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  1. What has happened to the local bobbies up in my homeland? Been told that most of them are still wet behind the ears and others are on power trips. Obviously there must be the decent ones, but we never hear about them!!Why is this? I have also been in conversation with some of my old cop mates who used to work up at home, who say all is not well that the cops are been given targets to reach each month (could be why people are being stopped more often) and that the main man is running the place into the ground which is making for a unhappy place to work. Suppose this is life in most work places!!!
  2. Sorry 'justme' but I think you might find with the timing of it's introduction that it was the 'new man at the top' who introduced the new policy (copying practice in the rest of the force)! The previous boss was an independent minded person who always did what was best for your islands. Aye, is this no the same man what got hisself on to the proclammation at the Cross after a few weeks of being up here? I found the snipit in the ST on the last top cop very interesting. At least the last man was a Shetlander interested in Shetland.
  3. Yes, that is fine until the once accused person is presented by the media as having been cleared.
  4. Anyone else agree that the "Not Proven" verdict is a cop out and has no place in any decent legal system? "Burns" called it "That Bas-tard Verdict", several hundred years ago and nothing has changed since. Surely in 21at century Scotland we can make up our minds whether someone has been proven guilty or not? Anything else is a disservice to everyone concerned. It doesn't mean they are guilty but it doesn't mean they are innocent either. Despite what the press and the one concerned might say after. Surely we are better than that? 15 men and women presented with the facts should at least have the decency to make some decision rather than none. Thoughts?
  5. Thanks to everyone who stood in my corner, and emphasised that this facility is all about freedom of speach. I would also like to emphasise that there are many employees of the local supermarkets who are gracious and helpful (and yes I am polite and never forget to say thankyou and please!) As for out of date food, in this day and age no consumer should be expected to just accept that the fresh food is still okay to purchase items that are out of date that day and consume it after the sell buy date just because it is Shetland. Goodness me we are only 12 hours away by boat and 1 hour by air, how can food be put on the shelf so close to its sell buy date, when the same and other well known supermarkets on the mainland have fresh food on the shelf with a week still left before the sell buy date. I have obviously tread on some toes with my thoughts, but for those who dont agree its your opinion just like i have mine.
  6. This thread has been split from the cinema and music venue discussion Does this mean we will now be getting better sevice from the appalling staff and the near out of date fresh food? I sould also say that I am in favour of the cinema/venue, this can only but help with the increasing problem of youths hanging about the streets complaining that they have nothing or nowhere to go. It will also give the tourists something to do once they have completed the tour which takes all of 2-3 boring days. Shetland and in particular Lerwick is very much in need of a facelift. I have been informed by many a visitor that on the approach to Lerwick and subsequent tour through the town it appears tired and dull. That there are very few shops of interest and what is there charges through the nose for cheap "tat". I must agree with these comments that I have heard (all i can say is thank god for the Internet- even then though many companies consider Shetland as the end of the earth and will not deliver here, and if you make arrangements to have artilces delivered through local shipping companies they charge a premium rate to do so). It is about time that the council stopped thinking of themselves and putting the future economy and the up and coming young persons first by allowing national companies to bring business to Shetland either as sole entities or under franchise. This can only benefit the public by providing jobs and introducing some competitiveness with the local businesses. Example being petrol, it costs 91.9p per litre in Aberdeen for petrol, but here in shetland we are paying at least 12p more per litre. I could go on all night with the lack of choice in Shetland and how rundown the whole place looks, but think now is the time to stop, before I start getting hate mail!! However just before I go I would like to say that Shetland has a vibrant culture, it is about time local businesses the council and tourist industry took advantage of this to the benefit of all. This could so easily be a wonderful place for cruise ships to stop-and shop! Word of mouth can be just as effective as advertising. The Narrona is soon to stop docking in Shetland because it is not economically viable to do so, how long before the other cruise companied follow??
  7. Some of you make me laugh with your narrow mindness, on wanting to put the blame with the police. These are officers who come here to serve the community as best they can. They were no parked illegaly or causing any form of obstruction. Although I feel for the family and the victim of the road accident, surely all you drivers out there know that when driving you should be constantly looking ahead of yourself and assessing any potential hazard, in this case a very slow moving lorry. Get a grip and think about who you contact if a crime has been committed against you or if you need urgent assistance. With regards officer Dribbles comments on trained traffic officers, I fully agree with the comment. Again people are making comment and being criticle on a topic they know nothing about. Do you honestly think that if it was feasible and cost effective the police wouldnt use other resources or train onsite staff.
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