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  1. any transfer gossip for the new season?
  2. Word on da street at da Ness daday has it that Robbie Simpson has resigned from Celtic. Can anybody associated we Celtic confirm this?
  3. Is there an Indoor tournament on this weekend. Been hearing rumours.
  4. Have the League fixtures been drawn yet?
  5. Whalsay will not win the league this year!
  6. Penfold the banter killer.
  7. Why has jordan webb joined a team with less potential?
  8. Erik Peterson (ness) Richard Arthur (Whalsay) Joel Bradley (Celtic) Robert Smith (celtic) Keith Pearson (Whalsay) Jordan Webb (Celtic) James Aitken (Celtic) Neil Laurenson (Thistle) Ian Simpson (Whalsay) Erik Thompson (Whalsay) Stuart Shearer (Whalsay)
  9. What's everybody's predictions on who will win the league this year?
  10. Why are we not entered in all comps?
  11. The signing on form is a waste of time, after you have signed for a club you should only have to sign again if you move clubs.
  12. The county team doesn't represent the best team in Shetland even though it should. Whalsay had one player in it last year and have one the league the last 3 seasons. How does that work?
  13. I would say that Whalsay deserve credit where it's due. Celtic were outdone by some quality goals. Against us in the parish cup final they showed why they are still the best team in shetland.
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