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  1. Really want to be in a squad.. If anyone knows anyone that i could join there squad please can you contact me, the lerwick uha. im 18 in lerwick all my life.
  2. They don't unfortunately...You will have to order it then phone for a taxi
  3. There is rumour that it is cancelled this year because the council has spent all there money on Mareel! Is this true?
  4. No was just wondering.. Yes daveh! they do indeed!
  5. What does everyone think about the Service/food/cleanliness/appearance and anything else that goes we it?!
  6. Does anyone know if the fireworks are still on tonight? and where they are going to be set off from? its a peerie bit windy..
  7. Yes am indeed! Boat is fully booked! no cabins left on the boat on thursday night and comming back on monday night! Booooze cruise!!
  8. So the question is Davie who have you got lined up next?
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