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  1. I must graciously disagree - Best Bacon Roll award undoubtedly goes to Solottis.
  2. ^ Not entirely sure, Muckle Joannie, why you bothered responding to someone who hasn't the brains to have a courteous debate or back up their own 'argument' with coherent facts. But well done you anyway.
  3. Islesburgh is quite good - it's not a proper barrista coffee machine, it is an automatic contraption that does everything for them but that is all to the good as there is less to go wrong. Agree pretty much with all your opinions Bigmouth, can add that Fjara's coffee is disappointing too. Olive Tree's Bakewell Tart is nice.
  4. Extraordinary, but I don't think this will have the same legs as Popcorngate
  5. It is the closure of the salmon farm which has been the important thing. Perhaps a proper investigation of why this failed might throw some real light on the situation in Skerries, rather than obsessing with the school. Forcing secondary bairns to stay on the island for their education will not save the community.
  6. Thank you for the ebook links Muckle Joannie, it is also very interesting to browse the library website. I had a librarian friend once who impressed upon me the need to check the quality and veracity of my information before expessing views. I have not always stuck to this good advice, but I'm sure I'm not alone. I did however read the report being referred to http://www.shetland.gov.uk/coins/submissiondocuments.asp?submissionid=18615 And it does not seem as if the library is gaining space, rather it seems the library is being asked to condense itself into a single building, so that other services can move in. If this means the council reduces buildings overall, maybe that is good news for the budget, but I just hope the library service is not getting second best again. I have not used Shetland Library in some years, but have used others and found them fantastically helpful.
  7. Oh you still get the munching, but with added amplified rustle of Butterkist bags.
  8. It is a token affair - they didn't even get out of the car. I was hoping they'd tell my husband to mow the grass
  9. I assume the bairns will no longer be allowed to travel to Ollaberry for nursery class now either.
  10. This would be hilarious if it wasn't so depressingly, mind-numbingly ignorant.
  11. ^ You'll be boycotting the other 27 regions that voted 'no' too, I guess. As a 'yes' voter, I am now highly relieved it was a 'no'. I had no idea what kind of bedfellows I had but my eyes have been opened the past few days.
  12. Who better to judge? Someone with wider knowledge and experience, I would suggest, than a handful of parents with a narrow agenda. As someone who's seen bad teachers and limited choices inflicted on young people who have no chance to escape it, nor realise how they are being damaged, I think I have more than a 'vague appreciation' of the issue. And I don't work at Hayfield, and have lived on an 'isle'.
  13. The Skerries closure was not just about money, but about quality of education, social skills and opportunity for young people.
  14. Schools take quite a lot of 'occasional' holidays, much to the annoyance of us working parents. So I am unclear why one could not have been taken on Easter Monday, when I was off but had to get up to get the kids to school.
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