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    Steve Earle

    Anyone know when the Steve Earle tickets will be going on sale. Looks like it will be a queuing job so would like some advance notice.
  2. Hambone


    Just to set the record straight they are playing the same weekend as the Shetland Blues Festival and the SBF are providing the support for the Proclaimers. The great Bex Marshall is the support she was in session on Bob Harris on Saturday night and can still be heard on BBC iPlayer.
  3. Hambone

    Blues Podcast

    Hambones' Blues Rumshack 34 can be heard at zetcast.com The Aces - Stole Something (Self) The Aces - You're Gonna Lose (Self) Rob Tognoni - Another Tequila from 2010dB (Music Avenue) Nicole Hart - The Other Side Of The World from treasure (Blues Leaf Records) Snakecharmers - Move On Blues from Been Gone Too Long (Self) Lil Cliff and the Cliffhangers - God Bless Women from God Bless Women (Shankbone Records) Dirty Robbers - Gangster Of Love (Self) Big Boy Bloater - I Ain't Done Nothin Wrong from That Ain't My Name (Azan) Kingsize Five - I Am A Missle from White Line Fever (Little Genius) Bex Marshall - Black Guitar from Kitchen Table (House Of Mercy) Bex Marshall - Too Much Rock and Roll from Kitchen Table (House Of Mercy) Scott Mckeon - Can't Take No More from Can't Take No More Arc Angels - Living In A Dream from Arc Angels (Geffen Records)
  4. Keep an eye out for the Blues Festival line up we might be able to accomodate your funky bad self
  5. Hambone

