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  1. Don't need any of them when we've got Mary's shop at Aywick!
  2. Yes Trowie, I couldn't agree more. One more thing about these two schools - they actually cost less per pupil than a lot of similar schools that are not under threat. Maybe the council should find out how they do it and pass the information on to other schools.
  3. If you are coming from England your partner will need to be registered with the General Teaching Council (GTC) in Edinburgh before she can teach in Shetland. But there should be a fair amount of supply work.
  4. I have just bought a DAB radio from George Robertson's. I rang them and paid for it over the phone. It was £1 cheaper than Amazon and £5 cheaper than PC World and I will get it this afternoon because a friend is collecting it for me - no waiting for the post. Sometimes it really pays to shop locally!
  5. Well said Uncle Monty. I'm a Christian and proud of it, and I cant help thinking that Jesus spent a lot of time with 'sinners', the disadvantaged and generally the people that most folk despised or disapproved of. He was also very disparaging of the 'holier than thou' folk who interpreted the scriptures to their own advantage. If he were here today I suspect that he would be lecturing the homophobics the same as he did the Pharisees. No wonder people turn against religion.
  6. Bulter and Mulhern to make them, Gary Leask to install them. Fantastic job from both companies
  7. TPS doesn't work if its an international call which most of these are. An old lady I know let them go on to the end of their spiel and then said that she was looking forward to them giving her a computer so they could mend it. She hasn't had any more calls!
  8. The descendants of Mary Anderson and Robert Nicolson are all recorded in the Old Haa at Burravoe = very interesting reading!
  9. owdwife


    I might not have ever been on the 'right' ferry at the 'right' time but, do any ferries run with more than 50 passengers? Yes, on Yell Sound and I can endorse what JustMe says. Just like the roads into Lerwick there is often more traffic going one way than the other. And that is not only early morning and early evening!
  10. f. In fact, I find that most retail staff are freindly and helpful if you're freindly to them. It's human nature. From my experience, folk I know who complain about unfreindly staff tend to be on somewhere on the unfreindly scale themselves!
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