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  1. Thats terrible! WOOSES!!!!
  2. oh ive heard of them... and seen them in thier drunken states. its just nonsense.
  3. i just wudnt drink in scalloway, how dull and boring.
  4. You think everything's rubbish. Good shout inky
  5. Your talking total crap. im on bebo so i could keep in contact with my friends when they are away at uni and ive noticed that most people on it are from 16yrs to 27 and are hardly "childing tw@ts" you need to stop being so bloody negative and immature.
  6. Yes River Island!! We totally shud get it up here! We have bloody fish shops everywhere up here! who cares? decent clothes shops please, eg River Island.Then i wud get a job there then it wud be all good!
  7. i suppose yeah. I caen somebody who managed to get a few episodes of it but not sure of all the details! Cana wait to see whits going on
  8. has anyone been able to download series 3? I don't know what I want to know because i really don't know what is going on in it anymore! Still the best thing on tv for ages though.
  9. I always find the Malakoff wan a laugh. They pretty much poke fun at demsels. www.boatbuildersfootball.blogspot.com
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