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  1. Hi, we are looking for advice from a Bengal cat Breeder and wondered if there is one on shetland ? Cheers Lee
  2. Its a Shame that folk cant get behind this new venue after all the pain and problems we put up with to get it built. or is there not the interest around Shetland ? I hope the course still runs MN1 as learning is great for everyone.
  3. Is there a local farmers market near sandwick ? If so how often ? Cheers
  4. After loosing the will to live with BT and their poor service I have cut the cord. Bye Bye BT for good hopefully. TV through SKY no problem ( sky again another nightmare if you have to call them to get sense ) Phone line ( Mobile will do ) Skype is great and free. So left to find a Internet source - lots of satellite services out there has anyone got it - is it good - its more expensive - but if much better then is it worth it. over to you
  5. Thanks guys, just topped up the car and pick up some booze for the rugby. I hope today goes well and folk get the point. have always uesd the shop for bits and enjoy supporting local companies, especially the pub I cant belive the price of petrol your giving it away. thanks again and goodluck for the future.
  6. Wow A new shop owner is trying to tackle a SHETLAND wide problem head on and we are more concerned about him giving more money away !! ( donate to shetlink ) As he has already pointed out every liter will be sold at a loss ( no profit there then ) why would someone make a loss so other would get a fair deal ? Maybe they are trying help ! So lets re-direct our energy to helping these folk out. maybe a free banner for a while in a thankyou for supporting the Island and its fight against high fuel prices. maybe Mr T Scott can drop a few pound in the pot ?
  7. Hi Sheltieworker They can be unlock online I think, I unlocked an orange HTC wildfire about a year ago. How much do you want for the wildfire s ? maybe a nice treat for the missus. Would prefer unlock if network provider will give up the codes ( sometime charge for this ) Regard's Lee voe
  8. S - Pete You comment on most things sir but this is well, just very poor! This person a pet lover didn't need that sort of crap from you. even if only in jest ( not well placed ) if this was my post then a very wordy PM would have come your way explaining how I would love to test such device on you good self. I am glad this person has managed to transport their much loved pet to this the isle ( all be it a tough journey ) and hope they both enjoy there time here. you plonker sir Regards Leevoe
  9. This is one of the least effective road repair / resurface methods and is just outright lazy and dangerous for all road users. other road users driving quicker than the nonsense 20mph is unhelpful but not the pure evil at noted above. most modern cars don't have mud flaps ( as standard ) and most owners are to tight to put them on also ( due to mad dealer / stealer prices ) this taken into account then a car/van doing 20mph will still throw up chips that can damage other and their own cars. the best thing to do it try to keep to the well traveled line ( drivers weaving all over the road do more harm ) and there is lots of you about. second use the indicator well in advance, this warns the driver behind you will be kicking up more chips as you cross the road and they can stay well back. and my final tip don't drive up the rear of the person in front, you are much more likely to get a broken screen and or damaged paint work. if you do get damage complain like mad to the council and roads departments and demand compensation as this is poor surfacing policy and does little to improve our roads. we pay some of the highest road tax levels in the world and deserve better. rant over.
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