Edit: Scrub that. I've just seen section 8 - ( The holder of a passenger-carrying vehicle driver’s provisional licence shall not drive a vehicle which he is authorised to drive by that licence while carrying any passenger in the vehicle other than— (the person specified in paragraph (2)(a), or (a person who holds a passenger-carrying vehicle driver’s licence and either is giving or receiving instruction in the driving of passenger-carrying vehicles, or has given or received or is to give or receive, such instruction. So the answer is 'No'. No passengers unless accompanied by a full licence holder.
  5. Does anyone have a definite answer to this question: If you're driving a car on a provisional licence on Unst, for example, is it legal to carry a passenger that does not hold a full car drivers licence? A source for the info would be good as well, I'm struggling to get a reliable statement on this!
  6. That doesn't matter. Using the "It's not fair/well, they don't do it" argument is bull. We are not them, we are us.
  7. 'Only' 4 out of 5? That's an outrage, how dare those Syrians flee persecution without doing a nationality check on those around them?
  8. Sad to hear that Raymond has finally decided to close the business, although I know he's been thinking about it for some time. I've had many a good meal in Montys, good luck to him and his for the future.
  9. Learning the local dialect should be on the curriculum for all schools in the UK as part of educating children about the environment the are being brought up in. But it must not be at the expense of gaining a good academic standard in the modern English language.
  10. The ad says 'General Manager' for Shetland Arts - not a cinema manager for Mareel. And £17k is abysmally low for a cinema manager. £22-30k is more realistic.
  11. "Sir Humprheys" ? I don't understand that.
  12. Good to see yet another thread hijacked by the pedants.
  13. The law relates to 'blue warning beacons'. I'd say the blue tinged lamps on top of trucks and coaches would be difficult to describe as 'warning beacons'. Put it this way, I've never got them confused with emergency vehicles when I've seen them switched on.
  14. By coincidence I've just bought 'Kayak Fishing' by Andy Benham. I've no experience of this sport at all, but it does look interesting. About two weeks ago I was talking to a guy who used to kayak fish around here (he's got a yacht now so he can take out the missis and toddler). He loved it and did mention the name of another Shetland chap who is a very keen kayak angler....can't remember his name, though. So not much help, really. What kayak are you using? (edit) had a look on here? http://www.kayakfishinguk.co.uk/Forums/index.php
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