    Blues Podcast

    Hi and welcome to Hambones' Blues Rumshack, show 32. Music of all shades this week with straight up Chicago, Britsh Blues Rock, Alt-Blues, acoustic blues from Eastonia and the US. And an amazing version of Neil Youngs' Heart Of Gold plus a tribute to Willie King who passed away recently. Download the podcast from www.therumshack.com and of course at www.zetcast.com Playlist Sugar Blue - Bluesman from Code Blue (Beeble) 2007 Root Doctor - Walkin Out On You from Live At The Cadillac Club (Big O Records) 2008 Mighty Boss Cats - House Of Blues from House Of Blues (self) 2009 Bare Bones Boogie Band - Throw Me A Line (demos) 2009 Big George and The Business - Wrong Side Of Town from Allegedly (self) Mississippi Gabe Carter - Leavin from Midnight Dream (self) 2008 L R Phoenix & Mr Mo' Hell - Red Headed Girl (self) 2009 Bullfrog Brown & Steve Lury - Blues For Breakfast (self) 2009 Bullfrog Brown & Steve Lury - Modern Times (self) 2009 Betty Lavette - Heart Of Gold from Joes' Pub recording (Anti) 2009 Willie King - Sweet Potato Man from One Love (self) 2006 Contact the show at therumshack@gmail.com
  6. The first podcast for 2009 featuring four of the bands that will be playing at this years Shetland Folk Festival between 30 April and 3 May 2009. Here at http://www.zetcast.com Please follow the links to the artists websites or MySpace sites to learn abit more about them, hear more music and leave a comment. Shooglenifty - McConnell’s Rant from Troots (Shoogle Records) 2007 Emily Smith - Sunset Hymn from Too Long Away (Spit and Polish) 2008 Emily Smith - As I Was A Wand’ring from Too Long Away (Spit and Polish) 2008 Vishtèn - Shediac Bridge from Live 2008 Vishtèn - Reel Du Pendu from Live 2008 Madison Violet - The Ransom from No Fool For Trying 2009 Madison Violet - Best Part Of Your Love from No Fool For Trying 2009 Shooglenifty- She’s A Keeper-The Lead Break- The Trim Controller from Troots (Shoogle Records) 2007
  7. Excellent Excellent. Can't wait.
  8. The Ramstams are James Nicolson, Bryan Peterson, Tommy Allan and David Robertson. Brian Nicolson used to play with them back in the day.
  9. Update to the line up - The Ramstams have now been added to the bill. This is looking to be a great night of music. I'd just like to say thanks, here and now, to the bands and helpers involved.
  10. Saturday 27 December at the Royal British Legion - Lerwick Petestak and da Rayburns, No Sweat , DJ Alex and others. £10 a ticket on sale from Friday (19th December) at High Level Music and Lerwick Royal British Legion. Fund raising gig for the Shetland Blues Festival.
  11. Thanks for the positive comments. Sorry to all the posters last week regarding tickets, I didn't receive any notifications of replies to this topic. Yep you are right the noise in the Legion was getting on my nerves especially when Steve Phillips was on. The lighting is also a major problem and will be looked at for next year. Certainly the best in the town, pretty quite in some of the country gigs, again this will be looked at for next year. Got a few ideas for artists for next year so hopefully we can match this year, if not better it.
  12. Just in case anyone wants to come to any of the concerts over the blues festival weekend, tickets are on sale through the festival committee. An order form can be found in the festival program or on the website (www.shetlandblues.info). Tickets are selling fast so make sure to get your ones to avoid dissappointment.
  13. Hi Fifi Yep got your email about the RSS feed for Northmavine and will look at creating a feed for you and the other columns.
  14. Hi I should have replied to this post earlier. Sorry. The official response is here http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2008/06/20/17/. I will get the email address working as soon as I can contact our hosting guy. I can tell you that over the next few weeks I am hoping to have the directory online plus a lot of the other content from our previous website. Hopefully pictures with the stories will be happening soon as well. Of course constructive comments are always welcome and again apologies for the service at the moment. I'm just back from holiday so I should be back in the swing of things in the next day or so.
  15. We have added some videos onto You Tube from last years blues festival if anyone wants a look http://www.youtube.com/shetlandblues We are also in need of volunteers to accommodate bands over the weekend so if anyone has a bed or two get in touch.
  16. Here here, the sooner the tunnels are built the better.
  17. I didn't know that this was part of the plan ? When is this likely to happen ? probably when the roundabout is finished i would have thought Just got a reply from Roads and Transport and they don't have any plans to shut the Ackrigarth junction.
  18. Well what I don't understand is why the police are stopping the mules from south when they are on the boat and not following them to the delivery point/contact. Seems pretty inept to me that as long as there are dealers locally who will continue receiving drugs to supply that they are not being cracked down on. Seems strange that one person who was going to be raided managed to leave his house before the raid and didn't caught and with most of the local youth knowing what cars the police use its no wonder they can't catch anyone.
  19. I didn't know that this was part of the plan ? When is this likely to happen ?
  20. Erin Sandison set from Whiteness has been uploaded from the 2008 festival.
  21. The line up for the 5th Shetland Blues Festival has been announced and will take place over the weekend of Friday August 29 - Sunday August 31. The line up is Paul Lamb and the Kingsnakes Steve Phillips Lyndon Anderson Band Black River Bluesman and the Croaking Lizard (Finland) Hokum Hotshots Daniel Smith Cherry Lee Mewis After Hours R & B Revue More details can be found at http://www.shetlandblues.info The program will be announced in the next few weeks.
  22. Its back for 2008, the Shetland Folk Festival podcast. Here is a little taster of what was played at the Vidlin Hall last night. If you hadn't thought of going to the festival, have a listen to Le Vent Du Nord and the Henrik Jansberg band who are playing at Clickimin on Saturday night with The Chair, Hanggai and Hom Bru. Lost more to come in coming weeks. http://www.zetcast.com
  23. Highland Fuels have a 24 hour pump at SBS at the moment but you need to have a Highland Fuels account to use it.
  24. We have a full committee now and the festival will be happening next year on the 29 to 31 August 2008. We have had one other suggestion similar to this and after discussion we felt that we would stay as a blues festival. We can cover a lot of diverse styles of music within the blues. I love bluegrass music but feel that this is featured well enough by the folk festival and would probably fit better with the country festival as well.
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