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  1. Angus, What is the Law on displaying Blue Lights on vehicles other than emergency vehicles? I think that you should do some form of education to these truck companies. I witnessed 3 cars pull over to the side of the road as we all saw Blue lights coming around a bend, just to find out it was a truck, lit up like a christmas tree with blue LED lights.
  2. Well going by your attitude then it sounds like you belong there, not me.
  3. Maybe you should be telling this to the Times, as according to Shetlands "top" police officer, there has been no crime associated with the sooth workers.
  4. @Smileyface All you are doing is keeping this in the public eye and all you are doing is encouraging others to speak about it. **** is getting slagged off more now than ever... Well Done!! You have some very funny idea's, when it comes to UHA, I suggest you get your facts right before coming on here and try to prove a point.
  5. He maybe needed his peerie glasses tae see the time cos it wis da back o eleven at night alledgedly. And incidentally is eleven o`clock at night not an inconvenient time of night for a member of the Up Helly Aa Committee to approach a member of the public to inform them they are going to be featured on the Bill in the morning. I am sorry, but this is rubbish, most people dont know they are on the bill until UHA morning. Whit makes him so special? Why are you making an issue of this? Surely **** would be wanting this whole mess to die down? After all its down to him that its been brought up again! As another ex-jarl stated in the paper, if **** had kept his head down and laughed it off then it would all be forgotten about. Its his OWN actions that have caused a stir.
  6. Nah Nah... Get a grip! **** hasnt been the first to feature on the bill for a "criminal matter" and I am damn sure he winna be the last. Many people have been on the bill and no found out until UHA morning. As an ex-jarl I would have expected better behavior from him (IMHO). Like most things grin and bare it. No go round and behave like a spoiled child.
  7. and shes just got keys for opening a shop! Excellent News. Cant wait for her to get it open now!
  8. Valid point! Where will this be moved to? The whole idea of putting the heli-pad there is so that it is close to the Hospital. What will happen to the 10's of £1000's invested in that. I would imagine this hasn't even been thought about or taken into consideration.
  9. The Helicopter was apparently out looking for someone. The Police were also in Gulberwick along with Oscar Charlie.
  10. Well of all people you would have thought the police were aware of what road markings meant. Now bare in mind i wasn't there, i have purely been told by someone that was, the police car had no lights or sirens on, it purely pulled out in front of the pathway of the car which was already on the roundabout causing an accident. Anyone else and i would hazard a guess that they will be in court shortly... will much come of this given it was the police? I doubt it. Still as stated, I would never want to be in this position of my word against the polices.
  11. A peerie birdy tells me that there was a small accident today at Grantfield this afternoon when a police car came shooting out onto the roundabout to try and catch someone and instead of looking the officer put is foot down trying to pull out and instead ended up with a car planted in the side of his, coz he never gave way to the traffic already using the roundabout. Any truth in this or is it the Shetland Rumour mill at its best again.
  12. Just been looking at the plans for this. The only question that sticks in my mind is how will it work being so close to the helipad. Does it effect this? Ive seen a few times the helicopters coming in right over the top of the camp site, im not sure how it will work with a 3 story building in the way.
  13. Rescue 102 has been across to Bergen to deliver a sick crewman from one of the rigs.
  14. Thank-you for the Info... Anonymous Police Worker! However your version of events seems far to straight forward and easy. Sorry to say it but in reality this does NOT happen and it isnt as simple as this.
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