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  1. BT working OK today in Lerwick - at least for me it is...
  2. I have just come off the phone to BT Business where I was dealt with by a thoroughly abrupt and arrogant young man. He informed me that BT didn't show any fibre connection yet to the Lerwick exchange and there was no way the information we had was correct. I advised him (after I had to tell him to please listen to what I said) that the upgrade to the exchange was certainly accurate, and that BT customers had learned that they would be first to benefit. He was dismissive, rude and accusing me of having completely wrong facts. I said, 'OK, thank you for the information - I will wait and see what happens.' He simply hung up the phone on me! So - no further forwards - NOT impressed! UPDATE (20 minutes after first post) Not wanting to have a sour BT taste in my mouth - I called BT Business again and this time was dealt with by a very polite bloke who took the time to explain that even though the exchange might well be upgraded and connected to fibre, BT had not put the information in their system, so it didn't show when he looked at his end. He suggested an approach to BT OpenReach might give me a timetable, but either way an engineer visit would be required as it was entirely likely that a 'tweak' had to be done at my end of my copper cable to make the most of the new connection when it was being out in place. Still no further forwards, but at least I can now eat my lunch without sourness tainting my palate!
  3. Customers (in Lerwick) will me migrated on to the new services over a period of three months. I would imagine that BT Business customers will be the priority. Try phoning them and say that you read the press release yesterday and want to be moved over as soon as possible. It might speed up your migration. Thank you, Marvin - I will do as you suggest.
  4. I am in Lerwick, and I have a BT Business connection This is from just now: http://www.speedtest.net/result/2379176675.png Pretty much as before - no sign of any improvement as promised...
  5. Thank you for keeping the pressure on BT. BT are also my provider - I have simply given up spending hours on the phone trying to get the message across to them... after (every time) having to answer their ridiculous scripted questions...
  6. Fine each day - but progressively gets worse every weekday evening (and also this last Sunday too... http://www.speedtest.net/result/2351139728.png This is 7pm and the ping is useless (usually around 56) with minimally useful transfer speeds (usually twice that speed of download) 5 minutes later we have even worse ping http://www.speedtest.net/result/2351150254.png and now - at 10 past 7pm the usually pathetic reduction in service - probably be this until 11pm - almost as regular as clockwork! http://www.speedtest.net/result/2351157273.png I am in Lerwick - if it helps to tell BT that.
  7. Fine during the day - after teatime it is hopeless again... http://www.speedtest.net/result/2338030151.png
  8. Just come back from a few days in Nairn (beside Inverness) and I was getting a ping of 28, with 15.57 Mb/s download and 985Kb/s upload from my standard home type BT connection there. Such a difference!
  9. Was in Aberdeen on Wednesday 31st August and petrol was 131.9 per litre, but just filled up in Lerwick and it is 150.9 here, today - surely something can be done to rectify the intolerable ripping-off that is clearly taking place?
  10. There are also other, independent, charitable associations and groups to assist with disability (sufferers and their families) in its many forms. The Shetland Stroke Support Group provides support for stroke sufferers, their families and carers. Regular events and things take place. Website at www.sssg.co.uk
  11. Ermm... RBS actually *DO* lend for wooden houses. I know someone who got an RBS mortgage in the last 3 months for a purely wooden house in Shetland. I don't know about any of the other lenders, but I suspect they are coming round, given that there are so many wooden houses being built nowadays. Wood is ecologically sound (a renewable resource) and offers significant innsulation benefits, so the further north you get in the UK the more are being built.
  12. In Faroe I know they used to eat Puffin at times, maybe still do for all I know, which is a seabird as much as many others. They used ropes to lower themselves over the cliffs and nets to catch them in. Did that ever happen in Shetland in the past, I wonder?
  13. Not been a problem at Baila, but we are very near the reservoir so we always have good pressure, tbh. If no-one else has responded then it may be a local water mains pipe that has become a bit blocked/flattened, or something like that? Might be worth mentioning to the SIC people responsible?? Just a thought.
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